In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move

Monday was a little cold and windy, but still a great day. Anna checked cows, Toni had a lot of calls in the morning. The kids did their school work. Jeannie came and got Pinky, and is taking her up to Pomeroy to ride for a while. It will be great to get some more miles on her. We finished the middle fence inside the East pen Monday night. So the East, West and South sides are done and the north side is half done on the corral. To finish what we have left to do we have to pick up all of the junk (old boards, broken panels, old rail road ties, etc) in front of it. So we got that ¾ cleaned up Monday night and the boards knocked off of the posts. No new foals or calves on Monday.

Tuesday was the last day of March, and no last day of March foals or calves. Kaine and Kade are both finished with their math that the school sent home and are doing prodigy, a math program. Yes, Toni is a great teacher. Jaxsen is still struggling through, not because he can’t do it, he just likes to make Toni as miserable as possible while he is doing it. He had to sit at her desk while she worked to finish. We worked on the corral, we finished cleaning up all of the junk, in the evening. We are ready to start digging holes on our last section. Then Toni told the kids she is going to have a party for them, and then we are on to putting up the continuous fence

April Fool’s Day, Toni told the kids that all the fence was down and that they had to spend the day fixing it. They didn’t think it was a funny joke. Wednesday I woke up to the sounds of wind machines in the orchards. Mittens the cat wanted out, he walked out the door, and the wind machines freaked him out so he came back in. I guess he thought a bird was coming to get him?? I said April Fools Mittens. We worked on the corral Wed night, we are almost done with it. We ran out of battery on the DeWalts or we would have gotten it done. We worked until we could not work anymore! We have a big pile of debris for a bonfire. The bad part about that is then you spend forever picking up nails and spikes, sifting through the ashes. But we are going to move the pile to the spot we had the last fire so just one spot to clean-up.

Thursday we finished the corral, it was big day. The kids are excited for their party. We started pulling the panels out that we were using to block areas. We also started putting panels along the front of the colt pen, our next project is the continuous fence. Should anyone be concerned that we are going to be bored now that our big corral project is done, don’t be. Fencing NEVER ends. But it is an awesome feeling to have the corral done.
We finally had another foal Friday, Twiggy had a Splinter. Seriously, the colt looks just like Twiggy. It is like she just splintered herself off and recreated. The only contribution Dude made was that it is a colt.

I did not have work on Friday so I went up and got Kade and Jaxsen and we checked cows and horses, Anna, the two boys and I did. Then we went back to the house and got Kaine and we caught all of the heifers and the clubby steers and put halters on the other steers. We loaded up three bulls Friday that went to their new home in Moses Lake. It was cold on Friday so we did not wash. Toni had Federal hearings Friday morning on the phone, so she was busy all day. I think the kids are glad to have a break from her. She has high expectations about what she thinks they need to accomplish every day. Jax says going to school everyday is easier than being home with his mom. She is still having them write letters, so if anyone else wants a letter, let one of us know.

Saturday was a really nice day so the kids washed their steers and heifers. Anna had a stomach ache on Saturday so she just washed her steers. Ben and Kicker worked on circles all day getting them running. Circle 4 is on, circle 5 had a hole in the mainline and they need to get parts Monday. Toni worked in her office most of the day. Then we went and worked on moving panels around. That is a project on its own. The clean-up of everything is going to be a project. Ty had been getting out through the electric fence, which in turn allowed the heifers to get out, so once we got the panels up in front of the yearling colt pen and got the fence hot between 7 and 8, the heifers had to stop their sneaky ways. It is kind of funny that Ty was the colt getting out. He is probably the most mild mannered of the colts, so you wouldn’t expect him to be the fence crawler. But he is the biggest and most physically mature, most people think he is a 2 year old not a yearling!

Sunday we went out and checked the cows first thing. We had a couple of new calves BOTH were Anna’s and both were Angus bulls. Then we got Lura in to get her worked before going out to Gunner. There seemed to be some miscommunication between Toni and I because after we got her worked, and Toni was backing up the trailer, gates had been left open and Lura escaped. Luckily that group wants to go out with Gunner so they ran down to our little catch-pen at the desert gates, we sorted her off and got her moved into Gunner’s pen. Abs and Whiskey got moved in with Dude. We moved Whinny and Whammy out of the heavy pen and into the pasture. Toni, Kaine, Kade and I got some poles from down at the corral and fixed some weak poles around mom and dads house, mom paid us in homemade apple pie fresh out of the oven. You can’t beat that!

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