Monday was frosty and cold, but really not that cold considering it is December.

Monday was frosty and cold, but really not that cold considering it is December. Toni checked and Leapin Lily had a fancy bull calf by KT Small Town Kid 5051. Mom was busy working on embroidering hats and she is making a Eat More Beef patch to put on stocking hats. If you want any custom embroidery work done let mom know, but don’t wait until the last minute because she can’t handle that. Toni got the calendars ready to mail out. Toni and the kids did chores and worked on the foals.

Tuesday morning was still frosty and cold. The cows are actually due today, Anna checked, 633 had a bull, 338 had a bull.  Morgan texted asking about sending the fat calves to her with the donkey shipper, so Toni begged Sheena to fit the calves in to get all the proper paperwork to go to Montana. Toni, Dad, Anna, and Kaine loaded the calves and Kaine and Dad took them to Othello.  When they were done loading, Toni and Anna went out to check and Autumn hadn’t calved and she had been calving for 3 hours. They got her in, but Toni needed to go to have court on the phone, so Anna stayed to watch her. Ben got home and they ended up pulling a it. It was a healthy Hereford heifer.  While the kids helped Ben, Toni did chores with her kids.  Toni said Jean and Black Eye are doing really well, but are both bratty babies since they are spoiled and only want to do what they want to do.  And they don’t like each other and have jealousy issues. Jean did not feel like she needed to be tied.  Black Eye just wants lots and lots of attention and has lots of energy. They really aren’t too bad, but you have to watch out because they will kick each other and bite each other, so a person does not stand in between them.

Wednesday the sun was out, it was a miracle. The halter breaking donkey arrived from Iowa, maybe she brought the sun. Dad, Ben and Kicker went and got more hop poles to build fence. No new calves in the Am. But 534 and 201 both had calves in the afternoon. Anna and Kaine could not find Anna’s calf “Willa” so they spent the afternoon looking for her. They finally found her right before chores. Anna and Toni said Black Eye and Jean are doing great, but they really do hate each other, so you have to be careful to not get to close to the other one. In self-defense they turned Black Eye out. Now he just stands on the outside of the roundpen and gives Mean Jean stink eye.  Anna has been working on picking up Jean’s feet so Chad can trim them on Friday.  Wednesday Morgan also decided to get one of Leslie’s mares, so Toni begged Sheena again to fit Les’s mare in for paperwork to go to Montana. Les ran the mare over and hopefully everything will get done so the shipper can take them all to Montana.

                Thursday morning 341 had an Angus heifer calf and Pinda had a club calf heifer by Fur Trader. We had used sexed semen, so hopefully this is the one and only club heifer, as we were hoping for zero club heifers. She is super super cute and the kids all want her. Except Jax, he graciously said the other three could have her.  Toni won her bankruptcy court appeal that they argued Oct 21. Yes, it takes that long to find these things out in the law world. Coco’s dog in CA had 8 puppies. Lots of things going on on Thursday.

Friday the shipper came and got 6 calves to go to Morgan in Montana and one of Leslie’s horses. He had goats, pigs, sheep, etc on the trailer, so Toni and the kids took a tour of the animals. He was 2 hours early, so Toni had to cancel a couple of phone calls and run down to help load while Ben ran to Othello for the paperwork. The calves loaded really well and the trailer was full.  201M had to have her calf pulled, the head was down. She had a clubby bull calf that Jaxsen owns and wants to name Chocolate. He has been informed that the theme is Yellowstone He informed us that he doesn’t care. 635 had a bull calf by Basin Payweight Plus. Chad and Andrew came out and trimmed a few foals. Jean did not think Chad was Anna, so did not like him trimming her feet.  After a battle of wills, which Mean Jean lost, they got her done. We had Kaine’s birthday dinner on Friday, meatball subs per his request.  Ben makes a fantastic homemade meatball.

Saturday was Kaine’s birthday, happy birthday Kaine. We went out and got all of the calves tagged that had been born all week. Then Ben went and worked on extending the hot fence so the cows could have some more corn stalks. Anna, Kaine and I finally got our Christmas tree up, with all of the bottle kittens in the house I don’t know how long it will stay up. Then we went down to do chores and let Jean out. 

Sunday no new calves. Ben had Kaine finished the fence extension and we let the cows over to a new section. We locked the horses in for a few days because there is quite a bit of corn over there. We got two of the three old cows in that are down with the calves and put them in the heavy pen. Toni, Kicker and Kade put grass bales out with the horses and burned the old tree piled down at mom and dads in the yearling pen. The yearling fillies were very helpful. Then we got Dime and Shi in to halter break, we are talking about selling one of them and just keeping one Bishop filly. We shall see what happens. 

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