Monday was cold, cold, cold.

Monday was cold, cold, cold. So of course chores took forever, breaking water, making sure everything had water, etc. Ben and Kicker were out late getting everything settled in, we have a couple of cows that are going to calve any day. Mike came out and started on our central air, Toby came down and locked the dogs in the living room for me, thanks Toby. Toni checked cows and stopped and talked to Mike for a while. Toni had a bunch of stuff that needed filed by Monday, so Anna, Kade and Jaxsen did chores. Kaine had a basketball game in Connell, dad went and watched him. Still no sign of the clothes bag or belt buckled. I posted it on Facebook and it was shared by all my friends, thanks everyone. Hopefully the belt buckle turns up. It started snowing Monday night.

Tuesday we had some snow, not like there was in Pasco. Ben got up early to go and check the calving cows since it was so cold, of course Jaxsen’s cow Cutie Pie calved in the cold, Jaxsen named his calf Spark. Ben gave him some colostrum, the calf was up and doing good when he left. Ben got the water broke and show animals fed. Kids had a two hour delay. When Toni checked 713T had calved, she gave her some straw and 604 was acting like she was going to calve. 604 had calved when Ben and Kicker went out to check later and 634 calved Tuesday night. Kaine had another basketball game on Tuesday, the boys played the best they have ever played. Mrs Booker got her boys subway on the way, she brings a handful of boys whose parents are all at work, and Kaine got a pizza pocket before. I think we decided they all needed a small meal before the game. Chores were a delight in the cold I hear.

No new calves on Wednesday, and it was COLD COLD COLD. We are getting central air put into our house, so Toni stopped and talked to Mike and Mike’s son on her way back by from checking. No basketball practice on Wednesday, so all of the kids got to help with chores. Toni said that chores were a lot of fun with the snow pelting he in the eyes. Anna huddles against Toni’s back as they drive the Polaris around to do chores, some of which are north bound, with wind and snow coming from the north. Not fun. Kaine and Kade both had goggles and thought the snow was a lot of fun. They wanted to hang off the bank of the 4 wheeler trailer and slide on the snow. Toni and Anna were not as impressed. Ben and Kicker were in a little earlier than the night before, so the water must have been working with them on Wednesday. While I was loading the dish washer Wednesday night, I got a fork shoved up under my thumb nail.

Thursday I have a lot of pain in my thumb. So I text my nurse cousins to ask them if it looked normal for a fork injury, and as long as I am up to date on my vaccinations I am good and just need to watch for infection. It was slightly warmer on Thursday, so that was an improvement. It was Toni’ day to go and stay with grandma, so she got everyone Chinese for lunch, so Jay would not criticize her cooking. Then it turned out that Jay was home sick, but the Chinese was still good. Kaine was supposed to have basketball practice Thursday after school, but it started snowing to practice was canceled. The boys went sledding after chores until it was too dark to see. Allegedly they “dumped” Jaxsen out of the sled. They say that they tripped and he fell out. No harm done other than a grudge match between the two older boys and the little boy.

Friday mom went over to sit with grandma, she took lasagna over. And yes it is sitting. Grandma thinks she is fine and doesn’t know why everyone is making such a fuss. Yeah, a fractured pelvis is nothing to fuss over! Toni checked the cows, no new calves. We had more snow on Thursday night and Friday. Toni and the kids did chores, the boys went sledding. Russy calved on Friday and decided she does not want a Hereford calf, she wants an Angus calf. So now Anna has a bottle calf again. Russy is not on the favorite list anymore. Friday I received a list of “to do” items from Toni that needed to be done over the weekend. But then I found out that Toni and the kids did most of them. The yearling colts had gotten some of their fence down, so they fixed it. Jackpot has been hitting his panels and needed one replaced, so they started on that. King has a bit of a limp, that was checked, and nothing to do there. So we just need to finish replacing the panel and check the mares over the weekend, and everything else that will need to get done.

Saturday We tagged the calves that were born during the week and went down and checked the cows and calves in the other corn field. Ben worked on his room and Anna and I got the heifers in off of the hill and got their calves tagged and the calved heifers turned out. Angus cow 926 calved, finally had a bull calf.

Sunday the sun was out and the snow was melting. We got the bulls in and got yearling weights and poured on them. Then we got all of the steers in and did the same. Ben, Anna, Kaine and I fed the cows and heifers, so when Kicker came down they could get all of the hay loaded, and then put out grass bales down at mom and dads. The boys were disappointed they could not sled, but most of the snow is now gone. The rest of us are happy about the lack of snow. Also, Kaine rode Pocket around and he is going to claim her as his next horse.

And last but not least, Whim is doing great over with Josh. He is planning on riding him on Thursday.


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