Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else.

Toni had court first thing Monday morning, so she dropped Kade and Jaxsen off with mom. Kaine and Kade had football camp starting Monday night, so Christine stopped at moms and picked them up, took them in and brought them home. Coco, Addy, Leslie, Ady and Julian went and watched the Lion King in at Connell Monday night, but with football camp and the shows our kids were too tired to go, or as Jaxsen said, he was scared when it was an animation, he did not want to watch it. Toni and Coco did chores before the movie, and I moved dad’s water when I got there, since he is gone harvesting he thinks that it an excuse.

Tuesday Anna and Kaine dyed the two heifer calves going to Ritzville to the Angus show. They did a pretty good job, but now they both have some extra freckles. Ben and Kicker got the camper backed into the yard, so we could start packing it. Kaine and I set the camper up. Toni took grandma and grandpa to Dr appts on Tuesday, and then her and grandma went grocery shopping while Uncle Tom stayed with grandpa at his appointment. Then Tom and Grandpa went and got blizzards while they waited. Kaine and Kade had football camp again, they both had a lot of fun.

Wednesday Kaine and Anna packed their stuff in the camper. I told them to pack some of mine, we will see when I get home if they did as asked. I went and picked up one set of our new pop up panels so we can try them this weekend and see how we like them and if we want changes before we get the other sets done. Toni, Kade and Sonny went down in the afternoon so they could wash everything before we leave tomorrow. Kameron took the boys to football camp, it was our boys’ last time.

Thursday we woke up, finished packing the camper, hooked it up and pulled it out of the yard so it was ready to go. Then we loaded up the cattle in our trailer and Toni got there and we took off for Connell. We transferred the cattle to the big trailer when we got to Connell and we all took off. We took 14 head of cattle and 12 head of kids plus a baby. Uncle Joe drove the mini Pete and had 6 of the kids with him. He didn’t think that was too great. When we got to Ritzville, Traci and Anna went and got us all burgers at Carl’s Jr while we set up. We were the first ones to the fairgrounds, which was good because with the huge trailer and mini-semi, it is much easier to maneuver if we are the only ones around. It also allowed us to get enough spots for our group in one location. Added to our 12 kids, there were 5 other kids from the 4-H group coming to the show. All of the stock came off of the trailer really well. The 2 baby calves just got weaned and hadn’t been anywhere, but they really acted great. We were all pretty tired by the time Thursday was over.

Friday we woke up early and had a great day of showing. Kade had Reserve Champion Reg Angus steer, and won a fancy belt buckle, with a Stingray calf that we raised. Anna was Grand Champion in her division with her Bred and Owned heifer calf and won a nice back pack. Kaine was grand champion in his division with his little heifer calf and also got a backpack. Jaxsen won his first prize, he was Reserve Champion in his division with Black Widow (most patient heifer EVER). McCall made it back into the championship round, she was a class winner, with Wanda, and Kade was second in the class and was on standby. Kade was called back in for showmanship, but the Judge told him right away that the girls were going to be hard to beat. PeeWee showmanship was last which means we had super tired kids and cattle. Black Widow had to go in both PeeWee classes, again, most patient heifer ever.

Saturday was the steer show, the steers all ultrasounded good. In the ultrasound classes, Kaine, Kade and Ady were all second in their classes and were on standby for the championship round. Anna ended up Reserve champion in the Evergreen steer class. It was interesting because the Judge put her Grand and said phenotypically this is how he would chose, but because he had ultrasound info, he made Anna’s steer Reserve. It was still a good payout for Anna. The bad news with taking 14 head of cattle, is then you have 14 head of cattle that you need to clean out bedding for. Uncle Joe came back with the mini-Pete, by the time we were cleaned up and ready to leave, we were one of the lasts ones there. We needed to wait for Joe to have room to back that long trailer in. But we are very efficient when we load. There was no lost time when Joe got there, he backed up, we loaded, and out we went. Toni, Kade, and Anna went with Joe and Merr so that they could unload the cattle when they got back to Connell, load ours in our trailer, and head home. We all got home around 3:30 and it was still a LONG day. I have not gone through the pics from last weekend yet. Many of the ones below are from other shows.


We would like to say we rested on Sunday. We rested in our minds only. We turned out all of the big show heifers, but had to wash a few first. Now left in is Dillon and the babies along with the steers. That takes us down to only 20 head of show cattle in. Wow, still too many. We are also getting ready to start working on the Spokane steers for next May, so I ran out with Kaine and weaned some of the fall calves and brought them to the house. Then the kids and I went and got tack while Toni took a group around to look at foals. When I got back with the kids, Toni and I went out to the desert to get Ladybug and Lacey Bug in and bring them home. Ladybug is starting to really look like crap. Toni managed to get stung 3 times by wasps in the morning, and 1 more time during chores. Dad got stung once trying to kill the ones that got Toni. Sonny says that wasps were put on Earth by the devil, there is no purpose for them. We all agree. After moving Ladybug, we went to Cecil and Debbie’s and got the three Riley ponies for Toni to take them home this week, and dropped off Truffles and her colt along with Misty. It was a good thing we had replacements to put out because Debbie’s grandkids were not happy we were taking “their” ponies. Luckily they were distracted by a new foal to chase.

We are officially done with jackpot shows until after the County fairs. The bad news is that August is literally starting next week, so we need to get planning to start weaning foals, finish rebuilding the corral, get more calves in to work on. The list goes on and on and is exhausting! Still, we wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

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