Life on a ranch is never dull!

The kids still did not have school Monday, teacher in-service day. The three older kids finished up clipping and started to pack the trailer for the show this coming weekend. No school, not 100 degrees, Toni is back in fencing mode. So before chores Toni and the kids put up some fence. I know, we are only all shocked it took her this long. The kids worked on Fortune, so he had some kid interaction before he left on Tuesday with his Youth. He is who we donated for the Youth Development Program. Mom made carrot cake on Monday, it was REALLY good. She used fresh carrots that Toni had chopped up on Friday. Then the three older kids went and finished their chores with their show animals. Now that irrigation is off, Ben and Kicker are feeding cows at night, until we can move them to the corn field, feeding bulls and fat steers, and running water on the duck ponds for the hunters.

Tuesday Toni took the two foals we are shipping to Oklahoma and Texas to the vet first thing. She loaded them both on her own. Fat Buddy had to have a grain bucket shook in front of his face to load, but Rog jumped right in. They are two really special foals. Kids are back at school. Our Youth foal left, we are excited to see how Ava and Fortune do. Kade and Jaxsen started basketball practice on Tuesday, Kaine is not playing since they have to be COVID tested twice a week, or before each game, I am unsure which, and he did not want to be tested. The activity bus and I got home at the same time, so I gave Kade a ride down the driveway. The Mormon missionaries were at the house when I got there. I think they find Toni and I amusing. They say they are coming back next Tuesday to build fence….

Wednesday Mike was coming out to butcher two steers, I realized when I got in the pickup that I did not leave a check. I went back in the house, gave Anna a check and collided with a spider on my way back to the pickup. It bit me in the ear, I twisted my ankle getting it off, I hate to break it to the spider, I am fine with spiders, and if it had not bitten me, I would not have smashed it. But the whole way into work I felt like my ear was hot and swelling, I think it is all psychological.  However, my ankle swelling is not. I really hate being lame before a big show. I will just keep it moving and hopefully it does not stiffen up. Toni, Anna and Kaine put in a post on Wednesday, for the new section of fence. Kade had basketball practice. Then the three older kids went up and worked on their steers and heifers and continued to pack for the show. It is kind of junky how dark it gets, but it will be worse next week.

Thursday we got some more rain. Mom and dad went to Wenatchee for the day for Mom’s doctor appointment. They had a good time but got back late. We had to let the dogs in and out for them while they were gone. All the dogs are good so not a big deal. We were in a rush mode Thursday because we needed to leave Friday for our big show. The kids continued to pack, tried to get their clothes picked out, and work on their cattle one last time before we were planning to leave. Jaxsen had no show animals, but had a basketball tournament, so everyone was gearing up for a big weekend.

Friday I went and got the kids out of school a little early, at lunch time, and then we ran downtown and got burger factory for lunch. We got home and washed the heifers and steers that are going to Moses Lake. Toni went down to get chores done but we had a mare down and a 2 year old that was lame. She got stuff in, moved around, and didn’t get chores all the way done. Luckily Jaxsen had Marlo coming to help him finish when he got home from school.  Dad was already up in Moses Lake helping set up for the Western Showcase.  We finished packing and headed to Moses Lake for the show. Traci, Natalie, Ady and Julian beat us there, but we got set up and then Toni and dad headed home. The rest of us went to dinner at Rock Top and then checked into our hotels.

Saturday we got up and washed the steers, heifers did not show until Sunday. It was dark, but the temp was decent for a November show. Ryan Rash was the judge, we were all looking for to watching him judge, and he was fast. 5 min classes, not the normal at least 15 min. And there were lots of steers there. All of the steers showed well, and the kids all placed decent, so a good day overall, we were all happy. This was the first show for all of the steers and most of the heifers.

Toni missed the show as the mare that wasn’t doing well took a turn for the worse. Luckily our good friend Rowdy Barry brought  a bottle of Zesterra over, they gave the mare a drench, and she bounced back. has more info on this all natural product.  Toni came up to the show after the showing was over, but after the mare was acting normal and mom and dad got home.  Jax had a basketball tournament in Moses Lake at the same time, so Kicker took him to the first game then came over to the show. He also missed the show because of how fast the judging went. Toni took Jax to the second game, then some friends took Jax home where Dad picked him up. Kicker and Ben went home and did chores.

We had the 509 banquet Saturday night, and had a good time. Anna is a 509 ambassador for 2022, so she is really excited. She also won the Leslie Alexander award, we all tried to not tear up when Jana gave it. She had heifer of the year with 006 and won second in photography. The boys did not apply for the any of the awards, that is why they did not get any.  Toni lectured them the entire way home about it. Natalie, Ady and Julian did not sign up in 2021, or I am sure they would have gotten some too. Julian has really been shooting a lot of pics, he might have gotten a photography one, the pictures of Kade and Savannah below are ones Julian took.  We got back to the hotel at a decent time. Even after a huge dinner, followed by cake, the boys were hungry so raided our purses for money and went and spent all of our spare dollars on candy from the vending machine.  No such thing as a sugar high, they both still went to sleep by 9.

Sunday was showmanship and heifers and fall back. So we got up half an hr earlier, or did we get to sleep in a half hr?? Everyone showed great on Sunday as well. Anna had second in her class with her Traynham heifer, and everyone else placed well. Natalie and Kaine both were called back to the championship round in showmanship, but everyone really showed great. We were all happy with how well everyone did. The Seldom Rest heifers did really well for not having them long and already going to a show. It was just a great experience overall, thank you to everyone that put it on.  Having a high quality judge like Ryan Rash made the show that much better. Ryan is such a positive judge with a positive message.  We really hope they get him back next year. 

Also on Sunday, Ben sold Bjorne the Hereford bull and some meat, he came to the show in the morning and had to run home. Kicker and dad stayed up and helped us pack up and head home.  Even with 299 head entered, we were headed home by 2:30. It was amazing! The show was so well run and organized. We got home, got unpacked, the kids had to wash their show cattle. Toni and I headed down for chores.  Our 2 year old was still lame so we got her in and put her in the round pen. Hopefully we start to see some improvement. We also got Ram in to start halter breaking so he can go to his new home.  We got the halter on him out in the corral because he is super chill and friendly and didn’t know what was happening. After we got him haltered Toni messed with him while I started chores. She got him leading after a few minutes and was able to lead him over to his pen. These Sagebug foals in general are really easy to work with. We were pretty tired and it got dark early so we got chores done and headed home.

Even though we are still in 2021, the Western Showcase is our first 2022 show because these calves are the 2022 show string. Now we get a break while we get ready to start calving. Life is never dull! Also, don’t forget to jump over to our facebook page and vote on your favorite pictures for our annual calendar, which will be fore sale.

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