“Where the leather is scarred, there is a great story to tell.” Jimmy Tart

Monday was a windy but sunny day. No new babies. Toni had court on the phone, mom and dad had to run to Pasco to the Dr. It seems like an almost normal day. The boys did chores, Anna and Toni were moving troughs around when I got there. Then we went down to my house and checked on D, we were going to hand breed her again but it looked like her and Leroy were doing ok now by themselves. So we gave everyone a handful of grain and went about our business. Our business was that Toni lost her binoculars over the weekend somewhere, so her and the kids walked the fence line looking for them, and Andee (Andee is Kaine’s dog) and I followed in the blazer.

Nothing new first thing on Tuesday when I went to work, but Pistol had foaled by the time Toni checked. A big buckskin colt that did not want to get up, and Toni had to help him. Then he started following a heifer and trying to nurse it, so Toni and the kids took him to the house. Dad and Mom headed to Evans, WA with three bulls to their new homes. That means someone had to take care of Sammy. They got there and two of the three bulls were the wrong bulls, I guess that is when Ben is working a lot of hours and loads them before he leaves, I should have checked them before I left. Besides that mom and dad made it there and back fine. We kind of felt like Tuesday was one of those days that just keeps you in check from feeling like you have things under control. Between the bulls and the foal, it was a frustrating day. On the positive side, the colt did get up, he did start to nurse, and he will be fine. About the bulls, mistakes happen, what matters is how you fix those mistakes.

So to fix the bull mistake, on Wednesday dad, Anna, Lynn and I went back up to Evans/Daisey area. We took the two bulls that were supposed to go, it was a great trip, we saw LOTS of turkeys, a few deer. Mom sent sandwiches, we stopped and ate them at a pullout along the road. We were home by around 2:18, so I stopped and got Jaxsen and Kaine and we went down and tagged the steers for the fair. Kade pulled a muscle in his chest, so he stayed home and rested. Jaxsen whined a little at first, but, he started helping after a bit and did a good job. I maybe had to raise my voice with him to let him know I was serious about him getting his act together and helping, but it worked. Kicker was with Kade, and Ben got home late, so Anna, Kaine and Jaxsen started chores at my house and Toni and I did the horse chores, it took us a long time without the kids. I think we forget how many chores we have until there is no help, then it is like, crap, this takes HOURS. We named Pistol’s colt Dual, and he is doing great. Still huge, but he absolutely has figured everything out.

Thursday was overcast and stormy. Thursday I spent the better part of a morning trying to get all of the paperwork uploaded to the fair website for the steers. Found out I need more pictures for CBJLS. Toni and mom took the kids on a field trip to go and look at the wind turbine blades that are around 5 miles away, the kids thought they were pretty cool. They also got Taco Bell in Othello, and believe it or not, after all of this stay at home business, that is a real treat too. After chores the three older kids and I went and got pics of the steers.

Ann and I checked Friday, Piper had a fancy dunalino filly by Leroy and Jesse the mini had a cute mini filly by Dreamer.

After checking I went and got Kade and the kids washed their 3 Spokane steers and 3 imported clubbies and we took new videos of them for the virtual show. Kade and Jaxsen both had zoom meetings on Friday for real school.

Toni had signed up for a bidder number for the Express sale but both Kicker and I put a real cap on her spending allocation, so she bought nothing. The kids were pretty disappointed. By Friday the three older kids needed a break from Jaxsen, or Jaxsen needed a break from them, the answer to that riddle depends on who you ask. Toni worked and Jaxsen did whatever Jaxsen does. Friday afternoon Chad came out to trim up Louie, and since he was here, Toni convinced him to trim up three others as well. Trimming for us could be a full time job, we just have a large herd.

Saturday Toni , the kids and I saddled up and we got circle 4 in and worked the cows and calves. Sagebug is right next door, so Ollie wanted to not get too close, Slick wanted to go and fight him, Friday and Pocket wanted him to breed them and Cad was indifferent, so it was an entertaining ride. Kicker got there part of the way through and helped Kaine bring the cows up. It was a very productive, long, day. We got done and went to doctor all of our injured stuff and do chores. We managed to finish before the storm hit Saturday evening.

Sunday we got circle 5 in and worked those cows, we got the mares in first since they are in that circle and we needed to move Izzy anyway. When we got done working the cows we worked the bulls, now everything has been worked. We had a couple come look through the yearlings and they worked the majority of the yearlings we have for sale.

We also added a couple of mares to the maternity ward (Double’s pen). Toni and I moved Izzy and took Sissy to the house, she is older and was waxed up, mom and Toni thought she should foal at the house. Of course now that we moved her she is going to hold that baby in.

Once we got done moving all of the cows back where they needed to go, we looked out and one of the Hereford cows had twins, so I went out and grabbed the heifer and brought her to the house. Now Anna has 5 bottle calves and she still won’t let anyone help her with them. They are hers and hers alone. Sunday we got a decent amount of rain for a very short period of time. Toni’s pickup chose that moment for the window to fail to close, so she got to haul cattle with rain pouring in the window. Then the rain stopped and it got warm again. As of Sunday, the maternity ward is full and the heavy mare pastures are getting sparse. We are really on the tail end of foaling, but still have some exciting ones left to foal.

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