Toni’s Woman Crush Wednesday

Like Kellie, it is hard for me to pick a favorite mare. I can tell you things I like about them all. I can also usually find a flaw or two to point out because no horse is perfect.  I think we have a few that come close. From the emotional standpoint, it is usually the ones we have raised or had for many years that mean the most to me.  So I picked my Woman Crush Wed horse based upon my story that I can tell about her. KT Major Stinger Bee (Bebe) was born to one of our great mares, Stinger. Bebe was one of our last foals out of Zink, so we had determined to keep her early on. One day I was driving on the ditch road above the ranch and I looked down and saw Stinger acting weird. I flipped around, went and got mom, and we found BeBe upside down in a circle track. Mom and I pulled her out and she made a full recovery. As Bebe grew up she developed a very friendly, laid-back personality. Our good friend Sonny needed a horse to ride up in the mountains getting their cattle in, so he took Bebe, who was green broke at the time. Sonny could pull her up next to a wire spool and jump on her, or anything else. He pointed, she went. Sonny rode her for a couple of years when one day something spooked her and she went through a fence badly cutting her leg. Of course this happened on a Sunday, to be exact, it happened on Mother’s Day 2020. Bebe spent about 3 weeks at the vet, then spent the next 4 months in the barn. Bebe has kept her upbeat personality through it all and been a really great patient. At the end of November 2020 she finally got to be turned back out with the other horses after 6 months of forced inactivity. We are hopeful that Bebe will be sound, but if not, she will always have a place here with us. She is my Woman crush because she has faced adversity yet is still kind, patient, and loving. Even if her riding career is over, she will make a great broodmare. 

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