Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment.

Monday definitely felt like fall, it was dark and rainy, but not super cold. Toni had court in Yakima again, so the 4 kid were on their own doing chores. Mom has passed her water duties on to Jaxsen because it is cold outside. Jaxsen is not thrilled. He seems to think his life is over because he has to make sure the water troughs are full. Yeah, big chore. It is necessary, but really, not hard. The three older kids went to my house after they were done to do their show animal chores, I stopped and picked up Jaxsen on my way by. Ben moved the show heifers across the road on the hill, so they are out of the mud, we had moved the bulls down to the bean field Sunday.

Tuesday Toni was at federal court in Richland, so the kids had halter breaking and chores again. Anna reported that the foals are all doing great, Ray and Golden were not as great at Fast and Warbug, but all 4 were good. The school called on Tuesday and some teachers had been exposed to covid, so no more in person school for the rest of the week, back to online. Jaxsen was happy to have a break from getting up early to get on the bus. He called it the “perfect storm” meaning he got to see his friends for a couple of days, but gets to sleep in the rest of the week. None of us understand why he is calling it the perfect storm, but whatever. The animals are all happy the kids are home.

Wednesday Toni was actually home, but had court of appeals on the phone, then district court on webex in the afternoon, and was getting ready for court in Yakima again on Thursday. Wednesday was Anna’s birthday, her adviser in school went to school with me, so he announced it to the class, she told me I was not allowed to post it was her birthday if her teachers are my Facebook friends. LOL Toni and the kids did chores, Toni and Anna got some pics of the 4 foals. Toni said that Anna is doing a really good job with the foals. Ray had broke his halter, so they put him behind the gate and switched his halter out.  It is a muddy mess down there, but the foals are doing really well.  Mom and dad came down for dinner and pumpkin pie for Anna’s bday. Like every other year, she wanted tuna casserole for her bday dinner.

Thursday Toni headed back to Yakima. She took a change of clothes in case she had to spend the night for court Friday. Thursday was Ton’s birthday. I had a skin appointment in the morning, I have already had a skin cancer spot taken off, so I go in every 6 months. Toni did not get back in time for chores on Thursday, but they have taken a break on this case until December 3rd, that is when their next court date is. The report from Anna was that the foals were amazing on Thursday. Our friend Brett brought down a gelding for the kids, his name is Kev. Maybe after our kids ride him a few years his kids will want him back. LOL. Dad says Kev needs to be for Anna because he is a gray gelding.  Anna wants to ride Pistol, so we will see. Kaine’s horse, Pocket, has been having some health issues, but she is getting back on track, so Kaine is riding Kev for now.

Friday Anna, Kaine and I had dental appts in the morning, so we ran down to Kennewick, we bought tamales for lunch and brought them home. Chad and his apprentice were out at 1 to trim horses, so we went out and caught Cad and Ollie of the riding horses, and then headed to mom and dads. Toni and Kade had caught all of the horses that needed to be done at mom and dads. They went ahead and got wormer into all of the old horses, so one more task done.  Dime also got weaned, so now just Fly Guy is left to wean.  Coco got there with Regan as we were finishing up, so Andrew pulled her shoes and trimmed her as well. There is nothing like an 8 hr trailer ride then getting your feet done. Marlo came and helped with chore and working on the foals. Toni, Marlo and Anna worked on loading Coy and Golden to take to their new homes on Saturday. Then Marlo came down and we had dinner and played Texas Holdem.

Saturday Toni, dad, Skip and Kade took Coy and Golden to their new homes. They had quite the trip, flat tire before they left, dad aired it up. It only made it to Mesa and they got a flat. They called Steve from Mesa Crossroads and he fixed them up and they continued their journey.  Both colts came off the trailer really well and went to their new owners. That took long enough that they were hungry, but only found one mask in the pickup, so Toni ran into Burger Ranch and got them all burgers. Kaine, Anna and I went and got the cows in and sorted off heavy heifers, we should start calving in the next few weeks. Ben went to Othello and got farm diesel, a tarp for the straw, and other misc supplies. Then Ben came home and took the case to mom and dad’s so Toni and I could put out straw. Coco, Anna, Kaine, Jaxsen and I did chores and then Toni got home so we (Kade, Kaine, Anna and I) went home to finish up chores with their show animals, and Toni and Coco put out grass hay to the field, and then it got dark so they stopped.

We had Toni and Anna birthday Saturday night and had meat balls, potatoes, pumpkin cake from the Cow Path Bakery and fireball cake from Kendel.

Sunday we went and loaded out Fast, and she went to her new home. Then we all went and saddled up and brought the heifers up to bangs vaccinate on Monday. Kaine rode the new horse, “Kevin.” We had a lunch break and finished off the tamales and meat balls, and then took the steers back down and left the heifers in. Next, we went back to mom and dads to finish putting hay out, let Ray out and put Black Eye and The Bar in and put out mineral.   Coco and Anna found out that one of the mares had aborted, so we went around and checked all the mares to make sure all was ok. Sometimes that stuff happens, but you have to make sure that there are no complications. All was as good as it could be.

We are getting ready to ship out another group of foals. We are almost done with the foals that are sold. We still have some really nice foals for sale. There never seems to be a reason for why some sell and some don’t, so if anyone is looking, there are still some really high-quality foals left for sale. All of our foals come with one week of halter breaking so that they are ready for their new owner. 

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