So far we really think this foal crop has been great and will be hard to top in 2021, but lets hope we do!

Kids all had school Monday so Toni was in charge for checking. We had some freezing rain first thing, but it melted off. Nothing new in the AM. She had to run into Walmart in Othello and she said it was a zoo, then Taco Bell was closed so she went to Burger King for lunch. I said after the whole lemon grass scandal I would have starved before I went to Burger King, if you don’t know what I am referring too must Google Burger King and Lemon Grass. Toni had lots of client meetings on top of that. Then when they went to do chores Jag was out in the circle 7 with the weaned calves, the fence was not hot, the fencer would not work. Jag ran through the fence and broke it, so Toni was super impressed with her. There may have been cuss words. Ben came and got the old one to charge the battery and Toni went and got a different solar one from the shed. I got there in time to shut the lid on the fencer, LOL. Ben texted that 218 had twin bull caves by Fur Trader, a black one and a white one. 203 also had bull calf by Coleman Knight. Then we went to Grace’s surprise birthday party, it was just a small family gathering, Grace is our other niece and Tennelle is like our extra sister.  Sometimes love is thicker than blood and we are pretty blessed to have this extra “niece.” We can’t believe she is 18.

Tuesday morning the sun was shining. One new bull calf in the AM by Justified and out of a Stunner daughter. Mike came out and butchered two steers, only 7 left to go. Toni and the kids practiced loading the foals that are supposed to leave on the weekend, Shiner, War Bug, Kitty, and loaded Cappy for fun.  All of the foals were excellent to load. Kitty is the first of our Canadian foals that we have halter broke and we are pretty impressed with her mind.  Cappy is our stallion prospect out Double and our Shadie mare. He is a little spitfire. He is basically a reincarnation of Double, even though Double is still alive.  On Tuesday when the halter came off, Anna dropped it on the ground while she worked on Kitty. Cappy picked it up in his mouth and started whipping Anna in the back with it because HE wasn’t done. Everything needs to be on his terms, so at times he can be a challenge. But in a good way.

Wednesday I got a flat tire on my way to work, by mom and dad’s house. Ben came and changed it for me, my hero. Kade texted Toni from the bus, using Toti’s phone, that there were horses out, so she drove around looking for them. There were none out, Kade just didn’t realize which field they were in and thought they were in the wrong one. Anna went out and checked the cows, no new calves. The bottle calf is named Malcom and is brother is Teal, they are villain brothers on the TV Show Yellowstone. Toni and the kids did chores. They loaded Kitty and Shiner again to get them ready to leave.  Again they both did great. Especially considering they are basically being loaded in the dark because it gets dark so early. 

Thursday was cold. Dad checked the cows in the AM, two new ones. Toni headed back to Yakima for court, possibly staying through Friday. Ben was called that the cows were out in the duck pond and had to run home and get them in and fix fence. When he got home, after he went back to work, there were 2 or 3 new calves including Kade’s cow had a heifer Dark Night and Anna’s cow, Mischief. The kids did chores after school and worked on the foals.  Anna is getting tired of Cappy and would like to turn him out. He chases Kitty if he isn’t tied up because he is a jealous critter.

Toni had to stay in Yakima for court again on Friday. In the morning Anna and I checked the cows, Baby Mo had a set of twin Herefords. We grabbed the heifer and she rode around in the Colorado with us until we got done checking. Next, Kaine and I ran Crème and Puff into Sheena at Sagehill vet for a spay and neuter while Anna took care of the calf, “Ash” the brother is “Lee.” Kaine and I got home and went and picked up mom and we went in and got our hair done. Dad went to an Eye dr appt. We picked up Mei Lings on our way home for lunch. After lunch Chad and Andrew came and we trimmed horses the rest of the day.  Ben picked up Crème and Puff on his way home and Marlo came out and helped do chores, and hold horses. Kade and Jaxsen got home from school in time to assist as well.  Toni rolled in right when it was getting dark but was wearing her court clothes so didn’t help.

Saturday we checked first thing and had a pile of calves. We had someone coming out to look at bulls so we went down and got them and sorted off the sold ones and took them back down.  War Bug left on Saturday, so I met Toni down at mom and dads and we loaded him out and sent him on his way. We tagged calves after lunch and got them all caught up. Dad called because Jaxsen had not drained the hose very well at the corral so the yearling colts were out of water.  When he got to mom and dad’s for chores he said he might as well go in the house and get it over with- meaning that he needed to go in the house and get the lecture on draining hoses, animal stewardship, weather, etc. Toni and I went down and rearranged animals so that all had water, then had Jaxsen drag the frozen hose back to the house to get it thawed. Then we did chores.

                Sunday Kitty and Shiner were leaving early. So we got up early to check cows, they texted they were on their way after 3 new calves, so Ben and Anna took me to my Colorado and I went down, and they continued to check. Toni and I brought Shiner up to the house and noticed Crossfire and Jean running around in the circle. We called them back over and put them in, and put a panel where they had broken some poles. The reality is that Scrat, the big Hereford bull, has been breaking the poles because there are neighbor bulls across Hendricks Rd so bulls have to act like bulls and need to be macho and break fence like jerks. After they left we went and got 5 weanling calves in to feed out for Morgan and Joe. Then Leslie came and took the 4 kids online shopping at Traci’s house for their parents, their annual shopping extravaganza. Toni went home to get her billing done and Ben and I got in heavy heifers. Kicker continued his battle with the beaver, breaking it’s dam and letting the water down. Then we tagged the new calves and Toni and  I went down to get two new halter breaking foals in, take some pictures, do chores and wait for the kids.  We put Black Eye and Mean Jean in to halter break. We just had to put them both behind the gate, not up the alley. Mean Jean was a little angry about the process but after a baby fit she did really well. 

We just have one more foal to ship, this one to Canada, then we can focus on selling the remaining colts. With Kitty leaving Sunday, we are officially out of fillies unless someone convinces us to sell one we have labeled as a keeper.  We may convince ourselves because we have quite a few right now, but time will tell.  So far we really think this foal crop has been great and will be hard to top in 2021, but lets hope we do!

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