I can’t believe it is already November

Our Seldom Rest heifers got to SITZ Sunday night, Ben and Anna loaded them up, plus her Nile Merit heifer, and they headed home from Montana bright and early Monday morning. Ben and Anna got home from Montana with the three heifers at around 1:30, Toni met them at the house so she could see the heifers.  The neighbor called Toni to see if we could help him sell his mare, she is unreg, hasn’t been ridden in years, but is pretty. She would make a good recip mare if anyone is looking. He is asking $750 for her. Toni did most of chores, and Anna and Jaxsen finished them up. Toni worked on Smokey Joe and Fortune. Then we went to Kade and Kaine’s last football games. Both boys played great, Kaine got injured the end of the first half, but walked it off and continued to play the second half.

Kaine was a little sore Tuesday morning form his injury, good thing it was the last game. The boys were home Tuesday night to help with their show steers and heifers and to help with halter breaking foals and chores.  Anna brought back presents for everyone from Montana and she handed them out on Tuesday night since it was the night we were all in one spot. She got Jax a neck pillow that is a dinosaur and is now part of his nightly tv watching routine.

This is a short week for the kids, half day Wednesday and parent teacher conferences. No shocker, all of the kids are doing great in school. Toni had court right after conferences, so Kicker brought them home and Toni went to Pasco. Dad picked up Anna and Kaine and brought them home. All of the kids were home for chores. I picked up Anna and Kaine at mom and dads and we went in for their conferences in the evening.  It isn’t a hardship to go to parent teacher conferences when all you hear are good things, you wonder, whose kids are they talking about? Where is all the sass we hear at home?

Thursday the three older kids worked on their steers and heifers, washed, blown and started clipping.  Thursday was a big day as Grandma Norma turned 91. Toni, all 4 kids, Dad, and Mom went over and had lunch with Grandma. Traci and Leslie were both there with Traci’s kids. Leslie made a fantastic brisket with all the sides, with Mom’s special peach trifle for dessert. Everyone was stuffed when they came back home.  There isn’t much you can get grandma for a gift, but she does love people to come visit, so she got that and some paper flowers that were pretty neat.

Friday mom, Kaine and I went to Connell for hair appointments. Toni had court again, so she dropped Jaxsen off with dad. Anna and Kade washed and continued clipping. Mom, Kaine and I brought lunch home for everyone. Toni got to mom and dads about the same time Katie did, she was bringing Queenie home. Joe and John also showed up and brought home Derringer. Joe, John, Katie, and Toni all walked down to look at Stetson, the black stud.  After lunch Marlo came and helped the kids, I went down and fixed the fence in circle 6 until chore time, so we could put the weaned calves down there.  Kicker brought home some giant carrots so Toni spent Friday night chopping up carrots. 

Saturday morning Ben and Anna went down and finished the fence in circle 6. Kaine and I ran in the weanling calves and sorted out the three small ones, no tagged ones to retag and a few that had bad eyes. Kicker and Kade went hunting. Toni worked on a deposition. Logan came and picked up his steer from Janas. Next we tagged and doctored eyes. Then we went to Connell for the Halloween party. We came back and ran the heifers and steers down to circle 6. Then we went and did chores. Anna and Logan went to the straw maze.

Sunday morning Anna and I took 4 of the minis to my coworker Bob’s house, his wife wanted them to visit and eat down their grass. Lorenzo came and looked at Slugger, Toni and Jaxsen went down to meet them. Kade and Kicker went hunting. Kaine and Ben got the bulls in and sorted off the ones that are sold and put them in a different pen. Then we had a bull buyer come out and pick out 108 for her 2022 bull. We all had a good chat with her. Toni, Ben, and Kaine fixed a pole that was down in the corral, When we got back the kids continued washing and clipping. I put out mineral and Ben and I took some hay down to the weaned calves.  Toni finally got a hole dug through some cleachy where we are building some wood fence and put the post in, then she went and got the tractor started.   Ben and Toni put straw out with the horses.  After we got straw out everywhere, we turned Smokey Joe back out in the big pasture, where he proceeded to buck and kick and be merry, moved Fortune over with Rog and Gen Again, and got the next two victims in. Slugger and Blue Starlight get to be halter broke now. Slugger has already had a week of work, so this is just a refresher for him. They both did great being haltered and being separated for the group. 

                Anna went with friends back to the straw maze on Sunday night, because no school Monday. Kaine had his “friend” Camas (yes Camas is a girl) out to hang out at the house. Her dad and brother came too as we have been friends with her dad forever. I looked out the window and there was a bonfire going down at the barn, so that is what the older kids did for Halloween entertainment. Toni took Jax trick-or-treating to a few houses. She wasn’t feeling great so she only took him to places were we have already been around the people. Jax got lots and lots of candy and had a great time. Happy Halloween to all!

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