We are supposed to see a 100 degree day this week, so I guess summer has officially began

Monday, the first week of June, May just slipped through the cracks. It’s the first week of June and we still have 6 mares to foal. School is almost over, it is time to work hard on the show heifers and steers. Coco was back on Monday, so we had lots of chore people, so Toni worked on her poles while Coco and I did chores, when we got back she had Kaine and Sonny helping her. When I got in I asked where Anna and Kade were, Anna was working on homework and Kade was watching the news with mom. I suspect all the boys will be watching the news on Tuesday. The big news on Monday was that Felix went to his new home. We are going to miss that guy, but it is time for him to be a horse and not a pasture pet.

Tuesday morning Ben took the camper in to Broadmoor, it has some minor repairs that were covered under the warranty. I had an appointment with a neurologist that morning to see if he could figure out why I cannot smell. All the tests came back normal, so I guess that is good??? Ben went and got the kids after school and they went up and washed their steers and got in their heifers for Prineville. Toni and I did chores and then worked on the corral fence, we got three sections up were the rail road ties were still good. Half the battle on rebuilding this corral is having to pull down all the old stuff. It takes twice as long because all the old stuff has to be taken down and hauled out, then we can bring in the new stuff. The good news is that when Chad was out trimming horses, he asked Toni why we don’t have a post hole digger that attaches to the back of a tractor. Why are we digging all of these holes by hand? Toni said because they are too expensive. Chad said, no they aren’t. So Toni decided to look into it and low and behold, they aren’t that expensive! RDO in Othello has a great manager that now has ordered us a post hole digger. This should make digging post holes about 100% easier. Let’s hope anyway.

Wednesday Toni had a lot of calls on her big bankruptcy. Juan and dad showed up to look at horses but she had to kick them out. I teased the kids that they were washing their steers so much so they would not have to help with the fence. And they went and worked on their steers anyway. We had an outside mare come to breed to Bishop, a cute palomino mare by Jumpin Jack Whiz. She is not too sure she wants to stay out with him though and we had to go and put her back in twice Wednesday night, we are started calling her Mino since we didn’t know her name. And part of the time we were dealing with her was in a rain storm. It is a good thing we like her! Of course the fence was down after she got out as well, but that is to be expected. One of our three summer cows also calved, Sweet Apple had a cute Hereford calf.

Thursday dad took two bulls and two cows to Toppenish. Toni went down to check on the palomino mare to see if she was still in, she was. But, she got out later so Toni took her to the house and we put her in the corral there until Friday. Coco was there to help with chores on Thursday, so Coco and I did chores and Toni got more poles ready to put up some more sections of fence.

I do not know what happened Thursday night, but we had some mixing going on Friday morning. The show heifers and riding horses were out with the big group of cows. Eric the Hereford bull was also out with the big group of cows, and some panels were knocked down in the corral in circle #5, there was nothing in the corral but cows were in the pasture around the corral. So I spent most of Friday fixing fence. I took a two hour break for mom and I to run into Connell and get our hair done. Kade was a student of the month so Toni went to the assembly and brought all the kids home and took them to get milk shakes. Then she brought them down to work on their heifers and steers. Toni and I went to take Mino back with Bishop. Pepper was in heat so we hand bred her to Double. Pepper had gotten an injury in her shoulder when we put her out with Gunner (this seems to be the year for injuries) so we had to bring her back in to care for her. Toni wasn’t too happy about breeding Pepper to Double, but I had already said I wanted to breed her to Double to try to get a replacement for Double. The guy is 23 years old, he isn’t going to live forever, even if we are in denial about it. So now Pepper, Pistol, and Shady are all bred to Double for potential replacement stallions. So, they are all having fillies next year.

Saturday was mom’s birthday, happy birthday mom. The kids and I caught all the heifers and steers and the kids washed them. Toni got a bunch of work done. People came out to look at horses, so they got the tour. Then we went down and worked on the fence at the corral for a while, we had Coco on Saturday to help. Luckily for Coco and I Toni ran out of lag bolts so we got to stop at 6:45. Then we went and celebrated mom’s birthday at Toni’s house.

We hauled Mino back to the house Sunday, Toni is going to take her in to see Dr. Sorenson and see where she is at in her heat cycle. We also brought Cole up front so Toni could take him to get him ready to go to CA in a week. Pecos gets to move to CA as well, so he got put in the corral to go the vet Monday too. It will be a full trailer headed to the vet on Monday. 3 heifers, 2 colts, and 2 mares. The kids worked on their heifers and steers, they are getting the steers ready to go to NW Farm Supply show on June 15th and then we are headed to Prineville with 3 of the heifers on June 20th. Toni got some lag bolts from Ben so we finished the sections we could that had good posts. We also moved Whim back down to the corral so he had more room. Jeanne showed up with their 3 ponies, one may be a mini, so we got them all worked and loaded and hauled them over to a friend’s house. He had requested “ponies” to eat down his grass, so the joke was on him when we literally unloaded a passel of ponies. The kids aren’t too happy that their mini herd is all of 10 miles away, but it is nice to take Dreamer somewhere else for a few weeks. A mini stud is still a stud.

We are supposed to see a 100 degree day this week, so I guess summer has officially began in the Columbia Basin. Business as usual here at the ranch. We are getting lots of visitors, so if you have your eye on a particular foal, let us know when you want to come out and take a look.

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