Monday was a cold, but sunny morning. All

Monday was a cold, but sunny morning. All of the kids were home after school for a change, and Toni cannot stand not building fence out in this nice weather, so guess what the three older kids were doing after school and chores? I got home and Jaxsen said he felt bad for the older kids, I said, “bud, your day is soon, very soon.” So then he felt bad for himself. His friend Luke just got back from Hawaii and brought him a present, Kaine’s best friend is Luke’s older brother, Max. Max did not bring Kaine back a present, so Jaxsen decided that he has the better friend. Arcee, Kaine’s cow, had a cute Hereford bull calf on Monday.

It snowed Tuesday. I am NOT a fan. Maybe the kids prayed for snow to get out of fence building? The White tractor went to get fixed on Tuesday and Ben ran home to load out. While he was home the bulls got the gate open and he was getting them in in his work pickup when Toni came down to check the cows. Luckily he jumped out of his pickup to herd some as she was getting her phone out to call 911 and report a rustler, so the call did not get made. Due to the snow Toni let the kids out of fence building on Tuesday. 402T had a cute black ballie heifer calf on Tuesday.

Wednesday it was in the high 30s, however all of the snow did not melt. But, Toni still made the kids build fence. But again, Jaxsen got out of fence building. Toni is fond of telling the kids that they aren’t going to melt. Luckily so far they haven’t.

Thursday dad and Steve took two open older Hereford cows and two bulls for Uncle Joe to Toppenish. Toni picked Morgan up at the airport, she was here to help Leslie get ready for the sale. I had a meeting in Burbank after work, so I went and hung out at Traci’s house until it was time to go to the meeting. Savannah and I played hide and seek and tag.

Friday I checked cows, got the riding horses in. I rode Cad and got 826 in to load out that afternoon. I ran a steer in that needed to be halter broke and tied him up, he actually did not do too bad for his first time, considering he is not very tame. Then Chad came and he trimmed the riding horses, and shod Cad. I loaded the bull while he did the horses. Then we went down to mom and dads and did Dyna, Pocket, Kool and Double, then it was getting dark. Kade had archery and one of Toni’s cases blew up, so Kaine and Anna did chores and then helped with Chad. Toni got down there while we were on the last two, and Anna and Toni went and finished the fence they had been working on. The fence project wasn’t a huge one, but it is a pretty symbolic fence. The fence that they were working on is one of the first fences that Toni and I built together when we were about 12 or 13. That is about the age that we really wanted to expand our show cattle herd and we needed to make a bigger pasture. We told Dad that we needed to build some fence, so he said, go do it. Dad never said we weren’t tough enough, not smart enough, or that we were girls so we couldn’t do it. When we were growing up we were never told we couldn’t do something, we were just told to go get it done. Looking back now, that is the type of attitude that shaped us into who we are today. People talk about a glass ceiling or a male dominated agriculture world, but we were never treated that way in our family. Of the Bennett cousins , 12 of us are girls and every one of us is competent and able, and for the most part has been pretty successful in our chosen path.

Saturday Anna, Kaine and Kade went to work getting the mud clogs off of their show animals. They washed their Spokane steers, each washed one Angus heifer, and their clubbies that we raised. Toni worked most of Saturday. Ben and I helped the kids, then we went out and tagged calves. Then, Toni and I got Louie and King in and brushed them and put Louie out in the pen with the new fence. We got some new pictures of them, but they still have long winter hair. We pretty excited about them both. They are both really nice colts in very different ways.

Sunday Kade and Jaxsen came down and the kids washed their other Angus heifers. Heifers were first so Toni could be there to keep Jax moving forward with the process. Again, it is a very good thing that Jax has a patient and kind heifer. She probably isn’t going to take the show world by storm, but she puts up with him and that is all we ask. Then the three older kids washed their Spokane steers and their other clubby steers. They worked on all of them and took them for a walk. Toni, Kade, Jaxsen, Anna, Kaine and I went to Checos for lunch. Dad, Ben and Kicker went to Colfax and got a Case tractor for us. The Trojan loader had been broke down for a while. Then we did chores and went to the BB Cattle Co sale dinner. This is the first sale without Grandpa, but we know he is with us in spirit.

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