“No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees, no fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds — November!” — Thomas Hood

                Monday morning was pretty cold. On my way to work a deer ran in front of me at mom and dads and jumped the fence in with the weanling heifer and steers. There were three coyotes waiting at the bottom of the hill, but I sat there long enough they ran off. Toni went down and loaded dad up and him, Kaine and Kade took a handful of cows to Toppenish. They did not take masks or money, luckily I had put both in the pickup for them. They ate at the Sale yard, and they said they had the best burgers on that side of the tracks. Joe, John and Jay got back from TX with the show steers, so when we went over to grandmas around 6 to pick them up, they got there at almost 7, we unloaded them from the semi and loaded them back up. The three kids had made a pen for them I the barn, they had water and feed waiting.

Tuesday the coyotes were still down in circle 7. Ryan tried to go and take care of them but they were gone. Toni has big court case starting next Monday, so she spent all day in meetings getting ready. Jaxsen and Kade got to go into Tennelle and have haircuts in town. Kameron came out and got his heifers, Anna and Kaine got them in and helped load them. Ben called Toni when she was on her way home from getting haircuts for the kids, the bulls and steers were all out. So Toni and Kade went and helped Ben and Anna and Kaine did chores. Kade grabbed Ollie and rode him bareback with a string until it got too dark. Toni did not know why he at least did not grab a halter. They were still getting them in when Kicker, Anna, Kaine and I got there, so we helped at the tail end, then we all helped do chores.

On Wednesday Anna texted Toni that we had missed one bull and he was still out with the cows. So Anna and Kaine got him in.  The kids worked on getting the show stuff packed. After Kade and Jaxsen got home from school Kaine and Anna went down and the 4 kids worked on the foals and did chores.

                Thursday all 4 kids went to school, then got home and worked on the foals and did chores. Toni took dad to get cataract surgery. With COVID restrictions she cannot go in, so she went to Target while she waited and got everyone groceries. Mom has been working on getting Jaxsen to take care of the water since it is too cold for her to do it. Jaxsen told Toni he was tired of grandma asking him about the water.

Friday morning Toni prepared for her case on Monday. I took dad down for his post opp eye appt. Kade and Jaxsen went to school and Anna and Kaine cleaned out the trailer and got ready for the show. I got home and we put shavings down in the trailer and got everything packed. Then we ran into town and got Kade and lunch. We stopped on the way by mom and dads, the 4 kids did chores and Toni and I loaded Aught, then Walt. Then the kids and I went home and loaded up the cattle and went into the show in Eltopia. Toni went home to continue to prepare for her trial.

Leslie, Traci, Anna, Kaine, Kade, Julian, Ady, Natalie, Marlo and I got all of the cattle unpacked, made the beds and then washed the heifers down past the horse stalls. Anna and Kaine forgot to pack a blower hose, so we had 4 blowers and only 2 hoses, so it was after dark by the time we got done blowing, even though it was not that late. We went up and finished making then beds. We put the cattle in the trailers for the night in case it rained, since they are bedded outside. Toni came and got us and Joe came and got Leslie and her kids.

Ben came with us to the show on Saturday so Toni could get ready for her case. We got there around 5:30, caught everyone and fogged them and then took them up to the bed. The weather was actually really nice for November. There were LOTS of cattle at the show, and it actually went way faster then I had thought it might.  Steers were first, Kaine got second in his class and went back to the championship round, the classes were huge. Ady steer got 10th, Julian 8th and Natalie 11th. There was lots of competition. Then the heifers, Kade heifer Calamity Jane was first, the heifers we had bought were a little thinner then show shape, so they did not place super, but they acted great so we considered that a win. Then Kaine and Anna with Alanis and Belle Starr, and then Kade and Anna with Vixen and Lottie Dino. Lottie was 4th in her class, Vixen and Lottie were heifers we raised so that was great. Ady showed Emmy and she got 2nd in her class, Emmy is Savannah’s heifer, but Savannah is a PeeWee so could not show her in the breeding class. So Emmy and Ady got to go back to the championship round. In showmanship, Savannah showed Emmy in PeeWee, and did AWESOME. Kade showed Calamity, and got called back, Kaine showed Alanis, and she showed great, but Kaine did not watch her feet good enough, but he still did a good job. Natalie showed Rocky (her steer not our old bull), Julian showed the Flash and Ady showed, who was now tired and cranky. Anna showed Lottie, who was also tired and cranky. Overall, everyone did awesome. Then we packed up and headed home. (The pictures are STILL uploading).

Sunday Toni and I loaded up Whammy and sent him to his new home. We had bull buyers come out and get a bull. Whitney came over and got the kids and took them to Ady’s birthday party. Toni left for her trial. I bought a new work pickup, since Ben took the white since his pickup is not running, I have a baby white, a white 4 door Colorado. Ben and I ran and got it, then we went to Othello and got allergy meds for Pocket. Then we came home and put out hay and hauled more hay to the house. Dad went over and got the kids. Then Anna and I haltered Golden and Coy and the boys did chores. We put a blanket on Double too since it was so cold.

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