“In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” Mark Twain

We finally had another new foal Monday, a cute Rosie/Double filly. Our good friend wanted her right off the bat, so that was nice. Monday was a beautiful day, and there was finally enough heat units that Ben could start planting corn, so he went into work early. We had a second foal Monday afternoon, Hottie had a stunning red dun colt by Sagebug. We also had two calves on Monday, one Angus and one Hereford, both heifers. So it was a big baby day. Dad took the 4 kids to my house to wash and clip steers in the afternoon. Jaxsen went without protest and so they clipped his heifer, Zora. He said he went because he promised Grandma Sherri he would go, but he only promised to go one day. The kids did chores and then after we worked on the two three year olds, Charlie and Yo. We also worked on May Lady, who we are halter breaking. She is a bay roan filly out of Dolly and by Bishop. Ben and Kicker were out working on circles, so they had a late night. Then the Hereford calf would not nurse, so Ben and Anna went out and got her and brought her to the barn.

Tuesday morning we had another baby, a Katie and Double filly. The Hereford heifer had figured out how to nurse during the night. A few hours later Rudy foaled, she had a cute black or blue colt by Gunner. A t around 4 Red Robin had a charming bay roan filly by Bishop. So VERY busy Tuesday. Kendel called Tuesday morning while the kids were doing school work and she had a yearling Angus bull over at her house to help service her cows, not quite what she had planned. So Toni went over and put him back, he was greatly disappointed that he could not assist Kendel with getting her cows bred, but like most of our bulls, was easy to handle and get back to the barn. Dad took the three older kids to my house to clip in the afternoon, we have the virtual shows to get ready for, and the Twins are virtually helping the kids clip. After chores we worked on the 4 two year olds, and it was windy so it was really fun working them. Jag and Pow were awesome, did not care about the blanket, Jag thought it was scratching her back. Jitterbug was pretty good after she smelled it and Sally was good for being a huge moose of a 2 year old that if she does one step wrong is 3 steps compared to the others. The three older kids are still helping get these younger horses worked. It is great experience for them and this is a really good, fun group. All are normal sized two year olds except Sally, so we take her if there is anything that could cause her to react.

No new babies Wednesday, which was good since it was rainy and windy. The kids did chores and Toni was working on the corral when I got there. So I worked on May Lady and then went down and helped her. She had put some more posts in to hold the shed down and then we put a panel in it to divide it.

Thursday was another breezy and overcast day. No new foals or calves, we only have two cows left to calve. Kaine was supposed to have a zoom meeting with his teacher but it did not work, again. We got two outside mares dropped off on Thursday, one to Gunner and one to Sagebug, the one to Sagebug is a daughter of Dude and out of Double’s sister. The kids did chores, I put Dapples out with Sagbug and Toni and Anna took the other mare out to Gunner. The Gunner mare did not like being turned out, so we had to go and get her, we will try again in a couple of days, let her settle down.

Friday morning Dunny had a fancy dunalino colt by Dude, looks just like Peanut from the year before. Toni had court Friday morning, by herself so it was interesting. Kicker and Anna checked. One of the two left to calve calved and the coyotes got it, she was a heifer. We worked on the three year olds Friday night, saddling them and lunging them. They both did great. We burned some of the old wood from the corral on Friday night to celebrate it being done. The kids wanted to roast marshmallows, but we did not have any, or chocolate, or graham crackers. We did have german dogs and burgers, chips, and drinks. The night was perfect for a little bonfire for the kids. We stayed up really late, 10 pm. Wow, we must be getting old. Mom and Dad actually hung out with us until after 9. It was nice to do something different.

Saturday I woke up with Jaxsen on my couch, how did he get there? He says I told him he could stay. I don’t know, I think I said maybe. Anna and I went up and got Kade while we were checking so they could start washing steers so we could record them. When we were out checking we discovered that Izzy had a CUTE colt by Leroy, a dun with black points. Toni and mom were very disappointed it was a boy.

The kids washed Foxy Cleopatra, Mr Fatty B, Goldmember and Austin Powers on Saturday and then Toni and I recorded them for virtual shows. Toni had a call from a friend that some people were broke down with a horse and trailer in Mesa, WA, so Kicker and Toni went and got the horse and trailer to help them out. When she got back we started videoing the showing. It is interesting because if something isn’t just right, you start over. And you start over again, and again. Poor Anna was our first guinea pig with Foxy, we finally let them take a break because Foxy was giving us side eye everytime we told Anna to restart. A video of each kid is at the bottom.

Once we got the videos done, on the first four animals, we went down and moved mares around out with studs, when you have a lot of foals in a week you have a lot of mares to move. I think we all headed home around 8:40, not because we ran out of work, but because we ran out of daylight. Ben and I were actually fixing fence by the headlights of our vehicle before we called it quits. The binoculars fell out of Toni’s pick-up while were were fixing fence in Circle 3, so they are out in the weeds somewhere.

Sunday I slept through my alarm, so the kids had a late start washing. Shady had a fancy colt by Double on Sunday, this is a potential replacement for Double. We were hoping for a palomino, but he is the same red as Double. He is very friendly. We went around and checked all of the mares with studs, we fixed some fence.

Tall John brought out his ½ Fresian Lucy and her Sagebug foal for a rebreed. We took tons of pictures because she is so cool looking. It is always fun have something unique and different on the ranch, but glad we don’t own her.

Ben and Kicker were working on the continuous fence on the top of my driveway. It looks really good.

I took Ivy, Smoke, Spicy and Stina to Cecil and Debbie’s house. When I got back the kids were ready to start recording so we recorded Freddy G, General Google and Smithers on Sunday.

Toni showed a little girl some horses, and then went and worked on fence. When we got done with all of that we still had daylight so we got the yearling colts and Louie in and dewormed and west niled those 7. At that point we realized we only have a few west nile shots left in the box, so maybe we are almost done? Yeah, I don’t think we are that lucky, but we are making considerable progress. We also took some new pictures of the for sale colts, they still have long hair, but they have all grown a ton.

We have hit over the 50% mark on foaling, with 23 foals on the ground. Like always, we absolutely love our foal crop. We can’t say enough good things about them, other than we feel they accurately reflect our breeding goals and program. The studs are all doing their jobs and we are ready to open the 2020 breeding season up for a limited number of mares.


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