“When I hear somebody sigh, “Life is hard”, I am always tempted to ask, “Compared to what?”” – Sydney Harris

Monday, the start of another busy week. Toni told me on Monday that she is so busy she won’t be able to sleep Monday night. She had Mrs Haws and her son out to look at foals for her sister, they were facetiming. The sister called Toni a “girl” which Toni felt was an awesome compliment and proceeded to tell everyone all day that someone thought she was a girl. I guess when you get her age, if anyone thinks you are young, it is exciting. Kids had school and then Kaine and Kade had football practice. They caught some praying mantises for Kaine to take to school on Tuesday. We have 3 foals to halter break that have hernias, so Dr King will be out to fix them in a few weeks. Anna came out to help us, she claimed Posey right off, since Posey is the youngest and smallest. Tank is also in, because HE got a gnat to the eye and we are putting cream in it. Boys had fun at practice and are ready for their game on Tuesday.


Toni said she did manage to get a few hours of sleep Monday, which is better than none I guess. Mom had an apt with the orthopedic surgeon on her wrist. She had to have surgery on Wednesday. The boys had a football game Tuesday night, Toni was there to get them when they got off of the bus. So they did chores and then Toni took them all home. Anna and Kaine then mixed up grain to take into the show and started chores, since Ben and Kicker were both still at work. Ben and Kicker got home and Kaine came in to get ready for the game, Anna continued to help with chores. Toni, Kaine, Kade, Jaxsen and I went in for warm up. They were the third game of the night, so they did not end up starting until around 8:30. Kicker made it in after chores before the game started. The kids played a really good game. Both Kaine and Kade had a lot of good tackles and broke through the line.

Wednesday was weigh in day for Connell after school. Toni said her and the kids had it handled so I did not head home to help. Coco went with them to help, but that really meant that she was in charge of Sonny. Mom had surgery on her wrist at 6 AM, I guess they did not get the memo that she is not a morning person. The surgery went well, weigh in went well, so I guess Wednesday was a success. EXCEPT the fact that the horses got out in the buckwheat field, just on the edge, not actually in the buckwheat, and Ben, Kicker and I spent a few hours fixing fence. Yes, I called in reinforcements.


Thursday was our board meeting, so I had to go to work. So Toni was in charge of the kids again. The kids did great, Kade won his class, Kaine got second in his class and Anna got third in hers. Bella Holt was also showing a steer she got from us, and he showed very well too. Thursday was a long day because Anna is now referred to as Little “M”, meaning Little McCall. She wanted everyone there extra early due to the washrack size and whatever other reasons she came up with. Toni is really into letting the kids make their own decisions, except if that decision is really dumb, so she let them get to the fairgrounds earlier than necessary. But it allowed there to be plenty of time to get ready for the show. After the showing was over, the kids went up to watch the pigs show. A wasp had gotten into Kade’s soda, so when he want to take a drink, it stung him in the tongue. His tongue proceeded to swell up, but luckily with ice and Benadryl, the swelling and pain was kept under control. Once the showing was over, there were bouncy houses in at the Connell Fair, so the kids and Toni were late getting home. The fence was still up and hot.


Friday was fitting and showing, I FINALLY got to go. The kids did AWESOME. Kade was Grand Champion Junior, Anna was Reserve Champion Intermediate and Kaine was Reserve Champion Junior. Bella and her steer from us also made in into the championship round.


PeeWees got to show too, so Jaxsen showed Kaine’s steer, Chevy and Julian showed Kade’s steer, Silver, Savannah showed Silver and Kaxsen showed Ady’s steer, Little Black. The kids all had a great time. Sonny was being very honest with the Judge and when asked what he liked about showing, he responded, “The money.” Well, we can’t fault him for that, everyone knows by now that he does not love the show ring.


The kids ran around and Kade got ready for the Round Robin. Kaine and Kade’s good friend Kutter won in the hog division, making it really fun for both of them. Neither boy won Round Robin, but both showed really well and had a great time. The girl that won is an excellent showperson and did fantastic.

Saturday was a busy, fun filled day. We started in the morning with Livestock judging. Toni was a group leader, which thrilled her to no end, and she got a group of adults together for some competition. Coco beat her this year, but Toni still beat the kids. Then Leslie and took some of the kids down to the parade, whoever wanted to go. Kaine and Kade stayed at the camper and practiced football and Anna and Bella stayed to do homework. Martha made us posoto for lunch, it was really good. Then we had the livestock auction. Thanks to everyone that supported the fair, especially thanks to our buyers. Dale Bayley bought Anna and Kade’s steers and Ed Poe Insurance in Connell bought Kaine’s. CBJLS had fantastic support this year, probably better for the steers than they have had in a long time. With Benton Franklin being so soft, this really made the difference for many of the steer kids. After the successful auction, we hung out, had dinner and went to the awards ceremony and dance that night. On a side note, we were supposed to have brisket for dinner, made by Chef Jay, but somehow the dogs got the refrigerator open and ate the brisket during the night. We had to settle for tri-tip. Life is just really hard sometimes. After dinner, there was live music and everyone had a lot of fun. The kids were really tired (and maybe the adults too) so we went home about 10.


Sunday morning we got back up to go in and clean up at the fair. Once we got home, we needed to clean-up the camper as that was our last fair for the year. The kids had homework to do after that, which may or may not have gotten done. We had a mare come out to breed to Sagebug. We sold our last two fat steers and they left Sunday. But, Colton that bought a steer from us did not make weight, so if you are looking for a steer he has one for sale. Then, Ben, Kicker, Anna, Kaine and Kade tied up the steers we have in for next year. Our next jackpot is in October and we need to get them halter broke if we are going to go. Toni felt that the kids should take a break Sunday, but those little workers wanted to get their steers ready. Toni, Jaxsen and I moved the two mares and foals that were with Dude back down to the house and started halter breaking Stick, he did really good. The kids said the steers did really good too. Life continues to move at a fast pace, and it never ceases to amaze us how responsible and hardworking these kids are.


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