“One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don’t clean it up too quickly.” -Andy Rooney

The day before Christmas Eve, the weather has been nice for calving, the calves are all frisky, running around bucking. Toni had a big meeting in the afternoon, so the 3 big kids did chores, and Jaxsen fed Double and Kool. However, he is having trouble getting the buckets all the way full, so the kids told him they were going to start checking all of his buckets. It may be that he doesn’t care. Toni brought the kids hot drinks from Othello as a thank you for getting chores done again.

No new calves on Christmas Eve, however, a few cows looked like they were going to have Christmas calves. Anna and I worked on Lightening Bug and Stormy, both foals are doing great. We had the four kids go stand out with the foals and we got our annual Christmas picture with them. Then we went down to cousin Jennys for Christmas Eve. We all had a great time, we have a white elephant gift exchange and have soups. The kids had their own white elephant gift exchange this year, they had a lot of fun. Then we played a saran wrap ball game, which is fun if you haven’t played it.

Christmas Day we get up and go down to mom and dads and open stockings and presents, then Kicker, Toni, Kade and Jaxsen head to Clarkston for Christmas with the Meachams. They said the roads were great and it was smooth sailing up there. Ben, Anna, Kaine and I went home and checked cows, one Christmas calf so far. A Hereford heifer calf by KT Small Town Kid. Then we finished up the ham and mashed potatoes and went back down to mom and dads. After dinner we all played the card game golf, except Skip, he did not want to play. Then Ben, then kids and I went home and fed the cows, and we had another Christmas calf, an Angus heifer by Raindance. Anna and I went back down to do chores and Ben and Kaine fed the heifers and steers. Then we went back out and checked and the cows and Kaine’s heifer had calved has he has a heifer calf by Black Onyx. We all had a great Christmas and could not have asked for more.

Thursday was back to work for me. Toni, Kicker and the boys were in Clarkston for a few more days. Kaine and Anna are in charge of chores at the house. It sounds like they did a good job. Anna said that Stormy wasn’t acting respectful towards her. Stormy loves Anna, but she sees her more as an equal than the boss. Stormy is great towards Toni and I. Anna has decided that Stormy is not her favorite foal anymore, now she loves Peanut. Peanut is a Dude filly and looks like Anna’s old horse Midget. There is talk that we may just have to keep Peanut. Dad and Kaine took uncle Skip to the Adams County Pet Rescue to look at dogs, but Skip did not find the one he was looking for. We don’t really know what the right dog is, I don’t think he knows yet either, but will know when he sees it. Ben has been hard at work working on the remodel he is doing to our laundry room. However, we are going on a week without a washer and dryer, things are getting scary.
Friday Toni, Kicker and the boys made it back from Clarkston. Toni’s heifer calved first thing in the morning, had a cute Angus calf by Black Onyx. Then, in the afternoon, Toni’s braford cow also calved. Toni and Anna worked on Lightening bug and Stormy, both fillies are doing awesome. Stormy is a typical Double, just wants to get along and be good. Lightening Bug is also very friendly, but has more go to her.

Saturday we checked cows and tagged the angus calves that needed tagged, I forgot to grab the Hereford and commercial tags. 337 had a Raindance calf that morning, and she got tagged too. Anna and I ran to Othello to get some parts for Ben’s remodel, a few groceries and some cattle supplies, a float, an end for the faucet to hook the float too, etc. Anna went and got a picture by her picture at NW Farm Supply, they bought her Benton Franklin Steer. Ben and Kaine moved the bulls back up to the house, it is cold enough the lake is freezing and Ben is worried a bull will go out on the ice and break through. When we got back from town Ben, Anna and I put out some big grass hay bales and put another feed bunk it at mom and dads. Then, Toni and I worked on Lightening bug and Stormy and then we turned them out. Kaine and Kade did front chores, Anna helped us with the fillies. That evening we went up to the Nists house and had our annual Bl 11 Christmas Party. We had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone.

Anna got up early on Sunday and took Erika and Kenzie riding, they had to go early because Erika was leaving to fly out at 9:30. Toni and Ben went out and helped saddle the horses and get the girls off. Kensie needed a refresher on what to do, but it all came back to her quickly, so the girls were off. Toni and Ben went out in the bull pen and took pictures of the bulls we have for sale. After that Ben, Anna and I went out and checked the cows, Anna and Ben had went through them really fast beforehand and Kicker’s heifer had a nice bull calf by Black Onyx. We noticed that Jaxsen’s cow was acting funny so we got her in so Ben could see what was going on. The poor girl’s calf died a few months ago and she was trying to abort the fetus. It has both legs back and was stuck and swollen. We worked on her for 2.5 hours. We got the legs going the right way and we gave her some pain medicine and antibiotics. Then we had lunch and watched the end of the Seahawks game. After that we went out and finished tagging the calves. Toni texted she was down at mom and dads so Kaine and I went down to help. Anna thought she needed a nap since she was up early so we left her at home. Toni had already gotten Shinner and Nellie in, our next victims, and she had already haltered Nellie in the pen. So we kind of cornered Shinner and got his halter on and both are already about ¾ halter broke. The boys did the front chores and we did the back chores. We had a nice, busy weekend.

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