Toni came up with a new word, fairlag, it is like jetlag but it is caused by going to the fair.

Monday was the first day of school for half of the kids, Jaxsen and Kaine, and not the other two, Anna and Kade. I do not think I was fully awake on Monday, still recovering from the fair. Mid morning when Kade went out to practice roping, Slick looked like he was choking, so Toni texted Sheena, who was in Moses working on a colic horse. So Toni and Kade worked on Slick and got him over the worst of it. Now we have to wait and see. Both Jaxsen and Kaine had football practice, Kaine right after school and Jaxsen later, so dad took Jaxsen in and picked in Kaine. Dad and Kaine went to the pizza station after and dad got Kaine a sandwich and dad got a pizza.  The road along circle 7 was getting dry and soft, so Kade got his pickup stuck.  Ben took the tractor down and did some road rehab. When Kaine got home from football he went down and cleared out the beaver dam.  We went out during chores and Absolute had hit herself in the face on something including her eye, so now we have her in to doctor.

Tuesday all 4 kids were in school. No one took Toni up on home schooling. Slick was still doing badly, so Toni ended up taking Slick in to see Sheena and get the blockage cleared. Bryans meats texted to let me know the grass-fed Angus heifer was done. I texted dad to see if he was coming to down, and he was in town. So he stopped and picked it up. The two big boys had football after school and Jaxsen had practice at 5. So Dad took Jaxsen in and picked the other two up. Anna was working on her steers for the next few shows and helping out with chores. Kade and Kaine helped finish up horse chores when they got home from football and then went up to help Anna finish. There was also a bull steer calf that needed antibiotic, so Anna and Ben got it in and treated it. Toni brought Storm down to get an ultrasound Wednesday, and then the boys helped us get Rosey in from King’s pen. We also brought Tank’s pen in so Rita could get ultrasounded. The men went down and caught Tank and then we went down and got him from them and brought them up. Tank is such a great stud. We loaded them up and hauled them home. 

Toni had court early, then came home quickly for all of the Wednesday projects.  Holly brought her mares out and Allie came out to do ultrasounds. So Toni and Holly assisted Allie in ultrasounding mares. They ultrasounded 17 mares and 1 heifer. Luckily Holly was there to help. Allie was running early and Toni wasn’t. But Toni and Holly had everything ready when Allie got there.   Also, Holly has Colonel’s son Whitty, who is Friday and Nugget’s full brother. Holly’s daughter Josie got her senior pictures done with him and they turned out AMAZING. Whitty is standing at Holly’s house and is a mind-blowing stallion with a dazzling pedigree. If you are interested in breeding to him we can get you Holly’s number. We bred Twist to him for a 2023 foal. We were mostly ultasounding iffy mares for us, so we had a lot of opens and Anna’s Nile Heifer. We had good news and bad. Nile heifer is preg, that was great. Crystal we have been having trouble with her staying in foal and she was still bred. Cleo and Rosie were bred. Tuffy was past menopause, no more babies for her. Dunny, Kool, Comet, Abs and Miss Gen were all open. Only Kade and Kaine had practice, so Jaxsen was around to water.

                Thursday Jana Koller brought Kade’s steer that he bought in her sale, he is a cute smokey steer. She also brought a fancy orange heifer for one of the boys to show. The Hereford bull got back out with the cows, Toni saw him when she was down with Jana, so she let everyone know. The men and Anna got the cows in when they got home and since all the cows were in decided to finish weaning the calves. Dad went and picked the boys up from football practice and took Jaxsen in. After chores they took my Yukon up to help with the cows and steers. Toni took me home when we got done and then wen to get Jaxsen from his football practice. I helped sort with Anna while the men and boys got the bunks set up for the bull calves, they were already weaned, so they moved them over into the riding horse pen and we turned the horses out. And then put the weaned calves over.

Friday was Costco delivery day at work, so I took all my coolers in. The two big boys had football practice. We had some repeat buyers coming to look at Mean Jean. It was fun to hear how their Big Mama daughter is doing. Mean Jean wouldn’t do much, but they liked her anyway and took her to their daughter for her to start. So other than Cappy, who Toni doesn’t want to sell, we are out of 2 year olds. We are sending Cappy to Jason Hicks to get started. We haven’t used Jason before, but are excited to see how he does with Cappy. Men pulled circle 8 out again, we did chores, etc. We did not have Marlo for chores because she  was in Kansas visiting McKenna and friends.

Saturday I feel like we were really busy, but it just from being gone and getting caught up. We had weaned the calves and 5 were missing tags, so we turned them back out and paired them up and got them back in and tagged. The kids washed their steers and heifers. Then the kids helped us weigh and tattoo all of the bull calves. Anna went to Ritzville at noon to see Lane and Macy at the show. This is Macy’s first year, so Anna stopped to see if they needed help and helped her with some blowing techniques. Ben, the boys and I finished up the calves. Chico showed up with 811 back. So we made room for him and put the rest of the bulls in with the bull calves. Kaine got to suit up for the varsity football game, which is cool since he is a freshman, but don’t worry, he is back up. So I ran him in while Toni finished chores. Then I got ready and Ben and I went in to the game. The Meachams went to the neighbors quinceanear.      

Sunday the kids finished packing up the trailer to take into CBJLS. They caught and started clipping steers before we left. We went into CBJLS around 12:30 to set up. We got that done and went home and worked around the place. Dad went to the thrashing b, or something like that, at Colfax on Sunday.

Toni came up with a new word, fairlag, it is like jetlag but it is caused by going to the fair. We are all suffering from fairlag. It seems like the BF Fair really takes the energy out of a person. Luckily this week we had the opportunity to be home and catch-up on everything, if that is possible. Now we are gearing up for the next two fairs which are back-to-back. So just another reminder- anyone that wants to support the local kids, I know where there are four hard working ones with 4 steers at CBJLS with Anna, Kaine, and Kade taking steers to Othello as well. We appreciate any and all support for these kids! Natalie, Ady and Julian will also have steers at the two fairs. So lots of steers and good beef to go around.

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