The kids are officially done with school so bring on summer vacation! For us that means cattle shows, cattle shows, and more cattle shows. If there are any.

Monday the weather was looking much better. Anna texted first thing that 848 got in with the show heifers, her and Kaine got him in and put him back in his pen. Dad and mom went to town and brought lunch home for Toni and the kids. The Oregon Junior Livestock Expo, Les Bois Show and the Stateline Showcase  placings were announced Monday night. The kids did good, Foxy won her classes and the steers all placed well, winning their classes in some or at least being in the top half. Toni and the three older kids replaced a pole behind mom’s shed. We put in a T post to mark one of the spots where we are putting continuous fence. We Doctored BeeBee and Lizzie. The kids fed their steers and heifers and walked them and the bottle calves. Then we called it a day.

Tuesday Blackie foaled, but it was not black this year. Toni says I had jinxed it and said, you know Blackie is going to have a red colt this year, and she did, so Toni blames me.  But he is so cute and pretty, so no one really cares that he is red.  King’s pen got the gate open and was grazing in the hay stack area, Anna and Kaine put them back when they went down to look at the not black foal. BeeBee’s leg wrap had come off during the night, so Anna fixed that as best she could as well. We hurried and did chores Tuesday night so we could hurry to my house since we needed to redo BeeBee’s leg.

Wednesday dad took Anna into Connell to get her year book and anything she had left at the school. Kaine had a Zoom meeting to talk about going into 7th grade at the Jr High. We also had a call that night that included parents to talk about it, which we did not remember about until 7, so we missed it. He was not too thrilled with me at that point. Ben turned Anna’s bottle calves out into a bigger pen, so she is not thrilled with him. BeeBee’s bandage slid  down again, so Toni and Kaine rewrapped it, while Kade, Kicker and I cleaned up the heifer and steer pens and turned them loose. So, Toni was not thrilled with the bandage on BeeBee. However, mom made strawberry shortcake for us, with fresh strawberries from Lovejoys, so we were ALL thrilled with her.


Thursday was a bright sunny day. It was the kids last day of home school, because Toni had court on Friday, so she made them get it all done and she sent it in to the teachers Thursday late afternoon.  Thursday our good friend Allison Trimble Paparoa and her realty partner Blake Westhoff showed up for a fun visit on their way through to list some properties on Thursday. So Toni and the kids made them lunch and they had a good visit.  We used to see Allison frequently, but once kids started coming, we haven’t seen her in about 5 years.  We still have some partnership horses with her, including Payton.  Toni had a meeting at 7, so after she got the troughs full, she took off and was only 4 minutes late (yes, chores really do take until 7 if we are fast and 7:30-8 on regular nights).  Anna fed her bottle calves with  Kade and Kaine feeding the steers and heifers.

Friday Toni went to court and the kids went to mom and dads. Dad and the three older kids went into TLC to pick of half of a grass fed cow we had in there. If anyone wants to see what meat we have our website for meat at Toni brought home Subway for the home people, then ran up to change was we had a group coming from west side to look at horses. I had Costco delivered at work, so we all have groceries again. Janice and her crew showed up at 2:30 and Toni and Anna took them around. Janice had already bought Java, but due to Covid had never gotten a chance to see her. So they went around and had a good visit. Janice also decided she needed a yearling, so purchased Double Shot. He is still here until he can get gelded then will ship to the west side in July. We are excited to see Double Shot go to Janice as she has had multiple foals from us and really likes them. BeeBee needed a bandage change on Friday, so I took the three older kids home, Toni brought her grain and some hay, and we all did our chores at my house.  Due to the stress of the injury, Beebee came home from the vet a touch thin, so we got her a  a protein block  and she really likes it. She looks like she is starting to put weight back on.

Saturday I went and got Kade and the three older kids finished clipping and dyed their Angus and Black based animals. Kade, Toni, Kicker and Jaxsen had a small graduation social gathering for their niece to go too, so they left around 1:30, Anna and Kaine finished up the heifers. Luis, Maria and Aram showed up to borrow a bull, we got 922 in for them to use, and Aram named him Jeff, Just Jeff. Nic, Kade’s bull calf, was bloated on Saturday, so I caught Nic’s mom, Dark Night, an ex show heifer, and led her in. He kind of followed. He is a December, so he is old enough to not want to leave his friends. Ben finally had to come down and follow him. Anna, Kaine and I did chores, mom had made pumpkin pie so we ate that after. I also went out and got the appy outside mare and her owner came and got her. One of the outside mares with Leroy also went home. So we are starting to ship outside mares back to their owners. We got home and moved BeeBee and Ben cleaned the barn out with the tractor and put a big straw bale in, so everything has lots of straw now.

Sunday Anna and I went down and checked on Nic and he was bloated again, we got him in and hauled him to the house. We got stuck getting him in, the blazer does not have 4 wheel drive and it was too wet out. Ben was making bacon wrapped shrimp for mom’s birthday, so he had to stop and come down, so it pushed lunch back to 12:30. Everyone came down to our house for mom’s birthday lunch, we got her a new kichenaid mixer, per her request, and some clothes. Skip got her a JoAnns giftcard and some tools. We also had carrot cake, that mom made, chocolate came and cheese cake.

We had people coming at 2:00 too look at the colt they already bought, so Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen left around then.

Anna went out and washed her heifers. John showed up with Anna’s new miniature, Rain, she is a silver dapple pinto (or so they say). Anna and I took John around and showed him the foals. Then John went down and helped us with chores. There was a rain storm with about 5 seconds of  hail.  John wore one of Kaine’s hoodies, we should have taken a pic of that. And then mom gave us more pie so it was all ok. John left, we headed to my house to finish chores there. We are loving this extra rain that we are not supposed to get and makes our grass grow.

If anyone hears of someone going down to Riverside, CA, we have our 2 year old, Pow, that needs to go to Riverside and a gelding, Pecos, that needs to come up here. We are planning for that transition to occur around the first week of July. So if anyone hears of any rides, PLEASE let us know. Also, we have 2 mares with foals that need to come into the US from Rapid City, Manitoba somewhere around the end of July if anyone hears of anyone making that trip. Please help us get the word out.


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