Toni says I am not being funny anymore and I need to amuse her. I will try harder.

                So far it has been a fairly average week. Tuesday we did have freezing fog in the morning, I want to remind everyone to drive safe. There was a semi rollover on my way to work going into Mesa, we were detoured back up Glade, or like me, up Langford. There was also a rollover on 395 just south of Mesa. Just because it is 32 degrees, it does not mean you can set your cruise control. Tuesday night Toni and dad went to the Franklin County Cattlemen’s meeting. The kids are helping Toni with chores due to fall back. Toni took them to my house on her way home so they could feed their bottle calves and she could doctor Big Iron and Cattle Kate’s heads. Escoe the Jersey had gotten out and was in with Dream Lover.  Since the kids went home with me we had a Dance Party on the Wii.

                It isalso that time of year to get your stallion reports in, cow inventory done and to the appropriate Association, etc. So while Kaine and I watch movies at night Iwork on our inventories and stallion reports. We bred 10 cows to clubby bulls and Anna keeps talking about how she cannot wait to see what her cow has. So, she probably did not take to the AI, which is OK, then she will just have an Angus calf by BK Hoover Dam 507, who had a the Reserve Champion Steer of Merit steer at CBJLS and a steer that we sold that graded Prime.  So it definitely could be worse. WordPress has “updated” and so far I am not a fan. From what I copied has pasted a lot of the spaces are missing and he words are now one. 

                Wednesday Toni had to be in Prosser all day for meetings, but got back in time to work onthe foals. She said Freckles and Eagle are doing awesome halter breaking, shecould already lead them out in the round pen on the first day. Toni had court in Kennewick Wednesday so she dropped in on Aunt Peggy.  Anna did most of chores on her own since the boys had boy scouts, I was at work and Toni was in court. Good thing we have Anna to do chores. Thursday the 4 wheeler and mule came down to the tri citiesto get fixed. I brought them to work and then Kicker ran them over from here. Imade sure everyone at work knew my pickup was leaving so they didn’t call thecops on him since I was in a board meeting. Thursday John showed up and didchores with Anna, so Toni just had to work on the foals, and made John help her do that too.

                Friday I got to be the math team coach for the 5th graders, I thought the competition was really great. Kade got an award, I think he was third overall in the third grade, for comprehensive math, and his team was third overall. Great job kids!

                Saturdaywas a normal busy day, we tied the steers up, went to Connell and got two ofthe Spokane steers and took the tack back. Hauled mares out to the desert,weaned the majority of the foals, worked on foals, and wormed some mares.Sunday and Monday were Anna and Toni’s birthdays, so we also had the birthday party on Saturday night so Skip could go home on Sunday.

                Sunday was Anna’s birthday, so Ben made French toast and hash browns for breakfast.  Some outside mares left so we ran and got them in really quick. Then Ben, Anna, Kaine and I went to Moses Lake to take Anna out to lunch. Toni fixed fence, got Colonel’s pen in,  got Cole weaned, and started hauling mares. We got back and Anna got to skip chores for her birthday. So Toni and I hauled more mares out and worked on Eagle and Freckles. We got three more foals in to start halter breaking, Ruby, Mario, and Princess Peach. We moved the yearling fillies out with the herd (and Pecos) and moved the three grandmas (two have foals) in where the yearlings were.

                Since yesterday was Toni’s birthday Kicker and I took her out to lunch, she wanted togo to her favorite Chinese place, but it is closed until November 26th,so we went to Bone Fish. And they gave her TWO Crème brulees, a pumpkin and aregular since she could not make up her mind.x

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