There is no time, No time to spare, These are the moments, In which we share

Addy is up visiting from CA, so the kids are having a great time hanging out with her. Monday Coco took the kids over to Connell to work on the Hereford heifers. Kade was feeling ill Monday, and Jaxsen does not have a Hereford heifer, so they both stayed with mom. Dad is busy helping the Roach/Moore clan with wheat harvest, so he has been absent from home. After Anna, Kaine and Addy were done working on heifers Coco took them back to my house to load tack for the upcoming show weekends. When I got home Kade was feeling better, so I took him and Jaxsen home with me so Kade could help the other kids, and Jaxsen hung out in the house. Mom made homemade cinnamon rolls on Monday, and they were really good. Toni had meetings all day so none of us saw her. Kaine, Kade and Addy took the ranger down Monday night and helped Ben and Kicker pick up the left over bales from the field.

Tuesday Toni took Jackpot up to Pomeroy for Tim Johnson to check out and see if he will show him. She noticed a bad tire on the way so the trip took longer than anticipated, but thanks to the great people at the Grange, the tire got fixed quickly, and she was back on the road. Coco took Kaine, Kade and Addy to Connell to work on heifers. Anna had injured her arm some time over the weekend and it is gradually getting sorer. So, she stayed home to rest it on Tuesday and just catch the steers at our house and tie they up until the other kids got back. Toni was late picking up the boys from Connell. Coco and I did chores since Toni was running late. Anna, Kaine, Kade and Addy fed grain and let the cows in on Tuesday. Toni also brought 2 horses home, because that is what we do, and dropped them off to be kids’ horses.

On Wednesday Leslie, Traci and the little kids brought the show heifers and Carmen and Ady’s steers over to get them someplace new before the show this weekend. Anna, Kaine, Kade, Addy, Toni and Coco were also all there. We are referring to Wed as the “Hereford Clinic” since there were 8 Herefords that came for a visit. All of the cattle came off of the trailer great. Skittles’ shorthorn heifer acted like a shorthorn heifer and kept walking off without her. Toni ended up having to help with that one. Leslie and Traci were both weighed down with babies. Somehow Jax ended up evading showing his heifer at the clinic, but everyone else showed at least twice. Everyone had lots of fun playing with the miniatures and working on their animals. After everyone left Anna, Kaine and Kade took a small break and then washed their steers. I went and picked the 5th wheel camper up from Broadmoor, it was finally done. Coco and Toni did chores and then Toni took Colonel back down to his pen.

Thursday morning the kids washed their heifers and steers that are going to Sagebrush. Toni had some friends out with their granddaughter to see the horses and pick-up their mare. Then at 1 Toni took them in to help Leslie and Alan Alexander set up. Our 4H group normally helps them set up for the Sagebrush Classic. They were heavy on kids, low on adults, but it got done. Afterward Toni took our 4 and Addy to get milkshakes before bringing them home to pack up the trailer. After chores Addy, Anna and I finished up packing the trailer. Kaine and Kade were feeding the steers and heifers.


Friday was the showmanship clinic, so Toni took the kids and their steers, and Jaxsen’s heifer, in. Leslie took the heifers from Connell in. The kids all had a blast at the clinic and did an awesome job. The clinic started at 1 and each class was in for 30 min. There were approximately 40 kids that showed up for the clinic so it was a really good turnout. Mom and I were the only ones home Friday night, so I got to do all the chores and move all the water around.


Saturday we needed to be at the Sagebrush Classic at 8, so Kaine, Anna, Addy and I caught the steers and then Toni, Kade and Sonny got there and we headed in. The steers did really well. Kade’s steer won his class and went back into the championship round, Anna’s steer was second in his class and was on standby to go back, and Kaine’s steer acted great. Ben did chores for us so we did not have to get done and hurry back.


Sunday was the heifer show, so we got up extra early and loaded the heifers and went in by 5 am so we could get washing done. Foxy Cleopatra had never been anywhere, so it was her first show. The heifers from Leslie’s had not been anywhere either. But, all of the heifers acted great. In showmanship, for Jrs, Kade won his class and got to go back to the championship round, Kaine and Jaxsen both showed great but did not get to go back. Anna is an intermediate, and she was the Grand Champion Intermediate Showman.
The heifer classes were in the afternoon. The clubby heifer was in the first class, Kaine was showing her and got to go back to the championship round. Kade and Kaine’s Hereford heifers did great but did not get go back. Anna’s Hereford heifer won her class and got to go back, and Jaxsen and Black Widow just did a great job (although Jax almost didn’t get to show the second time as he was MIA). The clubby heifer is also a Charolais influence heifer so she got to show in that class, she had a long day for her first time out and let everyone know by refusing to set-up perfect and wallering around. Kaine handled her like a pro.


The Kniveton and Swayze’s stayed and helped us clean out the barn, thank you. Then we packed up and headed home. A big group helped Leslie and Alan take everything down so that they weren’t left to do it all. We had a great time and it was a great show. That was Zsa Zsa’s last show, so she went directly out into the pasture. Foxy was happy to be home with her mom. And Black Widow wished that she got to go out with Zsa Zsa and be done, but she has one more show. Toni and I let the kids rest and did chores on our own. We were all so exhausted that we got our work done and headed home for an early night.

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