The heat warning was supposed to end on Sunday, however, it continues on.

The heat warning was supposed to end on Sunday, however, it continues on. Kaine and Kade are practicing roping on their horses, Toni is taking them to a roping clinic this weekend. They are excited to go. Anna and mom ran some errands. Kade and Anna went to mom and dads and worked on their 2-4 year olds they are riding with Toni.  They really don’t mess with the 2 year olds, they leave those for Toni, it is Mean Jean and Star. When I got home we walked around out in the field. Little Holly was following us around so I picked up a string and gave her a lesson in leading. She is pretty smart. Dad was harvesting Monday, so we did not see him.

Tuesday Toni, mom and the kids went and had lunch with grandma. They had a great time. The kids worked on their steers and heifers when they got home. Kaine and Kade practiced roping.

Wednesday Anna, Kade and Toni worked on their horses. The kids worked on their steers and heifers. Kaine and Kade practiced roping. Circle 8 was broke down and the men worked on it.  We also got our sample box from LubriSyn. Luckily we don’t have any injuries to try it on yet, but we are pretty excited about this new product! We met Margret at Jr. Nationals and became pretty excited about the product. We are always looking for a really good topical. With as many horses as we have, we deal with some injuries. Margret was kind enough to send us some samples so we can try it out.

We are also dealing with some bad eyes in the calves. That is pretty common this time of the year. So lots of checking and sorting calves and doctoring eyes. It gives us a good chance to ride, but still riding bareback due to the heat.

Thursday more of the same, steers, heifers, roping, circle repair. Thursday night Aram came down and tried out Riley. He rode around with Toni and checked cows. Riley tried to fast walk back to the house with Aram onboard, but Toni yelled at him to make her stop and turn around. Aram told his dad that he was more afraid of Toni than he was the horse. The men had gotten down calves in to dr eyes, so Toni and Aram pushed them up and around to the chute. Aram and Riley got along great.  Hopefully Aram will get to borrow Riley for a long while.

Friday Anna and Kaine got the cows in and sorted out the bull calves that had gotten out. As they were pushed the cows back to circle 5, cows jumped through the fence and back out, so they had to get them in again. Kaine, Kade and Toni had to leave and go to a roping clinic put on by Jennifer Casey. Anna and Marlo sorted for a while. Then Anna had to leave to a chipping clinic is Warden. So Ben showed up and Ben and Marlo finished. Marlo went down to help with chores, and Jaxsen, Marlo and I unloaded groceries. Marlo put them away while Jaxsen and I went and let all of the steers go. Jaxsen and I had a great time. And mom made rhubarb pie, if you look close you will see that the tag has a KT On it.

Saturday Toni, Kaine and Kade left early for the last half of their roping clinic. Ben had to work. Jaxsen did a ride along with his dad. Anna caught all of the steers and washed hers. I went down and met Kendra, she came out to look at her colt Mini Tank and get the tour. Then we had meat buyers out. Then more meat buyers. Then Anna and I saw 009 was out and running across the bull pen getting chased by bull calves. So we went and got her in. Then Anna went and got ready to go to the Matt Tellefson Memorial Scholarship Dinner with dad, they had a really good time. I texted my friend about his cousin coming to preg 009 for me, she is a heifer and if she is not bred she can be butchered as grass fed. Cousin George was on his way by, so swung in and preg checked her for free. George was a very nice guy. She is open, so we have a grass-fed beef available. Toni and the boys got home and we hooked a steer up to the new donkey, Basil. Basil is a pulling fool. Then we did chores.  The boys and Toni had a fantastic time at the clinic. For anyone wanting to rope, Jennifer Casey is one of the best clinicians out there. She teaches roping, but she also understands the mind piece. She is able to help really work on the mental game of roping as well.

Sunday Dad and Kaine went to Kahlotus and picked up Camas. Camas helped wash the steers and heifers. Aram came and got Riley. He didn’t have a saddle that fit, so he took her home and started riding bareback. Erinia and Terry came down, so Toni and I went and visited them with mom and dad and looked at the horses. Erinia is going to take Kat since her horse has some soft tissue damage. Anna’s boyfriend Lane swung by and helped with chores. Lane is tall so I guess he is different than everyone else? Jaxsen’s Rocking steer did not like Lane and managed to run off for a bit. Then Kaine, Camas, Anna, Lane, Ben and Todd went down to the lake for a while.

Mom said Molly B is actually halter broke and she does not just follow you. I do not think this video proves that at all. And mom thinks Molly B does not get to be in the blog enough. So here is the Unsinkable Molly Brown.

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