Good food, good friends, and strong drinks were the perfect way to end a Sunday night.

Wow, Monday was already February 1st. The weather is still great, it almost feels like spring. Toni had TONS of calls on Monday, so she made it down to do chores late, so it was just the kids. Good thing they are getting older, but that means we are getting older too. Dad went to Basin City Farm and Hardware and picked up some Equine Sr and protein blocks for the horses. Toni was so busy he got her a bacon cheese burger from the Burger Factory in town and took it to her. She was pretty happy with him. Anna reports she is doing her written test on Friday for drivers ed, and last driving test on the 15th. Mom made date, coconut bars drizzled with caramel and chocolate, they were outstanding. Anna went and put out protein blocks with the heifers after drivers ed, Ben and Kicker were out late trying to get the pump started for Hunter Steve to drain the duck pond.

Tuesday was another beautiful day. Ben took Anna to the orthodontist in the morning, after checking, to get another retainer. They brought a coffee to me at work. Toni was busy with calls all day with court and meetings.  Ben and the kids got another heavy heifer in. Agent Mimi and Noisy both calved on Tuesday.  Toni and the boys did chores.

Wednesday Zora calved, she was in the heavy heifer pen. Mom and dad went to town on Wednesday and brought me a coffee, I am getting a bit spoiled. Toni decided she was going to halter break Fly Guy on Wednesday, so she went out in the pen and caught him, he is Fly Gun, so he was fine with it. Anna came down and baby sat for Jolene and Nick on Wednesday, Nick was there but had some Zoom meetings for work. So she drove me to work and rode home. Her cow Daisy also calved on Wednesday while she was gone. Kaine called her to tell her a cow calved, since he was in charge of checking. He also forgot to take her dogs, so the dogs were angry with him.

Thursday the kids had a two hr delay to school due to a power outage, so Anna and the dogs got to check cows before school. Toni had bankruptcy court at 11, so as soon as the kids got on the bus, she took off to get Rudy and Abs over to the vet. Her and Emma took Rudy and Abs in to get their teeth done and do a pregnancy test on both. They ran the mares in and were back by 11. Toni went back about 3 to pick the mares back up.  Coco showed up sometime on Thursday, back from CA. Marley and Charlie, the sister dogs, were happy see each other. Anna did not have driver’s ed Thursday, so she got to help with chores. Toni and Anna practiced loading Freckles since she is leaving on Saturday.  They had the trailer down there, so figured they had better use it. Toni went down to get the kids off of the bus, since mom and dad were in getting their shots, so they also rode the two year olds on Thursday.

Friday was a beautiful day. Anna and the dogs got to check cows. Toni was on a bunch of calls. Anna then had to be run into town for her written driver’s-ed test, which she passed. Dad had ran her in and then went back and got her. Mom and Dad took Grandma in and the three got their first covid shots.  Toni and the kids did chores, with Coco and Marlo. Marlo came up and had dinner with us, her and Anna had checked cows when I got home.  We thought Morgan was coming home for a visit, but due to Montana being Montana, that trip was canceled.

Saturday Ben, Anna and I went and checked cows first thing. Then Anna and I took meat to Bob in Connell and Ben and Kaine worked on new fencing around the corn field. Kicker and Kade went duck hunting in the morning, hunting season was still open to youth. Toni worked on her multiple cases. Kicker and Kade went and helped work on fence when they got done hunting. Anna and I went up to help with the fence when we got back. Then, Toni and I went down and loaded Freckles, so she could go to her new home. Julie and Kyya came out to get Freckles, so we also had a good chat with good people. It is always fun to see friends and find out what is going on with everyone’s life. Dad ran into Othello to the Cow Path bakery pop up and got us donuts for lunch. Then Toni, Kade and I went and picked up some heifers from Mike Corrales, they were red clubby type heifers to raise show steers out of. We had to sort through about 200 really nice heifers to find the ones we wanted.  Ben, Anna, Kaine and Kicker finished getting the fence up and fed the cows on the new stalks so they moved themselves over. Then we went down and did chores.

Sunday morning Ben, Anna and I checked cows and tagged calves. Then we got the pairs in out of the heavy heifer pen and moved them up to the stalks. Anna caught two of her steers and worked on them. Then the boys, Toni and I went down and moved the yearling colts out back, Anna stayed and helped Ben and Kicker feed and do cow chores. We fed after we moved the colts. We also decided to separate Gang and Tank. They are two year old stud colts, with Gang being the dominant of the two. Gang needs to rest his leg and we are hoping that if he is in a pen on his own, maybe he will do that. We also had some guys show up to look at the colts after we had moved them. The colts were not on their best behavior in their new pen, but at least these guys got to see the colts move. After chores we went home to get ready for the BB Cattle Sale dinner. It was catered by Porters and we had it outside in a big tent.  Good food, good friends, and strong drinks were the perfect way to end a Sunday night.

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