Fall is officially upon us. Football, sweatshirts, early evenings, and less mosquitoes prove that we are into fall.

I was still sick on Monday. Toni and the kids went back to work and school. Everyone had fair lag. Toni had court and then got back to help dad start the pump. The primer broke so they did not get it started. When Kade got home from football he went up and him and Toni fixed the primer pump. Kaine had a football game in Royal in the afternoon, Connell won. Maki came and picked up her mare that was being bred to Sagebug. The weaned foals are still not overly happy about being weaned. We also had Absolute hit her eye on something and have been doctoring it, but it wasn’t getting better so we put a call into Sheena about what our next steps are.

Tuesday I was feeling better, but stayed home. Toni had court. Toni went to help dad with pump issues in the morning again. Kade had a game Tuesday in Connell against Royal, he had a big audience, Marlo, the Meachams and mom and dad. Marlo and I did the boys chores and Toni did her chores and then I waited for Kaine to get back from the activity bus so he could help Anna with the cattle chores. Ben worked on circles and fed.

Wednesday I finally made it back to work, I still did not sound great, but felt fine. Wednesday was a fairly normal day, chores, football practice, etc. Toni had more court. The weaned foals started to settle down and really started eating good.

Thursday Toni took Abs and Absolute to the vet. We have been doctoring Absolute eye and it was not getting better, so she went in to see Sheena and get a lavage put in. Mom and Toni had to push her onto the trailer. Toni went and picked her up around 5, so the boys and I set up a pen for her.  Absolute now gets doctored 4 times per day.

                Happy Birthday Kade, on Friday Kade turned 14. When Toni and mom doctored Absolute’s eye, it became apparent that Abs was in heat, so Abs and Absolute got moved back to the corral until we could move Leroy. We had a guy show up on Friday to look at fillies, so mom called me and mom and I walked around and showed him the few fillies we have left. Jaxsen had a game on Friday, so Kade got to go watch Jaxsen play football in Royal for his birthday. We also moved Leroy up to Toni’s house and Slick back with the other riding horses, so Leroy was not next to Abs and Absolute.   We took Twiggy and Zoie with their colts back to Mom’s and weaned Blaze. He was the last one we needed to wean with the first group.

Saturday the Meachams got to go and watch a WSU game, lots of fun except WSU Couged it. Kaine and Anna went and helped Aram with his steer and heifer in the morning. Mom and I doctored Absolute in the morning, then mom, dad and Skip with to town for lunch, so Anna helped me when she got back. After lunch Anna and McCall went to Ellensburg to look at some steers, and Kaine and I worked the bull calves. Then we did chores.

Sunday we had a birthday party for Kade and Dad, but dad had to end up going to work, so he was not at the party. Kade got lots of great things, Toni said for playing and not working so she was not impressed.  Like fishing lures, roping dummies, things that I guess a 14 year old boy needs. After the party Lane showed up and asked Anna to homecoming. Then Toni and I went down and started halter breaking. Kaine went with Daisy and Aram to Tri Cities to ask Camas to homecoming. Ben, Lane and Anna worked a few heifers and Kade and Jaxsen came down and did chores. We haltered 3 foals and only one got hooked to the donkey. All three were great for their first day. Hopefully our whole halterbreaking season goes this well.

Fall is officially upon us. S Football, sweatshirts, early evenings, and less mosquitoes prove that we are into fall.  It is always exciting to get the foal crop in and see how they do with the halterbreaking and added pressure. We are one pen short on halterbreaking because we have been informed by the head boss that the Unsinkable Molly Brown gets her own pen. Ninja is with her, but nothing else is going in that pen, so we hear. If anyone has questions on foals that are available or if you are looking for a bull, heifer, or steer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We just had a repeat buyer reach out yesterday asking about a colt. We are going to wean him and make sure he will work for her, as we know her well, before she comes over. Making sure the fit is good is pretty important to us as a whole. So if you have questions, reach out.

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