Another really fun week done! We have lots of people calling and emailing on foals, so that is exciting.

I forgot to put in last week’s blog how the kids did in The American, our first virtual show. The American is a huge show with kids from all over America. I thought the kids did awesome, Anna and Foxy were in the top 5 of Charolais heifers. Anna and Fatty B were in the top 3 of Charolais steers in his division, Kade and Goldemember were in the top 4 for Charolais steers in that division, Anna and Freddy G won their class, Kaine and Austin were 5th in their class and Kade and Goggle with 6th in the same class, And Kaine and Smithers were second in his class. Good job kids.

Monday Toni and dad took the Spokane steers to Northern Idaho to get butchered and bring Mil back since she is bred, hopefully. It was a long, but good trip. We all know Toni needs to eat and luckily there bought some snack sticks at Mountain View Meats so snack on and got some calzones that they ate in a parking lot. So Dad made it home alive with her. When dad and Toni got home Dyna had just foaled, and Sissy had foaled while they were gone. So two roan foals Monday, a filly and a colt. Mom did school work with the kids while Toni was gone. Toni had a lot of work to do when they got back. We did chores and worked on some horses. Piper D cut her leg, so Ben went to Sagehill Vet Clinic and got a tetanus shot for her and some meds. Piper D is now at my house getting worked on twice per day, but she is taking it well and it is fun to have the filly right there so we can pet on her.

Tuesday was a much warmer day. Dad went to Moses Lake and got some protein licks for Double and Kool, he also got a ten foot gate to go by the shed we moved. Toni doctored Piper D in the morning when she got the kids. The kids are tying Freddy G, Smithers and Goggle in the barn in the morning and feeding them separately, the steers seem to like this. We really need to start tying up the nonclubby steers. If the shows are canceled this fall, we will have 14 (yes 14) steers that will need rehomed. We hung the gate up Tuesday night and then went and Doctored Piper D. Also, Kaine and Kade made a boat and they wanted to see if it floated. It floats by itself we found out, but if you get on it it sinks. They are going to work on it some more. It was really pretty down by the lake and it was nice to go down there and watch the boys try to float their raft and relax for 5 minutes. Then we had to head home and get back to work.

Wednesday was windy and raining, so Blue foaled, she has a cute filly. The boys worked on their boat Wednesday afternoon, Toni gave them the afternoon off, it was really nice of her. She must forget how many chores we have because when the kids aren’t there, they take forever. Especially now when we have to move water on top of everything else. After chores we doctored Piper D and Toni went out to the desert to check on those horses and take pictures. Those horses are looking fat. All this rain has helped the desert grasses, so they were fat and sassy horses.

Thursday was a little windy in the morning, but a much nicer day. We had someone come out and get meat Thursday, so we are sold out until we get something butchered, we have one grass fed scheduled for May 18th, and she is ¾ sold, and then three scheduled for the end of June. We had more shows canceled on Thursday, I am starting to wonder why we even have any show animals in. I registered the kids for some more virtual shows. Dick came in his semi to load his 2 braford cross bulls and get them down into the desert of Oregon to turn out with cows. It was kind of funny to see 2 yearling bulls in the big semi. They loaded great and Dick was on his way. So two less bulls to feed. The sold bull pen is down to three bulls left to ship. We still have 9 bulls left to sell, but we have people still calling.

Friday was a beautiful day. Toni had to run down to court in the morning, and the kids wanted Chinese food (meaning the kids and dad), so she brought back a bunch of Chinese. Toni had someone out looking at Dyna’s colt, which she has been calling Blue Bug, so I guess he has a name change. He is a sweet guy, most of sagebug’s foals have been really sweet. They spent about 3 hours driving around looking at all the horses. During the drive, Toni and the gir’s mom realized they knew some of the same people, so they had a good time. I think Toni was really happy to get out of the office. I had Costco delivered, so we all got groceries on Friday, lots of mother’s day stuff. We were bidding on some tools at the Musser Auction online, and kind of forgot about it until the last minute, but managed to buy a ½ inch impact wrench and another drill for the fencing projects at the end. We missed some of the other stuff we wanted, but oh well.

Saturday was another beautiful day. Kicker took Kade and Jaxsen shooting, they had a lot of fun. Anna and Kaine washed and fitted their steers and we took some more videos for two more virtual shows. Ben worked on our yard, so it kind of looks decent now. Toni worked, she was attempting to get her billing done.

Chad showed up at 2 to trim the yearling fillies, so Toni went down with him, Anna, Kaine and I finished with the steers then I went down to help Toni. They all did really good for their first time, Jojo acted like she had been trimmed a dozen times already. Chad also trimmed up Dyna before she goes out with a stud. Blue Bug kept following Chad around smelling him. That colt is super funny. Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen got back, Kicker dropped Jaxsen off with us and then took Kade up to work on his steers. We had caught them that morning so they were tied in the barn. Toni and I had to do chores on our own, since the older kids were all up working on their steers. Jaxsen helped a little, but mostly he whined about how unfair it was that the other kids weren’t there. It was especially amusing when he was yelling at us over the fence about it and we were trying to trim a filly that wasn’t a fan of Jax’s voice. When we got done with the trims, doctoring, and chores, we went in the house to find that Mom had been trying her new recipe book and made a lemon pudding and a chocolate meringue pie that were both yummy. We love her cooking, but she is going to make us fat. Yes, we realize we don’t’ have to eat it, but no one wants to hurt her feelings, so we are sacrificing our waistlines.

Sunday was mother’s day, Happy Mother’s Day. Kicker made Tri tip and Ben made bacon wrapped shrimp, bacon wrapped jalapenos, Dutch oven potatoes and green beans. It was all really good. Jeanie and Sonny brought up dog food and brought Pinky home, so they had lunch with us. It was great to see them. After lunch Toni, the three older kids and I, got the mares in out of the foaling pen and put them out with studs, Jackpot got three more mares, so he is full. We put Pinky down with Leroy, Blue in with Colonel. We then moved Annie to Toni’s house with Dude, Piper D down to Mom and Dad’s in the vet pen, and then went and checked all the mares to see if we needed to move any to the maternity ward.

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