We knew going in, that last week was going to be hectic.

We knew going in, that last week was going to be hectic. Toni had a meeting in the Yakima valley, I had work, Mom and Dad had to go to Spokane for Dr. appointments, Kicker had work, so that left Ben to take the day off to stay with the kids. On a regular week, we could have potentially taken them over to Leslie, but she is trying to get ready for the annual BB bull sale, and keep track of Grandma, and keep track of any kids that are over there. Too much. So Ben got elected to do kid control. Luckily, Monday the temps were not too bad, so Ben and the kids really got a lot done, they worked on the laundry room, fed cows, checked cows, made dinner, played with the bottle calf (the kids not Ben). Our central air was finished on Monday, so we got to use it Monday night and it was awesome. Mom and dad left early for Spokane with an early appointment, so Mom was back by chore time and had fresh made cookies for the kids. Spoiler alert- the kids do not like day old cookies. Yes, totally true. Toni and I didn’t ever get fresh cookies on a daily basis growing up. Store cookies were like a gift. These kids only eat homemade FRESH cookies. We kind of treat it like a joke, but I think the joke is on us.

Tuesday morning was a little chillier, but not too bad for January. No new calves, Monday or Tuesday. Toni had mediation Tuesday, so dad got to check cows, for the first time in 2020. Kaine had a basketball game Tuesday night, so dad went and watched him. Kicker was at a conference Tuesday and Wednesday, so Anna went and helped Ben feed. The kids had to do chores on their own Tuesday, Anna helped with the front and then Ben got there, so it was just Kade and Jaxsen for the back. Kade has complained about it ever since. He has been very vocal that maybe Jaxsen isn’t the best helper. But hey, they got it done, so why is he complaining? Kaine forgot his clothes bag for basketball so dad had to run to our house and get it. Toni’s mediation went well, so she was happy when she got home, but it was late.

Wednesday Toni had to head to Yakima for a bankruptcy hearing that she had been preparing for, but she checked cows before she left. Kicker was still at his conference, so Anna helped Ben do chores again. Kaine was home on Wednesday, so him and Kade loaded hay and did most of the chores, with Jaxsen’s help of course. Toni’s hearing went really well, she said one of her top 5 moments in court. We are all very proud, even though we do not know what really happened. She was home again really late. I had taken her kids to my house and fed them dinner.

Thursday was Toni’s day to go over and stay with Grandma. She checked cows before she left, nothing was going on besides fog, fog, and more fog. She informed me that once she was over there, she was little to no help, as her phone kept ringing. She left after lunch, which she did not prepare, and went home and had meetings. She said a couple of calls were just to relive the awesomeness of the Federal Court hearing that occurred on Wed. Ladybug was old, and we felt that her time was getting near, so we were all also preparing for that. Just mentally preparing, since she is one of mom and the kids’ favorite horses. She has been a good mare, she is the dam to our stallion, KT Sagebug and she is Jitter bug and Lightening bug’s dam as well. The WP Guest Ranch also has one of her babies, Love bug. At one time we had 5 Continental Cad Daughters, after Ladybug passes, we will be down to two, Cadburry Crème (a riding horse that is also old) and Piper D. (Lady bug and the bug family below)

Friday, Happy Birthday to me, thanks everyone for all of the birthday Facebook Posts, Messages, Calls and texts. It was my Friday off and the kids had a half day of school. I took Jewels to see Dr. Campbell-Sorenson in Othello in the morning, she pulled a ligament in her knee. I checked the cows both before and after the vet, we had one calf that morning (which Toni actually went down and checked on because the heifer was calving when I needed to go to the vet). Then, I picked Toni up and we went and got the kids from school and went to Mei Lings, Toni was telling everyone we came across it was my birthday. So we had a couple of other people join us. After lunch I worked on our taxes, Jaxsen watched TV with me, Kade and Kaine played and Anna went to her room to be away from the boys. Ben brought home Checos for dinner and our neighbor, Rolanda, made meat balls (which we ate the next day and they were very good and almond joy cake). I had a great birthday.

Saturday was our family birthday after chores, so Uncle Skip came over from St. John. Ben made bacon wrapped shrimp, mom made rolls and rum pie and Toni made potatoes. We also had the meat balls and almond joy cake. Ben worked on the shrimp while Anna and I went and checked cows and got the heavy heifers in. Ben helped us tag calves. Ben and Kaine built a shelf that was my birthday present while Anna and I were getting cows in. Mon, Dad, Skip, Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen all came down. Then, Toni, Kicker, Ben, Anna, Kaine, Kade and I all played cards until midnight. We have no idea why we stayed up so late. It was a bad decision. But we had fun!

Sunday we were all tired from being up all night, but, we live on a ranch, so you don’t get to sleep . Toni, Ben and I weighed and poured on the remaining show animals and the few scragglers that are in. And we helped the kids catch their steers. Anna, Kaine and Kade washed three of their steers, they thought they were going to get 6 washed, but getting the mud off of the three took longer then they expected. We let Jaxsen know his heifer was caught, and that just caused him to scream the word no, no, no from the yard and refuse to come down to the barn. So he did not wash her. Or pet her. Or lead her. Or look at her. Luckily she was not offended. She is a pretty chill heifer. Toni put Lucy on a leash and started working on training her to work cattle. She will be 1 year in Feb so it is time. We have let her gently start to work a tiny bit, but now it is time to get into go mode on her training. Toni and I also have been going over the pros and cons on all the AI stallions out there that are available. We are trying to find the right stud to breed to Stinger. One of the criteria is that the breeding can’t be too expensive because we are cheap. And AI cost so much for everything else. Another criteria is a record, and a black m/t. We would love an HZ black stud, but that can’t be a deal breaker. And the stud can’t have a crème gene. Lets face it, we have too many crème based stallions as it is. All in all we had a great week, I had a great birthday, and we are hopeful that the spring like weather will continue.

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