The Sun is Setting on the Week of the Fair

Well, last week went by in a blur. I normally write this while it is happening so I don’t forget anything. But, since I was at the fair I did not. Monday we hauled in, Joe and Merrilee took us in in the Eby and Mini Pete. We had 4 steers, Anna, Kaine, Kade and Ady’s, and 10 open class, 6 heifers and 4 bull calves. The day went really well, the bull calves were not very halter broke but settled in really nice. We got everything washed and settled in. This was Kissy’s first show, Kade’s bred and owned heifer, and she acted like a pro. We had a touch of drama with the dairy section of the barn telling our 4-H kids to stay out of their aisle, but we just told the kids to get along.

Tuesday was market, so we were up at around 4:30 and got all of the steers washed. Our 4H group works really well as a team and everything went smoothly. We were all back out and dressed by 8 to get the steers fit. There were approximately 50 head of steers at BF Fair this year, so down in numbers, but not by a lot. All of the kids did GREAT, Anna was Grand Champion 4H market steer, and our “niece,” I am using air quotes because she is not really but the kids say her mom is like their aunt and her and her brother are like their cousins, and Toni and Kicker claim her most of the time, and that is what they tell people at school, Grace was Reserve Champion 4H Market Steer. Kaine and Ady made it back to the championship round and Kade was third in his class, so all kids did really good, we are very happy. Kade had an Angus steer we raised, “Mini Pete.” It was hot on Tuesday, we normally go on rides Tuesday because there is not a line, but since it was the hottest day of the week we decided to wait until Thursday. Jax may have tried to negotiate for 2 days of rides, Tuesday and Thursday, but we told him it is too much money for those bracelets and be glad we let them go on rides at all. However, we did go and ride the camels on Tuesday. Also on Tuesday, was our cousin in law Nick’s 40th birthday. Happy Birthday Nick.

Wednesday we were up at 4, since we show open and 4H. We fogged the open cattle and the kids washed the steers. Grace made it back to the championship round in the senior division; Anna made in back for intermediates, and was Grand Champion, Kade, Ady and Kaine both made it back in the Jrs, and Kaine was Reserve Champion. Grace’s brother, Kelten, also showed really well, but did not make it back. All of the kids showed great. Anna had the clubby heifer there, her and two year old Savannah showed her, she was Grand Champion in Other Breeds. Kade and Kaine both took Angus heifers, each one won their division; Kaine had the supreme Grand Champion Angus heifer with Miss Moneypenny. Kissy Suzuki also showed really well. After the open show the kids had to wash their steers. Wednesday is always the longest day of the week.

Thursday the parents did chores and we let the kids sleep in, most parents showed up. Then after we washed everything the kids went on rides. Grace and Trinton, another kid in our 4H group, took the big kids on rides and Toni, Traci, Leslie and Jolene took the little kids on rides. Danny and I hung out in the barn and watched the stock, Danny may have rested his eyes a bit. It was hard work but we managed to pull it off. Anna and Grace only went on a few rides, then Grace and Anna went around to the different barns to learn how to show their animals for the round robin that night. The Round Robin was great, all of the beef kids showed really well, I am sure all of the kids did but I did not watch the rest. Toni and Jaxsen stayed Thursday night with us in the camper. Toni, Anna, and I went to the food court following round robin so Anna could get a snack while Leslie took the kids on rides again.

Friday was the sale, the sale went pretty good. The Champions were first so Grace and Anna got to sell at 10ish, after all of the intro stuff. Steers were last in the sale, I think they sold at around 2:30, we would like to thank all of our buyers, NW Farm Supply, Northwest Farm Credit Services and Watts Construction. Dad started texting Toni in the afternoon to see when she was going to be home. They got home to the yearling colts, and Whim since he lives with them, getting into an empty pen and pulling the jump wire off. So they were out, but not free. Of course no one helped her get them in or fix anything, but the colts did ok.

Saturday the kids played laser tag and we walked around the fair. We had a exhibitor meeting at 4 and our kids did really well judging. Trinton was Reserve Champion 4H, Grace was Reserve Champion FFA, Bella was 4th in Intermediate and Anna was 10th. I did not actually hear how the boys placed, but they got blue ribbons. Toni went out and checked all of our livestock Sat morning, then Toni and Ben came back on Saturday night to watch the rodeo and load steers at 1 am. I had been sick all week so I went to bed. Toni, Leslie and Traci took the kids to the rodeo, then brought them back and went and hung out in the barn until it was time to load out. It was quite the team that loaded steers, from what I hear. All the steers got loaded, none of them got away, and no one got taken to the emergency room (yes that has happened before). The new fair rule was that the fair does not shut down until 12:30, so steer loading went later than normal, with the crew coming back to the camper at 2:30, then we had to get back up to load our stuff out at 6.

Sunday we loaded out the open cattle and tack, went home and took a nap. We now have a small break before CBJLS. If anyone missed their chance to buy some beef, do not worry, we will have 3 steers that the kids need to sell in Sept at CBJLS. School and football start Monday, so it looks like Jax is going to have to help Anna with the steers for the next few weeks. We are all in for some fun times!


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