If there are ice cream trucks in the summer then why aren’t there Starbucks trucks in the winter?

Monday the kids struggled back at school. Toni checked cows and then went over to Connell and sat with Grandma, Toni was told her cooking was not up to par. But since noone’s cooking compares to Grandma’s, it isn’t really an insult. We just all realize that she is the best cook around. Kaine had basketball practice afterschool so Toni stayed long enough to pick him up. Kade and Jaxsen did most of chores, yes, Jaxsen did complain a lot about them. Toni got there for her, Kade and Kaine to finish up in the back. Ben came down and got Anna and she went and helped him feed hay. Kicker is gone to meetings, so the team is missing a teammate. We all work together to get the chores done, but if one person is gone, it takes so strategy to get everything done. No new calves on Monday. Also, Sunday when we came home from Moses Lake Jewels had somehow hurt her back leg and could not really move. She was doing a little better by Monday, she can get up with help and then hobble around.

Tuesday was mom’s day to go to Connell, so dad took her over. The kids were still not adjusting well to going back to school, maybe a touch of sickness also going around. Kade stayed home sick. Toni checked cows, again no new calves in the morning, but there were two when Ben got home from work. An Angus calf out of 303 and an Angus/Hereford calf out of a Hereford heifer. Kaine had a basketball game Tuesday after school, so dad went and picked mom up from Connell and then they went and watched him and brought him home. Mom said grandma is doing pretty good, but is still in pain. Dad said he was the #1 rebounder, great job Kaine. Also, the twins and Marlo went and watched him play, so he was really excited. Toni went down and helped Ben feed the cows since Kicker is gone. Toni and the kids rushed chores for the horses to get over to help Ben. Anna, Kade and Jaxsen fed the bottle calf, Lewis (his twin brother is Clark), and fed Loud (Jaxsen’s cow that is in the barn because she had a mummified calf a few weeks ago and she is getting antibiotics so she does not get septic. Also, she wanted a calf so Cole is on her). Update on Jewels, she is able to get up on her own and is still hobbling around.

Wednesday was cousin Kendel’s day with Grandma. Kaine did not have basketball, so he was home to help with chores. Have I ever said that I think the kids play sports to get out of doing chores? Dad and Toni took Whim to Ami’s house, so he could make a trip to Josh’s on Thursday to start his training. He is ready to move onto the next step of his life. Whim loves attention and people, so was easy to catch, loaded great, was a bit skeptical at Ami’s but didn’t do anything bad. Toni and Dad got to take a look at a couple of Ami’s high powered import horses. It is always really fun to see horses that are both outside the comfort zone and the price range to ever own. Toni and Dad made it home and Toni helped with back chores.

Thursday Jax stayed home sick. There was a mention from Jax that it wasn’t “fair” that the other kids got to stay home sick and he had not, but he really was sick, how sick is the question. Dad and Doug Buss went to the farm fair. They saw the twins, Marlo and grandma Morter at Cousins. Then, dad and mom went to Kaine’s basketball game and brought him home. On the way home Kaine realized he had forgotten his clothes bag at school, which had his belt buckle in it. Kade and Anna help Toni with chores and then they went and helped Ben feed cows. Kicker got home from his business trip Thursday night.

I did not work Friday, so I got to check cows. No new calves. Toni had an early morning meeting, so she was gone to that. She said the trip to Ritzville in the snowy blizzard was not ideal, but she made it there and back. After checking everything I started cleaning the office, we had to move everything around because we are getting central air and the furnace is going in there. So I spent all day cleaning and moving furniture. Toni was excited because she got some new camera batteries and shoes that I had found in the office. Toni is into free stuff. Mostly because she is cheap. Kaine checked around all over the school and his clothes bag was missing. We turned Shiner and Jojo out, halter breaking is officially done, except Runner who is not weaned.

Saturday we got the cows in and sorted off most of the pairs and moved them to a different corn field. We left three of the smaller calves because I did not want to trail them that far, yes, I left them, big drama. LOL. Sorting went well and the cows moved pretty good, all of the horses did great, that was the first time Friday and been ridden out in cornstalks, and sometimes horses don’t like stalks. Friday also has a new thing when she doesn’t want to do something, she shakes her head no. It is really funny. Kaine didn’t want to ride Riley, so he drove the pick-up. Toni has to get a new horse in for him. The good news is that when you have as many horses as we have, if you don’t like the one you are riding, you just go pick a new one. Toni is leaning towards Pocket for him. Toni went home and worked in the afternoon and the kids and I continued to work on the office.

Sunday Toni, Kicker and the boys went to town to get some parts Kicker needed. Ben and Jay hauled hay, we were almost out, and Kaine, Anna and I finished the office. Whitney came over and got some stuff, a desk and some stuff for Kasen, Natalie and Savannah. Ben and Kicker hauled grass hay down to the horses at the house in the afternoon and we did chores. Another week in the books. Luckily so far the weather has been pretty decent. Lets just hope it stays that way!

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