The weather is really nice and it has been a fantastic weekend.

Monday Toni was in Yakima at a confirmation hearing, which is the equivalent of a bankruptcy trial, she left Sunday afternoon. All four kids had school, after school they worked on Golden and Coy and did chores at mom and dads and then dad took them up to my house to feed their show animals. Mom made Jaxsen go and help so he was not pleased about that. I told him if he did not have anything nice to say not to say anything at all, and his reply was that then he would have to be a mute and he would not like that.

Tuesday Toni was still in Yakima, but don’t worry, she got to come home Wednesday because it was a holiday and didn’t have to go back until Thursday. The kids went down and worked on Golden and Coy and did chores. They were all at my house when I got home. Dad texted me to stop he had horse questions, someone called about a horse we sold in 2010 and wanted to know if we knew how broke she was. We sold her as a two-year-old, and not broke at all. I told dad we had no additional information.  We try to remember all the horses, but the reality is we can’t remember every detail. We definitely remembered this mare, but how broke was she, probably not very, but who can say what has happened between then and now? Not us.

Wednesday we all celebrated Veteran’s Day. Thank you to everyone that served.

Anna, Kaine and I took Pocket in to see Sheena in the morning, Pocket has allergies and we just wanted to see if her meds needed modified. Pocket is Kaine’s riding horse, Goldie’s sister and Dime’s sister. We stopped and picked Kade up on our way home and we all tied up the steers and heifers and Anna washed her Texas steer and two heifers. Kade and Kaine went and played on the hay stacks, I figured they deserved a few hrs of rest if they did not want to wash their steers.  I went to get the Herefords in out of the show heifer pen and Sissy the bottle calf had her head stuck in the trough. So Ben had to come home from work and cut the trough out from around her head.  She was fine. Still wild and a weirdo, but fine.  The boys brought me a halter and I held her head out of the water while we waited on Ben. Then I went to get Pocket in at Sheenas and Anna, Kaine and Kade met me down at mom and dads to do chores. Anna and I started working on Coy and Golden and the boys started chores.  Toni got there to help and she messed with Golden while Anna kept on working on Coy. The two colts are really coming along.  Toni met with clients all day since she had been out Monday and Tuesday she had a lot to catch up on. Anna, Kaine, Kade and I went home after to let their show animals go and feed them.

Thursday Toni headed back to Yakima. The four kids went to school. Dad had an eye appt. And the 2 steers from CA got here. Dad went over to Connell and got the steers for the kids when he got back from his appointment. The kids are really happy with the steers. Toni got home and I was picking up Jaxsen and taking him home with me so I met Toni on the road with him.  He didn’t want to go to my house anyway because he said Anna is not nice to him (these are not the words he used but a nicer version of what he said).  Without Toni there to run interference Jaxsen and the other three kids are not getting along very well.

                Friday the 13th, Toni and Anna were going to go up to Pomeroy and take Ollie back, take King to Tim’s and pick up a mini, but, Jeannie and Sonny were not back from the mountain, so the plans were canceled. Toni worked most of the day and had an emergency call on the trial at 3. After that she met the kids down and started chores. Toni and Anna were leading the yellow colts around and have tied them both up, so real progress on the colts. We had also gone through the Eugene sale and found some horses we were interested in, why, we don’t know.  I had Costco deliver to my work, so I brought groceries home for everyone. The older kids went to my house for their other chores and Toni and Jaxsen helped unload groceries.

Saturday we got our cows in and worked them. All of the horses did great considering it was muddy and there were hunters all over shooting things while we were riding. Luckily none of them were super close. It is still kind of interesting to have shots being fired semi-close. The weather was absolutely perfect so the cows were a bit frisky. Kaine was on his first ride on Pistol since Pocket is still being treated for her allergies. Pistol is a solid horse to ride, but not a fun horse to ride. She isn’t going to buck you off, but she also thinks she gets a 50% say in what is going on. Especially if you are a child. Kaine and her have some work to be done, but they got along ok. Toni got to ride Shimmer since she took Friday to mom and dad’s. Everyone else was on their regular horse and I rode mine bareback because she is old. After we got the cows in, Toni took Jaxsen and went back to work at her house. Kicker said it was supposed to rain at 3 so we worked the cattle super-fast and got them done before it started raining. After that I took the three older kids and we went and fixed fence down in circle 6 to move the mares into that pasture because there is still some grass. Then Toni met us and we did chores at mom and dads. It was dark by the time we got that done.

Sunday was another awesome day. Kaine and Anna tied up the calves and cleaned out the barn. Cousin John came over to look at a gelding we had brought over for him to look at. It is a 16 year old gelding with arthritis in his knees, but he is very nice and easy to be around. We have him out with the weaned foals. Toni and Kade both rode him around for John to video. We moved mares around. Started halter breaking another batch of foals, put out mineral, checked everything, and did our normal stuff. Toni heads back to Yakima for court tomorrow morning, the rest of us go to work and have our regular jobs. The weather is really nice and it has been a fantastic weekend.

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