Guess what, the weather is beautiful and so Toni is bring back fence building

Monday was chilly in the morning, was a beautiful sunny day. Toni had to go to court Monday morning, so Anna checked cows before school. George spent his first weekend at work. He looked like he had been partying all weekend when I got to my office. Remember, George is a fish. Dad took Jaxsen to basketball practice. Toni and Tulip worked on Pistol Pete while the boys did chores. Anna went up and helped the men do chores at the house. Toni and the boys rolled up fence after chores between circles 7 and 8. We are redoing that section of fence, and we need to do it before we start moving horses home so there are only a handful in the way.  We actually only had 7 at the house, but then we added Cinder and Revel, so up to 9 now. That isn’t too bad for us. They stayed out rolling up fence until after dark, so dad went and picked up Jaxsen as well.

Tuesday Kade’s practice was canceled, so Toni told the boys they could go fix fence without her, just the bottom fence between circle 8 and the desert. This should have been an easy job as all they had to do was put some clips on a twisted wire fence.  Turns out the boys couldn’t find the fencing pliers without adult supervision? It is unclear how they couldn’t find ANY pliers. The fence did not get worked on. George’s shrimp friends are still missing. I guess George needs to learn some social etiquette!  FRIENDS ARE NOT FOOD. Dad and Toni went to Jaxsen’s basketball game, and Kaine and Kaine spent the whole time she was gone looking for her fencing pliers. Anna fed the show steers and checked cows. 533 calved on Tuesday.

                Wednesday was a beautiful day, it is starting to feel like we should be foaling. I had a skin appt on Wednesday and had a cyst removed. I have already had skin cancer so go in for skin checks every 6 months. They said to come back in 9-10 days to have stitches removed, I said no, I will just have Toni do it. FYI, Toni likes to take your stitches out. Toni and the boys rolled up more fence.  There was no basketball practice for Jaxsen so the two older boys demanded he go out and help. Then they tricked him into sitting in the front seat so he had to get the gate open as well. I hear the wire rolling didn’t go well with Jaxsen there. I think Toni finally told him to go pick up strings to try and keep the two older boys from doing whatever they were planning to do to him. Anna checked cows and fed the show animals.

                Thursday Jaxsen had his LAST basketball game. They tied the Basin City team, which was their first almost win. So Toni got Burger Factory for her family and Dad. I think she was pretty happy that one kid was done with basketball.  Kaine and Kade found pliers and worked on the fence in-between circle 8 and the desert. It didn’t take them very long  at all once they got the proper equipment. Work continues on Pistol Pete. He is a fun colt. Very smart, very brave. Cousin Kendel came down and met him on Thursday. We are trying to expose him to every stranger that we can. Anna fed the show cattle and cleaned out the barn.

Friday Toni had a rough start. While checking she had to pull a plastic bag out of our fall heifers mouth. Then cousin Kendel called and said some yearlings were out. Toni went up to get them in and of course Oreo went the wrong direction. Toni spent a longer than expected time getting the two groups in. Luckily she had Murtaugh to help. Mur likes to chase so she got the yearlings going when they decided they weren’t going in. Luckily the fence wasn’t down, just one low spot, so the actual fix was easy once the devils were in.  Marlo and the boys worked on the fence some more after school with Toni. They got the wire completely rolled up so the next step is to pull the Russian Olive Trees out of the fence line. Then we can actually start building the fence. They had been working really hard so on Friday they didn’t have too much to roll up. Friday we also confirmed that Jaxsen IS taller than Mom. Mom has been denying it but we made them stand back to back and he has her by a bit. Mom is the shortest person in the family. Marlo worked on Pistol Pete and took him for a walk. We did chores.

                Saturday Meachams had another basketball tournament, but not until afternoon, so they worked on the fence between circles 7 and 8 in the morning. They used the tractor and tore out Russian Olive Trees. We had a guy come out and look at the bulls in the morning, so we got them in and sorted out the sold bulls and left the unsold ones in. He picked out 3. Kaine and Anna caught their show animals. Anna washed her heifers. Ben and I went out and tagged calves. We had Jaxsen in the afternoon, we doctored a couple of bulls that had foot rot. Ben and Kaine rewired the saddle shed, a wire was pulled out, probably by the dogs trying to go under the saddle shed to get the cats. So now we have light again, and the air compressor is working.  Ben did a good job and actually put in extra lights.

Sunday Meachams worked on the fence some more. They got all the trees pulled out and smoothed out some of the ground. Toni sent me a picture of the fence post we have been trying to put in since last fall with a message that the ground didn’t get softer over the winter. No miracle occurred. It isn’t going to happen by magic, just going to require hard work. So the post was in no further.  Ben and Kaine finished rewiring the saddle shed. Anna caught her show animals and washed her heifers and steers. The dogs and I went out and go the cows in and sorted out the last heifer to put in the heavy heifer pen. We are down to the final stragglers.  We all did chores early so we could go enjoy the BB Cattle Co. Sale dinner. Grandma and Grandpa’s anniversary would also have been coming up, they would have been married 73 years. We had a great time at dinner with family and friends in preparation for the big sale.  We had gotten Grandma flowers, chocolates, and of course our love.

The big news of the week is that Dad is looking for a new work pick-up. So if anyone has anything that is older for a ranch vehicle, please let us know!

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