Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’

Monday, still tired from Cattlemen’s. I found out I left my necklace there… Toni checked cows Monday morning, no new calves, no foals. So really nothing interesting to report. Ben and Kicker brought the Case down and dug some more holes for Toni and the kids to continue working on the corral. Toni and the kids put up some more poles and we are officially out of poles. I told Octavio at Cattlemens that we needed more poles and he is supposed to find some. He told me to be patient. Let’s face it, Toni is not patient, she wants to keep working on this project, so she is going to find poles, even if we have to drive to Antarctica to get them. Hopefully someone local at 3-4 inch diameter 12 foot poles for sale- so if you know of any, PLEASE let us know. Toni found some longer ones on Craigslist, and don’t worry, she is inquiring about them too. 0053B calved, she had a big dumb bull calf that cannot figure out how to nurse, but he is cute. None of us have seen Coco since Cattlemens, we have heard she is sick at Natasha’s house.

We are on no foals Tuesday. Our NRCS rangeland specialist was out on Tuesday, and Toni took her for a tour of our rangeland. Toni had a law emergency late in the day, so the kids were on their own doing chores, and they also got out of fencing. Toni had gone down earlier in the day to work on the fence and the Case would not start. So Ben and Kicker went down later and fixed it. The calf born Sunday is not nursing, he is big and dumb, so Ben and Kicker got him and his mom in so we can feed him on a bottle, they are not impressed.

Wednesday Sally had a cute bull calf and one of the Hereford heifers calved. Toni worked double time on the fence since they had not worked on it the night before, so I changed my clothes when I got done and went down and helped. We got a lot of the old rail road ties pulled out, two were reusable, and don’t worry, we will reuse them much to Ben and Kicker’s chagrin. Anna was sick, so she got out of building fence and feeding her bottle calf, Byorn.

Thursday was a nice and sunny day, it is definitely feeling like spring. The FFA was cooking breakfast, so dad took Anna and her friend Kassi in. They both say it was great. Toni had a call at 5, so the kids did chores. Then when Toni got there we went down and worked on the fence. The hot fence along the two year old colts pen was also mostly down, so we fixed that as well. We have been pondering how to fix that fence so it is tougher, but we don’t want to use poles because the irrigation circle hits it. We have some irons in the fire on how we want to get that middle pen fixed up. Toni is leaning towards the whole stallion station concept. I think it would be cool to put in some tougher fence and give ourselves some more options on pens. Right now we have quite a few pens, but they are big and mostly electric or barbed wire, which really doesn’t work in the long term for stallions and stallion prospects.

Friday Toni and Ben pulled cidrs on the cows bright and early. I took Anna into the high school to catch the bus headed to her FFA competition in Finley, and they got first place, yeah. Then Anna and her friends Kassi and Grace when to Moses Lake to a FFA team building and Kassi and Anna spent the night with Grace. Kade had a math team competition Friday night, so Toni, Kaine and Jaxsen hurried and did chores and then Toni left to go to that, and she got really dressed up and felt like she should be featured on “what not to wear.” Kade did really good at his competition. Jaxsen went home with me so he could catch a ride home with his dad. Him and Kaine played and I made them pizza.

Saturday Kaine, Ben and I got up early to give the cows shots for AIing and to put their heat tape on them. Then we got the New Valley in and sorted them again to put out with bulls. The Angus that are not heavy and the couple that had calved went down to circle 2 with 811 and 848. The heifers that we are breeding went into the New Valley with the cows that have not calved yet and 846 and M815. The Herefords went out into circle 4, with B6018, who does not have a name and Toni wants to call him French Toast since we have had Waffles and Pancake as Hereford bulls. However, Leslie does not like our names. LOL Then Kaine and I went to Connell and got B6018 from Leslie. Ben went and met Grace at the fire station and got Anna. I got home and picked up Anna and we all went down to mom and dads, Toni and Kade had finished chores, but we put some gates up and cussed the Case for still not starting. We think the men have hexed it so that we can’t use it.

Sunday we were up early again to sort the cows in to bull groups for AIing. Since most of us don’t agree on a bull, we breed to lots of different bulls. After we got the cows in Anna, Kaine and Kade rode the rest of the morning while we sorted cows. Then after lunch Mark got there and we AIed cows until around 3. Then Toni, the kids and I rode our horses moving the cows, and Kicker and Jaxsen rode the 4 wheeler and Ben helped Mark pick everything up. After that we went to do chores. I have wanted to start breeding mares since we are breeding cows. Jackpot was in agreement that he should have a mare or two. Toni went over to the gate and yelled for Cupcake who came running up with Freida, so those two mares got put in with Jackpot. It was really good for him, because the first thing Cupcake did was kick the crap out of him and teach him some manners!

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