Sunday was Flag Day, and with everything going on in our Country right now, honoring the American flag was a fitting end to the week.

Monday was technically the kids’ first days of summer break. But don’t worry, everyone told Jaxsen he still has to read, write, and do math. Nic was bloated again Monday, so Ben had to come home from work and debloat him. The wind came up Monday, so Toni and the kids end of school lunch BBQ was moved into the house. The kids gave Toni a teacher necklace, a lawn dart kit and a trump troll doll as a teacher present. Monday was also Mom’s birthday, so it was also a birthday BBQ so mom and dad came up. We also had one of our grass fed meat buyers come out on Monday and get her meat. Monday was not a BeeBee change day, so I took the kids home to feed their steers and Jaxsen and Toni went and looked for some small posts to use for the circle track gates in circle 5.  They found them, chopped them with the saw to be the right length, then took them down to the “staging” area  for the latest fence building project.

Tuesday was stormy. Mom was really disappointed Lona has not foaled and did not foal on her birthday. She decided that whatever day Lona foals she is changing to her birthday, so Lona is foaling on her birthday. Toni had an appt on Tuesday, so Anna and Kaine stayed home and Kade and Jaxsen went to mom and dads. Anna drove through the field down to mom and dads for chores. We went through our short pole pile to find some that would work for posts for circle gates, we are making Gunner a pen in circle 5 so they are up on irrigated grass. The three older kids are also laying bricks where the old shrub used to be behind the shed at mom and dads, they said they are building grandma a patio.

Still no foal Wednesday morning, mom is starting to think that Lona is not going to foal and she has a tumor. Dr. Hank came out in the morning to do health certificates for the kids’ show cattle to go to Filer. He also looked at Bebe’s leg and wanted us to wrap it differently and put the splint back on. Wednesday night Toni and the kids practiced loading Lala, she did really good. She is a really smart filly. I got home and Anna had a Zoom meeting about going into high school, so we went in and got on the Zoom meeting. We went home after that and doctored BeBe and Lizzie.

Thursday dad took the Polaris to Moses Lake, it is not running very well and will just shut off. He also picked up T Posts for the Gunner pen while there. One of the outside mares, the POA, left in the morning so that she could go get ultrasounded. Toni then had court in the afternoon.  I took Kaine in after work to do a 6th grade drive through, he handed in his stuff out the window and his teachers handed him a packet and a snow cone back in. I also took Kade and Jaxsen in with me to hand in their stuff and get their packets. Anna and Toni finished up chores and went to my house.

Friday I went and got Kade in the morning and the three older kids washed their heifers and steers and spot dyed places that they had missed. I moved the 5th wheel into the yard so we could start packing to go to Filer.

Around noon Toni showed Lala, and then took people for a tour. At one I went down and got Jacque and Malcom and took them for a tour.

The kids started fitting their steers and Foxy at noon and I went down and recorded them when I got done for the Coastal Connection Cyber show. Toni got Lala sold, loaded, and sent. After that we did chores and called it a day.

Saturday it was really raining hard, so we did not really do our outside plans. First thing in the morning Kaine and I ran over to Ochoas to get a couple of kittens. Anna was with us and on our way by we saw Solider had managed to crawl through a pole fence and get into the corral, so Anna walked down the hill to put Cammie with him, she said she would just walk to grandma and grandpas after. Dad took her home because Ben was cooking food for our trip so dad went up to get breakfast. After we got back Anna and Kaine went out and packed the tack in the trailer to take over to Connell Sunday morning. I packed some stuff and took it out to the camper.  Luckily there was  a break in the weather in the afternoon, so Toni showed another group of people the foals. They had a hard time deciding between the foals we have for sale, but finally decided that they needed to have Coy.  We then got chores done and headed home.

Sunday morning we took our tack to Connell to see if we could get it all in the nose of the trailer. Now the trick will be to get it all back out of the nose. Jay and Mar helped us get it in and they will not be there to help get it out. We did get to see baby Reece, we were more excited to see her then she was to see us since she slept through it. KK was excited to see everyone and wants to go with us, but since he is 2 his mom said no. She can be a real fun killer. We stopped at the leprechaun to get Ben a few groceries for all his cooking and we picked some lunch up. This was good because we got stuck behind some pea harvesters on the way home so it was a long drive home. We dropped Toni off at home and Kade came down to our house and the kids worked on their heifers and steers. Then Kaine and Kade helped Ben pick up some circle tires out of circle 4, they got to drive the Little Trojan Loader. We then went down and did chores and doctored BeeBee and Lizzie. Marlo showed up with three more flats of strawberries for mom. We got her hooked up to the little white trailer, figured out why the breaklights weren’t working, and got her back on the road. We actually got in before 8 so the kids and I watched a movie.  Toni had work to do so she just went back to work.

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