“Despite the forecast, live like it’s Spring.”- Lilly Pulitzer

I love spring forward, except for losing the hour of sleep. But, I am so excited for it to be light when I get home for more then 30 minutes. Toni checked Monday morning, nothing new, no new foals, no new calves. But, Stina and Spicy did come and give her kisses, they are the two year old miniature horses. Anna started Tennis practice Monday, and rode the activity bus home, so she only had to help with the last half of chores. I saw on my way home that Mocha had foaled, so we hurried up with chores so we could go see it. She has a CUTE grulla filly by Sagebug, we debated on the name for the rest of the day. It was still up in the air Tuesday morning so I just picked one.

No foals or new calves Tuesday morning, but it was a nice and sunny day out. Toni, Kaine and Kade were working on fence, when I got home I made Jaxsen go down with me and help. Anna had tennis practice, and then I took her home to feed her calves. Toni and the boys had three posts planted when I left, they were doing a great job.

Wednesday Toni checked, nothing new. Ben and Kicker had dug some more post holes with the post hole digger, so before checking mares we buried some more posts. Toni, Kaine and Kade had most of them done before Anna, Jaxsen and I got down there, but we helped with the last 1.5 posts. Ben and Kicker went down and dug a few more holes for us after. We still need poles if anyone knows of any poles. Then we went out and checked the mares. Still no foals. But it is fun to drive around, looking for the mares and enjoying nature. We always see birds, sometimes see other wildlife.

Thursday it was a bit chilly when we got up, but we FINALLY had another foal. Ellie had a cute colt by Gunner. Toni had a hard time finding her. Ellie had the colt in the corral next to the chute, so when Toni was looking she couldn’t see Ellie. Finally when she drove by going the other ways, she saw Ellie right next to the chute and a small shadow that ended up being the colt. Ellie is a first time mother. We raised Ellie, who is out of Double and a McBride Hereford Ranch broodmare we had many years ago. Ellie is doing fantastic with the colt, but we moved her over across the road into the old mare pen so she had less horses bothering her. We went out and checked the mares after we all got home and there were not any other new foals.

Friday Ben pulled the CIDRs out of the cows, Toni was supposed to go on Kade’s field trip to Pendleton, but it was canceled. So Toni went and checked. Anna was supposed to have an FFA competition after school, but it was also canceled. Kade’s state archery tournament scheduled for Saturday was canceled, but the competitors got to compete at their home school with their coaches sending in the results. Kade thought he did a good job. This is his first time competing at the state archery competition. Later in the day we heard that school was canceled for the next 6 weeks. So I guess the kids are going to get A LOT of fencing done. They might be hoping to go back to school by the time Toni is done with them.

We woke up Saturday to a spring storm, snow and cold. Saturday morning we gave the cows shots to prepare them for breeding Sunday. Then we went out and checked and one of the cows was starting to act like she was calving, we thought we had a little time so we finished checking, then set the gates to get her in. But, she had already calved, so we brought her and the calf to the barn and then put it in the saddle shed in front of the heater until it warmed up. Toni found a few poles and her, Kicker and the boys went and got them on Saturday. And a new microwave because their microwave decided to burn up. We needed to move the cows off of the corn field so the farmer could start discing, so we got the cows that were still out there in and moved cows around again. Then we went down and did chores and put up one section of fence. It was so cold and miserable that we could only put up one section, but that finished off the north side of that pen. Except for a gate that we need to have made.

It was still cold Sunday, in the morning Anna had to go in for an ultrasound due to some stomach pain. Everything looked good, so then we ran to Winco and got groceries. Poor Lola lost her foal on Sunday, it was very sad, but that happens sometimes. We got home and everything unpacked and then Mark showed up to breed cows. We only had 11 to breed this time. So when we got done Toni, the kids and I went down to continue on our fencing project while Ben and Kicker pulled fence out in the cornfield. We got 7 sections of fence up. We are almost done with the west fence now. The problem is that the poles we got aren’t quite long enough, and there aren’t that many of them. So we are still looking for poles!

With the state of our nation in the light of the Corvid19, we are staying home, we are staying positive, and we are staying proactive. We are going to start breeding outside mares a little later, so if you have a mare you want to bring, just hold off until this thing calms down. We are going to work, but we aren’t going anywhere extra. We are excited for spring and to have people come look at foals, but we can wait on that as well. We will keep posting pictures and keep everyone in the loop on foals as they are born. Stay healthy!

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