One of the joys of ranching is that between fence building and fence maintenance, the work is never done!

Monday Lona finally foaled, but, it was big drama, mom wanted to go out and see her colt, Lona does not feel like that is acceptable so she took the colt and ran off. Dad kept texting Toni to come down because Lona hadn’t cleaned and he was sure the colt hadn’t nursed. Toni finally went down and gave the colt colostrum and tried to deal with it. The kids needed to wash their heifers and steers again, they still had adhesive in their hair. I feel like Toni feels like our work is behind since we were gone for 5 days. I was so exhausted Monday, I told her I could not pound fence posts, so she took the boys,  and Anna and I went to my house to do the horse doctoring and steer and heifer feeding on our own, so it was not any faster, it was still 8 by the time we got in. Toni does not accept I am tired, just FYI if you ever want to use that excuse on her.

Tuesday morning dad texts that he cannot find Lona, so on my way to work I had to pop through the fence and looks in the forest of little trees on top of the hill. Sure enough, she was so deep in there I could not even see her without going in, but the colt whinnied so I went in.  She was not happy to be found and took off. Lona likes to foal out in the pasture where we cannot catch her, she is not happy about being locked in. Mom wanted Toni to come down and check Lona again, on her way Toni came across a dead momma raccoon with live babies laying with her. So her, Kade and Jaxsen called Kendel for a live animal trap and they caught them. The neighbor saw them catching them and went down, she had been trying to catch them and she wanted them, so she took them to raise up. Toni was happy they found a home, the boys were not, Whitney was not happy either. Toni had court at 11. Mom kept an eye on Lona and kept us updated that Lona had not cleaned (she actually did clean on Monday but then Tuesday she has more placenta).  I feel like mom is annoyed she had a colt again. Toni did not take being tired as an excuse anymore, we went down and put T Posts in after chores in Gunner’s new pen. And she had the kids go out and chop thistles in the heat, mom said it was just like grandpa, chopping thistles on the hottest day.

Wednesday morning our summer mineral came.  Kendel took her two kids and the three boys swimming down in Scootney on Wednesday, they said the water was still really cold, even though the temp was hot. Toni then took all four kids out to chop thistles about 4. I hear that Jaxsen is not a fast thistle chopper. He may not be dedicated to the cause.  At chore time we put a sheet on the POA that is in getting bred to King, they were worried about her sun burning with the heat. After chores the kids went and fed all of their animals and Toni and I put more posts in Gunners new pen.  We are trying to do two sections per night so we can get the pen done and Gunner’s pasture moved over the weekend. I think we are being very generous to not make the kids come pound posts in.

Thursday was  another hot one. Lona still hasn’t cleaned after some oxytocin, so Toni ran Lona and Fly Guy into Sagehill Vet to get the retained placenta removed. We got the mare Elsie back to breed to Leroy because she didn’t’ take the first time around. We are hoping that this time the job gets done. The two bottle calves form Montana think it is too hot out. I dropped a T Post on my foot, but don’t worry, Toni does not think that is an excuse to get out of chores. Poison Ivy was butchered on Thursday, so we will have more beef soon. Let us know if you need any. The POA left, hopefully King got it done, he bred her enough times. Toni and the kids chopped more thistles (that is a never ending job). There are rumors that the boys were looking at turtles and frogs and not chopping thistles while Toni and Anna did the majority of the work.

Friday was hot. Toni and Kendel took the kids down to the lake in the afternoon, they brought Leroy back and put him in with Elsie to breed. If Leroy knows people are at the lake, he comes down to join the party, so that makes him really easy to catch. Anna led him home off the back of the pick-up. He is “her” stud, so the boys didn’t get the opportunity to even try to lead him. He was not happy about being locked in. Toni and the kids went and got Lona from Sagehill vet, Toni got instructions on how to continue with her care and came how with Fly Guy. More thistles got chopped, but the reality is that we can’t even tell! By the time we got done with chores and moving everyone around on Friday it was 7:30, so we got out of pounding posts for a night.

Saturday the 4 kids and I went to Grandma’s house to take Jolene and Nicks’ family pictures. The kids were great help getting Kasen and Reece to look at the camera and smile.  I think the pictures turned out good.

Toni, Ben and Kicker built fence while we were gone. Toni is still going down to doctor Lona twice per day, so she did that first, then went and got tposts. And on her way to put fence in, locked Jackpot’s pen in the alley and opened up the corral so we could move some of those mares too. After getting the pictures done, I needed to get home so I could help with the fence. The three boys stayed over for Kasen’s party. Anna went to Kendel’s house to babysit, they went to get some bees. They got back and then Anna came down and helped finish the fence. She went back up at 4 to babysit so they could go out for their anniversary. Toni, Ben, Kicker and I got the fence done. Toni, Anna, and I also did some work on the fence at the lake, which is our next project. It took a long time, but hopefully we have built a good fence that will last. With so many circle gates, it does take a long time. Toni and I went and got Jackpot’s pen in and sorted the four dry mares off and Mud, who has an older colt. Then  Toni and I went out and caught Gunner and let him in with the mares following. Dad went over to Connell and got the boys and brought them home so they could help with chores.

On Sunday Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen went to Moses Lake to Travis and Stephanie, Kicker’s brother’s house. They went boating and had lunch. Anna and Kaine caught the steers and cleaned out the camper from Filer, I did laundry. Then Ben and Kaine went down and cut down Russian Olive trees in Gunner’s new pen. Anna washed her steer and heifer that are going to New Plymouth, Foxy and Freddy. The Meachams got back and then we went down and did chores.  Mom had made apricot pie, which is really awesome for those that love apricots. She made enough that we took some home for the men and didn’t hog it all like we normally do.

One fencing project done, now we can swap out the one we were working on, and get back to either the lake fence or the continuous fence.  Either way, both have to be done. One of the joys of ranching is that between fence building and fence maintenance, the work is never done!

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