Dear Santa, Before I explain, how much do you know already? ~ Anon

Monday was not too cold of a morning. Toni had 4 hearings, so she had told the kids on Sunday night she did not know if she would be home for chores. So we had knocked a couple of hay bales down for them and put the old mare feed on the trailer. Anna and Kaine had Dr appts Monday afternoon so Ben took them to those. Kade’s cow, Bayley, had a clubby bull calf that had a leg back caught, so Ben and Kicker pulled it. We also had an Angus heifer, which is Anna’s, had a bull. Also on Monday, the kids had a great surprise in the mail, Keshia and Anna from Fantasy Stables sent them new cards for the Fantasy Ranch game.

Tuesday Kaine woke up sick, so he stayed home from school. Jaxsen said he was sick too, but he was trying to get out of a dentist appointment. It is always great when you come back to your desk from the lunch room and have 4 texts from your neighbor. So I just called him as I was looking and said, nope, not our cows Doug, did you try so and so? Yes, I tracked down the owner for him. For some reason when any livestock is out, we seem to be the people to ask who said animal belongs to. Maybe because we are nosey? At least it has come in handy! Salbia and Magic Freckles were doing awesome. Toni hasn’t touched Salbia since the halter went on, the kids just took her over completely. 311 had a heifer calf by Stunner Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday morning there were two new calves when Ben went out to check, a bull clubby calf by Loaded for Bear and a Hereford heifer by KT Small Town Kid 5051. Toni, Ben and Dr. King bangs vaccinated heifers on Wednesday, so Ben and Kicker got them in Tuesday night when they fed hay. Kaine was still home sick. Toni and Ben also tagged Kade’s clubby calf and got him turned out of the barn. Dad went and got lunch for everyone from Subway. While Dr King was out, they put Big Mama down, she had started to have significant rotation in her club foot, and fixed a hernia on Leslie colt. Ben went out and checked the cows after Dr King left and Kicker’s cow, 403M had calved. She had a bull calf.

Thursday we woke up to a skiff of snow and a Winter Weather Advisory. Then the afternoon turned to rain, which froze on the snow and on the windshields. Kaine was home sick again. Dad and Mom had to run to the tri-cities for more doctors’ appointments. Luckily Dad was cleared to drive so Toni had a reprieve and stayed home to work.

The weather warmed up over the night and was warm the next morning, so all snow and ice had melted. Meghan, Patrick, Lily and Henry braved the pass and picked up Spotty and Salbia and took them home. Spotty loaded like a champ, but Ben had to push Salbia in the trailer. Of course she hadn’t been loaded before, so that is more our fault than hers. Both of these two foals are two of our favorites. Neither knows any strangers and we are excited to see them go to this family. Lily and Henry wanted to go see the “cow” but Henry was not a fan of Rocky when they got up close. Lily was game to go ahead and “ride the bull.” Rocky is a pretty good sport about tolerating children. Kaine was finally feeling better and went to school. Kade and Jaxsen had a Christmas program in the afternoon, so Toni picked up all of the kids and took them and got them milkshakes after school. Kade got to play his trombone in the concert, so that was fun.

Saturday was a warm and beautiful day. We got up and tagged calves. The last two clubbies were born on Saturday. Then we went down and got more pictures of the bulls. Ben and Kaine worked on the remodel in our house. Toni came done and we got the little trailer and hauled Lightening bug and Stormy to the house to halter break. We also put Kools in with Double so she had a barn and put Lady bug and Smoke in with Katie and Ivy. Kaine and Kade did all of chores because Anna, Toni and I were moving stuff around. Jaxsen DID feed Double. Roger from Colfax came out and looked at Angus bull #826. Also on Saturday the kids got to open their presents from Grandma Sherri and Linda and Patricia, they loved them.

Sunday we tagged the two clubbies born the day before. Also, Anna has been wanting to put an ugly sweater on Libby the cow to see if she makes on it KEPR ugly sweater pet contest. So we tied a sweater around her neck and took pictures of her and send them in. We are probably too late to make it on. Then Ben, Anna, Kaine and I went to town and got more supplies for the remodel. We also got groceries. Helen and Terry came out and Toni sold them some meat. When we got back, Toni and Kicker fed the cows, then Ben and Kicker put out grass straw to the horses and Anna and Toni worked on the foals and Coco, Kade, Kaine and I did most of chores. Jaxsen fed Double AND Kool, and he is NOT happy that his chores doubled. He is so unhappy he went in the house and told grandma on us. He might be annoyed with us enough to tell Grandma Sherri when he sees her on Wednesday. It did him no good.

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