Blog from two weeks ago: Benton Franklin Fair here we come. Toted as the “Best Week of Summer.” Pretty much sure that most parents consider it the longest week of summer! We are excited to see friends and let the kids have some fun.

On Monday the 3 older kids had an FFA tour in the morning, they said it was fun. Jaxsen had swim lessons, he went home with Leslie and Traci and Anna, Kaine and Kade picked him up on their way home. They worked their steers and heifers when they got home. They did chores and then Toni took them to a 4H meeting with their steers, so they could have a showmanship clinic. Because Kade’s steer died about a month ago and he is on his back-up steer, Monday night was the test to see if Bob could go to BF Fair. Bob actually did well, other than he doesn’t load so Toni picks up his front feet like a horse to get him in the trailer.  The turn-out was good at the mini-show during the 4-H meeting. All the cattle did really well, so it was a relief. Big relief.  The men worked on circles. I moved water when I got home and worked on Ninja. The new mare, Minnie, is at Sonny and Jeannie house, Jeannie went and picked her up with theirs.

Tuesday the kids started clipping their steers and heifers. The men fixed the valve at mom and dads, since the boys had not been able to move the big gun since last week. Toni look Ninja and Tulip in to see Sheena so Ninja could get his hernia fixed. The hernia was wider than expected so Sheena did surgery and Tulip and Ninja spent the night. Molly was fine without them for a night. Molly really isn’t attached to Tulip at all. Anna took Jaxsen to swimming lessons and Toni picked him up. Anna went and had lunch with her friend Josie. Since Toni had the big trailer hooked up she practiced loading Sam, Sam did not do as well in the big trailer, she likes the little, old white trailer better. I helped Toni for a bit and then went and moved the water in Kings pen. Mom has cut Molly Brown back to getting fed twice a day, she is not happy. However, Molly does like going out into Leroy pen and grazing and stretching her legs. Mom says I need to put Molly in the post more.

Wednesday morning Anna took her pickup in for an oil change and then went and picked up beef from Bryans. Toni took Jaxsen to and from swimming lessons and then went and picked Ninja and Tulip up from the vet. The kids clipped and packed tack to take to the Benton Franklin Fair. Kaine started football practice Wednesday night. Anna took him and I picked him up. Men worked on circles, keeping them running is a full-time job. Kaine is trying to raise money to paint the 1982 GMC he bought from dad, so he is selling his mini bike and his 4 wheeler, and he had me put them on marketplace. Lots of stupid responses from people.

Thursday Jaxsen had swimming lessons and a birthday party. That Jaxsen likes birthday parties. The rest of the kids continued to clip and pack the trailer. We did chores like normal. Ninja had to get his meds and lots of fly spray to make sure flies don’t bother his incision. 

Friday morning Chad came to trim some horses. Dan showed up to get Sam, the black yearling filly, and Chad and Toni loaded Sam in a 2 horse straight load. Sam did super great. Sam is a big yearling, but really smart. She didn’t want to go in the narrow trailer, but with patience and trust, she loaded . As Toni and Chad were standing there, they decided to trim the fronts on Wild. Wild is a foal that has not been haltered and never been trimmed. Of course they got it done. They also got Cash done for the first time, but she is a yearling.  The yearlings we have left are all ones we plan to keep at this point. Now we just have the 2 two year olds and foals to sell. Then Chad and Toni did a few more and Chad went up and did the riding horses at my house with the kids. Toni headed to Pomeroy to meet with clients and then pick up our new mare that we bought at Eugene, Minnie. The kids continued to clip and get ready for the fair. Ben, Leslie and Traci brought the campers down to the fairgrounds, I met them over there and we parked the campers.

Saturday we went back down to the fair grounds to set up the steer and heifer beds.  We had a good turnout and lots of good help. Saturday is set-up day, so there were people parked all over. Many of them in the way, but we were able to finally get around so we could unload our trailer.  Anna being in FFA had set-up later, so her and I stayed down there. Kaine was invited to the demo derby by Camas so he also stayed and got to have a fun night. We stopped at Burger Ranch on the way home and got milk shakes. When we got back Toni saddled up the new mare, she did great, so Kade jumped on her and rode her around. Minnie seems to fit right in. We turned her out in the big pasture. We may ride her a bit, but she is confirmed in foal, so don’t want to put too much stress on her. Then we did chores and went home to continue to pack.

                Sunday we did our last minute clipping, packing and getting ready for the fair.  We had some visitors Sunday morning. We had some people out to get the two bottle calves first think. Then people t get meat. Next Bill and Amy with their daughter and Marty came to look at the foals and see Marty’s colt. A guy form Othello came and bought Kaine’s 4 wheeler. Then we had Todd come to get Stetson. The weather was really good for visitors and loading out horses. We gave Ninja his last set of meds and took his halter off. Now he just needs to heal up. We placed our sprinklers where they could water all week if they don’t get moved again. Took a good look at all of the livestock.  Fair week is long, so getting ready, minimizing chores as much as possible and trying to streamline what we can is necessary.

                Benton Franklin Fair here we come. Toted as the “Best Week of Summer.” Pretty much sure that most parents consider it the longest week of summer! We are excited to see friends and let the kids have some fun.

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