I guess I get a big F this week, here is my tardy blog post that is a little weak.

Monday was cousin Kendel and Mil’s birthdays, Happy birthday everyone. Jesse had a cute mini colt on Monday, to add to the birthday fun. I emailed that the big freezer was getting ice build up on it, the service tech called and was headed out by 10 Am, so I tracked Toni down to meet in him an hr. In the meantime mom called and Absolute had gotten out, so Toni had to run back down to moms and get her in. Absolute is Abs foal, who is less then a week old. She was standing at the gate unsure how she got out or how to get back in. Dad ran into the Basin City Hardware to get some irrigation parts. Kaine had a baseball game Monday night, dad and I went and watched him.  Jaxsen had baseball pictures, Toni ran him in, and then dad went and picked him and Emmett up and brought them to the game. Emmett’s sister Adrian was playing softball up by Kaine’s game. Connell beat Warden 8 to 5.  

                Tuesday circle 4 was safetied off so circle 5 is running. Toni went down and checked mares, checked Edie and Ed. Ed is a tiny little guy. Anna and Kade had an FFA BBQ, Kaine was supposed to go as well but had baseball practice. Anna and Kade stayed after school to help set up. Jaxsen had a baseball game after school so dad took him to that, they won, and I hear Jaxsen was a super star. Kaine went to the banquet after practice. Toni did horse chores before the banquet and Ben did the cattle chores. The banquet was great, Anna is the new president of the FFA and received the star farmer award. Kaine and Kade received their greenhand awards. Anna and Kade received awards for how their teams placed at state. It was a good banquet.  

Wednesday Rudy had a beautiful blue roan filly. She had a little trouble nursing, so Toni have her some nursemate. Mom and dad had to go to town, so Toni was in charge of feeding Molly B. Kaine had a game in Mattawa, I could not get off of work early, so Jarra brought him home, thanks Jarra. Jaxsen had a game in Connell, Toni did chores early and then went and watched Jaxsen. Kade and Anna started packing the trailer to leave on Friday. When Kaine got home they were still packing up the trailer, so he helped too. I fed Eddie, doctored Voodoo. Ben and I got 811 in, the older Angus bull, and put him in back in with the cows in circle 5.

Thursday we had a beautiful palomino filly out of Blue and by Tank. She was big and healthy. Kaine had practice. We packed up to leave on Friday.

Friday we headed to Salem for the Angus Regional show. Anna, Kaine, Kade, Ben, Leslie and I headed out around 8. We stopped in Pasco and picked up Traci, Ady, Natalie, Julian, Savannah and Kayla. We hit traffic outside of Portland, yea, shocking, so we rolled in around 3:15. We got all set up and went and checked into the hotels and ate and got ready for Saturday. 

Saturday was a long, long day. We got up at 4:30 to get read for the jackpot show. A for Angus started first, so we started showing at 9:30. Then there were 24 heifer classes, Kade’s heifers both won their classes so showed in the champion round, Julian’s heifer was second in her class so standby for the champion round. Then Jimmy, Frosty and Sam I Am the steers showed. Jimmy was reserve champion in his division. Then we had jackpot Showmanship. Anna, Kain, Kade and Natalie all made it back to the championship round. Anna was in the top 5 in intermediates. Jimmy and Lacey got to come back for PeeWee, and they were both excited to have Kayla and Savannah show them. Last but not least we had showmanship for the Angus show. Anna came back in intermediate, Kaine did not, Anna was 4th overall. After our long day we went to a fish house for dinner, it was really really good. Mom sent muffins and cookies, and Ben made us lunch burritos, we ate those all day.  

                Sunday was breeding classes for the Angus show. We started again at 4:30. Kade’s baby heifer was first for us, she was reserve champion in her division. Kaine’s heifer was 5th in her class. Anna was 4th with Victoria and 3rd with Lacey. Kade was 2nd in his class with his big heifer. All of the kids showed great. This was Sam I am first show and he did great. We were all exhausted so we did not come back until Monday.

Also, Anna and Lacey, her 2022 Nile Merit Heifer donated by 3C Cattle Company from Stevensville, MT, did great at their first two shows. They participated in the Oregon Spring Classic Jackpot and the NW Angus Regional Show last weekend in Salem, Or. Lacey stood 3rd in her class in both shows, and she showed so well she was also used in the peewee.

While we were off showing, lots of things were still happening at home. Fence was fixed. Toni had lots of calls and emails from people wanting to come out and look at horses, she could only fit so many people in, however, she fit as many as she could. She sold the yearling Double colt on Saturday. She started halter breaking Dagnon since we had an empty pen and a place to put her. Tulip was not into halter breaking such a big animal. McKenna brought Trison over for everyone to meet, now everyone, except Kade and Ben, have met him. Toni took lots of pictures while showing people around. Dad’s friend bought a saddle and gave it to us as a memorial for Grandma Ruth. It is a really nice saddle. Toni bred Abs to Stetson and Eddie to Sagebug while we were gone as well. Her and Jaxsen put Blue in with King and Rudy and Pepper in with Tank. There was also some tractor work done while we were gone, some dirt moved. Circles started and fixed. Cattle fed. Lots of ranch work.     

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