November is the month to remind us to be thankful for the many positive things happening in our life.

                Monday was windy and warm for November. The corn field was done being harvested, so it is time to move the cows over, and work them. They are ready to go. We had email on Shi Monday morning, then a Facebook message asking if he could stop by, so Toni thought she had two people coming, but it was one. I did not know she had been talking on the phone with someone and thought it was all the same group.  The guy looking came in a semi, but it was all good. Toni just brought him through the double gates on Hendricks. The only confusion was that the horses in the pasture thought the semi should be hauling hay so were surrounding it and had to be asked to move when he was ready to go. Kade had basketball practice after school. Jaxsen got to help with chores before he left, and told his mom that Kaine and Anna let him get hurt. I said I did not know how him running face first into a gate was a someone else issue. LOL Gen Again left on Monday, and headed to Oklahoma. His shipper was a little late getting there due to the high winds, but Gen loaded great in the dark. Anna’s club calf heifers from CA got here after dark, they actually got to Connell, and then Ben and Anna went and got them after chores. So we had a pretty busy Monday. None of us got home very early. Luckily we are getting used to the dark and have all dug out our headlights.

Late Monday night our great uncle Don lost his battle with cancer. He got pneumonia late last week, and due to his already weakened immune system he was not able to fight it off. Don was 87 years old. Don was a great uncle and we all miss him.  We have been very blessed to have such a tight knit family, growing up our great uncles and great aunts were just another set of grandparents. Our second cousins were just another set of cousins. Uncle Don lived in Hermiston so we were able to see him pretty frequently. We are thankful for the time we had with him.

 Tuesday morning Kaine went with Kelten before school to lift weights. The kids are all growing up way too fast. I told Toni I wanted a ragdoll kitten from Marcy for my birthday. She told me I have too many cats…. She found it extremely amusing. She is just so funny. She may have gotten me one, but the $300 cost (which is cheap for this type of cat) was just too much for her. The bus has been getting the kids home late, they switched the route around so they are the first ones on and last ones off, or something like that?? So they have not had enough time to get chores done before dark. We are really looking forward to Anna getting her license on Thursday and being able to drive everyone so they get home an hr earlier.  Frank and Susie are in getting halter broke, but being Double babies, that was basically done when they were born. Toni is getting to have an easy week.

Wednesday morning was brisk, but it was a sunny day. Kaine and Kelten went and lifted weights early in the morning again. Toni did her chores early, Kade had a basketball game after school. Frank followed Toni into the shed during his walk about Wednesday, I guess he was just going to help himself to the feed. He is quite the character.

  Happy 16th Birthday Anna! Thursday morning Ben took Anna to Moses Lake to get her driver’s license. I am not old enough for this. They then went out to eat and dallied around, so she never made it to school, but you only turn 16 once. However, as a fun birthday treat they built fence in the corn field for the afternoon. Kade had another basketball game, they won Wednesday and lost on Thursday, but he played great both days. Anna wanted chicken teriyaki for dinner, so I had uber eats drop it off at work. And Door Dash brought burgers for the rest of us.

We had lost another member of our family on Thursday, Ben’s brother’s wife, Trisha Gail, passed away. Trisha and Chad lived in Hermiston about 15 years ago and worked for Uncle Don and his twin brother, Uncle Doug. So we used to get to see them frequently, and in more recent years just annually, or biannually, depending how frequently we got to make a run down there. We all grew close with them and kids when they lived up here.   

Happy Birthday Toni. Anna got to drive to school for the first time, exciting. Toni did not get to do anything new with her new age. I took Lynn into Sheena to get an ultrasound. No puppies, so we are all sad about that.  Then Whitney and I took Anna and friends to Richland for nails and dinner. The boys did chores, Toni helped even though she was supposed to take the day off for her birthday.  She did go out and ride her horse for a bit alone and have some quiet time. She is in the middle of working on a bankruptcy motion, so really just had a normal day. Benjamina and Kit Kat came in and started halter breaking.  Benjamina is a power house, but is super smart. Kit Kat is out of Leroy and Izzy, so she is a Double Leroy combo which has been really good. Toni is trying to claim that Kit Kat is one of hers.

Saturday we worked cows and turned them out on the cornstalks. Pintos came and got Slugger in the morning, it was foggy most of the way for them. Brock and Renee came and looked at Shi in the afternoon and bought her. We now only have a few weanlings for sale, and Jackpot. Jaxsen had basketball in Moses all afternoon.  Kade got a mild concussion at bb on Friday so had to rest all day Saturday with Mom. Toni, Kicker, and Jax got to go to Michael’s Bistro for dinner Saturday night between the bb games. Jax was the starting center for the second game as the tallest kid, Sam, wasn’t there and Jax is the second tallest. Even though we think he is small, he is actually tall for his age.

We also started calving on Saturday. The Hereford bull calf is a few weeks early, but is doing ok. He is living in the barn with his mom. She is a really good cow, but is a dog hater, so we have to be really careful around her to keep the dogs out. This bull calf is an AI calf.

  Anna, Kaine, Ben and I finished up the cows, heifers we bought and steers we bought on Sunday. We weaned the three summer calves and turned the bulls out into circle 4. We had the big party Sunday at noon for Toni, Coco and Anna. Mom and I gave Toni some custom Hey Dudes with Rocky on one side and Dude on the other. They are really cool. After lunch we wormed the riding horses and turned them out into the corn field with the cows. We moved Gunner down by the house and put the three old horses at my house in his pen, Cad, Shimmer and Cleo. Toni came down and we hauled Tuilp and Dream Truffle (the mini filly the kids are keeping) to moms, and put three heifers in the back of the little 4 horse trailer to haul down with the other weanling calves.  Lightening Bug still has a bad leg, but we turned her out with the weanlings to get her out of the mud. We are still hopeful to see her improve.

We were pretty excited that we got the papers on our little bay colt. We had bought Shorty bred with an understanding of who she was bred to. The DNA came back she was bred to a different stud- LW Playguns Diamond. AQHA has been really great to us and helped us work through this to get papers for him. He is a super well bred colt with Young Gun, Freckles Playboy ,  Fanta Lena, and much more. The colt is named KT Ima Freckled Son if anyone is interested in a really well-bred bay colt. We also have the last Colonel colt left out of Blue. He is priced a touch high, but that is because we think he is worth it. He is one of those just really cool colts that is going to be easy to break, but still have some style. Other than that we are down to fillies that are actually priced high because we don’t care if they sell.  They are the fillies that we would like to keep, know we can’t keep them all, so priced accordingly.  As always, we welcome visitors if anyone wants to come look at the foals.  If anyone wants to look at horses for the next 12 months, then you are in luck, you can buy a calendar and enjoy a stunning new picture each month of these beautiful horses. Contact me at if you want a calendar.

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