Oh Monday, where did the weekend go??

Toni had two big hearings on Monday, but one knew she was going to beat them so struck the hearing at the last minute, but she still had to go to Court for the one. She still managed to check the horses and cows in the morning, take pictures and send them to me. We are getting down to the end of the month and the start of the Spokane Jr Livestock show. Anna had a tennis match in Pendleton, luckily for her (and me since I would have had to go and get her) her friend’s mom brought her home so they were home by around 6:30. Toni picked up the boys after school and they went up and washed the steers and finished packing to leave. Stacy brought Adrian and her steer over, since Toni is taking Adrian up as well. Jaxsen and I did chores since Toni was up helping the boys, Toni got there right in time to help load hay. Toni worked on Anna’s steer for her and believes that she beat the boys at Showmanship practice. The boys do not agree.

On Tuesday Toni loaded up the four steers on her own, Kicker and mom got there right after Toni loaded the last one. The steers did not load well. Then she went and got the kids from school, Leslie from Connell and they headed to Spokane. I am feeling a little left behind, LOL. Jaxsen and I were in charge of chores. The steers weighed in OK, Kaine’s was a little light, but Kade and Anna’s were really good on weight. The boys’ steers needed a personality transplant on Tuesday. It was also discovered how much tack and necessary items got left at home. Toni and Leslie had to go to North 40 and spend $150.00 on Tuesday so that they had a hose, and a pitchfork, etc, pretty much necessary stuff.

Wednesday I finished up financial statements and headed up. Leslie helped them get going and then headed back down. We passed at around the Tokyo weight station. The kids were working on homework and Toni was working when I got there. Wednesday was a pretty relaxed day, except three out of the four steers still needed a personality transplant. We led the steers around and got them use do their surrounds, took them up to the show ring. The Jr. Show is the biggest show in the Pacific Northwest and had approximately 300 head of cattle.

Thursday was a semi early morning, 4H showed first, but, after 4H prospects, so we thought around 10. Our very dear friend Morgan flew in from Montana to stay with us, Leslie came back and brought Dianne with her, so the kids had quite a cheering crew. The kids and steers did great in market. Kaine was third in his class and Adrian was 4th. Kade and Anna were both second in their class and went back into the championship round. Anna was 4th overall and Kade 17th. There were around 90 market steers, so getting called back is really good. Kade, Kaine and Adrian’s steers could have acted a little better, or a lot better. But the kids handled them well. The judge was really fast, so that was great. No dilly dallying. Thursday we got a text from Ben that a mare foaled. We figured as soon as we left, they would start foaling. They always wait until we are gone. Kaine and Leslie also got a couple of cow dog puppies, ½ border collier, ¼ aussie, ¼ red healer that Les took home with her. Kaine named his Andee.

Friday was Fitting and Showing, the judge told everyone that they did not have to fit, he was judging them on showmanship, so that saved us a little time. The kids had a case of the slows in the morning and really pushed Toni’s buttons. Grandma Sherri, Grandpa Barry, Grandma Pam, and Grandpa Don all came to watch the kids show. The kids all showed really well, the three bad steers were still bad, but Anna, Kade and Kaine all got called back into the championship round. Kade was third overall in his division and Kaine and Anna were both 4th overall in their divisions. We were really proud of them.

Saturday was the sale, and the steers always sell last, so we got to sleep in until 6, woohoo. Since the kids did so well in their classes they were all on the first page of the sale. We would like to thank everyone for all their support, we had a great Jr Show and a lot of fun. We are extremely thankful and proud. Proud of how the kids did and especially proud because even though the boys’ steers didn’t act like they had been worked on to the level that they had, those boys didn’t get frustrated, they just handled it. When the showing was done, without prompting from any adult, the kids climbed the fence and went and shook the Judge’s hand. It was a good moment as a parent. The Spokane Jr. Show has tough competition, good cattle, but most importantly it has learning and growing experiences, which the kids took full advantage of. We tell the kids when they go into the show ring, just do your best and be a good sport. I guess that is sinking in.

Sunday we got up at 5:30 to load out the steers, Kade’s left right away, but we hung around until 8 or so for Kaine and Anna’s to leave. The turn truck was not going to be there until later, so Adrian’s steer was put in a pen with the other turn steers. Then we packed up the camper and headed home.

There were a few foals born while we were gone, Rosey had a fancy palomino colt by Double on Thursday. Lizzie had a stunning buckskin filly by Gunner on Friday. Lendy had a handsome colt by Double on Saturday, and Strawberry had a delightful filly by Gunner on Sunday. John H. came out Sunday afternoon to bring out his Friesian cross mare to breed to Sagebug and see the new babies.

We are still extremely tired from a long week, but the sun is shining and there is a new batch of steers and heifers to get in, to get ready for the next show. No matter how bad, or how good the kids do at a show, there is always another show around the corner.

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