Calving, Halter Breaking, Building Fence and more

                We woke up to a layer of snow Monday morning. Cam finally calved on Monday and Kaine had another bull calf, he is a nice healthy guy.  No heifers for Kaine so far this year. Luckily he claims a few of ours. The kids are happy this is their last week of school before Christmas break. Anna is getting ready to start drivers ed in January. Ben worked on repairing some wood fence on Monday, he did a lot, and it looks really good. One of our big projects is to rebuild a bunch of the feedlot pens over the winter.  Dad built them many years ago, so it is time for a rebuild. And we want to put an alley on the north side so we don’t have to get everything in to get the far pen in. Since Dad, Ben, and Kicker went and got all of the hop poles and the weather has been good, Ben is getting started. One of the heavy heifers calved Monday night, she had a KG Justified 3023 calf. Kade stayed late at school because of the Coke fundraiser helping pass out soda that students had sold. Kade is the ASB treasurer for Connell. We all had to buy Coke products from him and Jax so we have lots of pop to drink over Christmas.

Tuesday morning was not too cold, a little damp but not bad at all.  Ben, Anna and Kaine checked cows and then went and got the heifers in to ultrasound on Wednesday. After that they worked on putting some posts in where they are building fence, they had to take out the broken posts and put in new ones. Some were broken off at the ground so they had to dig out around them and pull them out. On the funny front, Toni bought Jaxsen a new pair of shoes since he has worn out his old ones. His old ones he has literally worn for everything, and really got his mom’s money out of them.  In the summer he wore then in the lake as lake shoes, he wears them to wash his show animals with as wash boots, he wears them to do chores as mud boots. They are now holey and he is wearing them as snow shoes. He makes my feet cold looking at him. He does not like his new shoes so he is continuing to wear his old shoes to school. Toni found out on Tuesday that the principle has repeatedly asked him to not wear the shoes to school. So Kaine sent down a pair of twisted x shoes for him to wear that Kaine has outgrown. No, those don’t fit him either, so he wore Toni’s shoes.  He was in a bad mood about having to wear new shoes. Most kids would be excited to have new shoes, but not him.  Tuesday night 845 calved and had a  dead calf by Bub.

Wednesday morning 612T calved and had a cute Hereford heifer calf by B6018 (Toni refers to him as Flapjack) and 917 had a fancy Angus bull calf. Brett Tonne came out and ultra sounded 15 heifers, 11 Angus and 4 Herefords, the kids found it quite interesting.  We haven’t ultrasounded much in the last few years, have just been using carcass data to make sure we are on target with our genetics. It was fun to do this select group. Ben even admitted that on the screen you couldn’t tell the difference between the Angus and the Herefords. For those of you that don’t know, Ben and Kicker are anti-Hereford and would like us to sell them.  The kids then went down and did chores with Toni. They are still working on Shi and Dime. Both are Bishop foals and Dime is the last foal out of Sissy. Dime has pretty much been a disappointment. She is very catty, and does not want attention. She is great to lead, gives really well, but she isn’t overly friendly.   Anna’s two bottle calves got grafted onto cows on Wednesday, 845 has Malcom and Puddin has Ash. Both calves were happy to have moms and both moms were happy to have calves. 

Thursday Black Widow had a cute heifer calf. Ben worked on the fence. Anna and Toni worked on foals.  I updated the website.  Toni is on the tail end of her confirmation hearing/trial in Yakima with the post-trial briefing due on Friday. This is hopefully the last piece of information the Judge needs to make a decision.  So Toni was pretty swamped Thursday and Friday.

Friday we went and checked cows first thing, then I took Anna into Connell to get signed up for driving school. So she can officially drive with a permit now, so with an adult and not at night. We went to the grocery store and grabbed a few things then headed home. Anna and I went back out and checked again when we got home. Ben and Kaine were working on fence. Then we went down and worked on Dime and Shi. The opposing attorney for one of Ton’s bankruptcies had filed a lot of documents Friday afternoon, so Toni missed most of chores dealing with that. Marlo, our Friday chore girl, came and helped and brought us homemade pretzels. They were really good. Marlo came up for dinner and we played Phase 10.  Toni went back to work.

Also, Dennis Wise sandblasted a rock for dad to put at the end of the driveway, so if you are interested in getting one contact dad and he can get Denise’s number for you.

Saturday we checked cows and then tagged calves. We got two heavy heifers in and put them in the heavy heifer pen. One was an ex-show heifer so Anna just went and caught her and led her in. Ben and Kaine worked on fence. Kicker pulled out Russian Olive trees and hauled out some dead trees. The official driver drove the small trailer and we hauled three pair and a steer, in two loads since we were using the little trailer. Then Anna and I went out and checked again and then went down to mom and dads to do chores and get our annual Christmas picture. Toni wanted the dogs in it this year too, so we took a few difference poses. It started raining on us, so we finished up and worked on the two fillies and the kids did chores.

                Sunday Foxxy calved, it was like an early Christmas present. She has a cute smoky heifer. Kade and Kicker went down and pulled out more Russian Olive trees. Ben oiled the tractor and went and got parts for continuous fence, more lag bolts and what not. Anna, Kaine and I put up a second wire in one part of the hot fence around the corn field, the mini mares were getting out and going over to visit Sagebug and get in his grain. We went down to mom and dads after and took pics of Dime and turned the two fillies out and got Whiskey and Star in.  Once Whiskey and Star are done there are only 2 left to halter break! Done just in time to start all over again.

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