“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.”

Monday started out like a normal day, a little windy and cold but not too bad, but then the snow came. So the day ended cold and wet. Pre-storm was entertaining , with animals we are supposed to be checking on, feeling their oats and running through the hills. Since they were all running, we figured they were ok! Kaine and Kade had a math team competition, parents were not supposed to be in there until around 5 for the knowledge bowl, but since the snow started to come down it ended early, luckily cousin Hayley and Aunt Gayle were in there and brought them home for us. Both boys did great, Kaine was 6 overall for this grade and Kade’s team got 5th. Good job boys. Anna and Toni did chores in the wind and snow. Toni told Anna when they first left the house not to worry, your face will numb up soon and you won’t feel cold at all. I don’t think Anna was impressed. Ben and Kicker were out late doing the cow chores, feeding everything due to the snow and wind, and lots of water to thaw.

Tuesday we at least all had delays, the kids had no school. Ben and Anna went and checked the cows early before he went to work. I brought my own pickup to work since my work pickup is two wheel drive and it was not a pleasant drive home the night before. But, Butte handles it like a champ. Dad, Anna and Kaine took Jewels to Sagehill Vet in Othello to make sure, one last time, that she is not pregnant. She is not. Toni and Kade did chores in the snow and cold. Anna and Kaine worked on the two mini fillies in the barn.

Wednesday it is still cold, I am still hoping for some warmth, people are calling me crazy. Toni and I went to Pappy’s funeral Wednesday afternoon, for all of you that know Miss Kyra, Pappy is who bred her and gave her to us. Pappy was a great man with A LOT of knowledge about horses and racing Quarter horse blood lines. He loved spending time at the track and we are so happy that he was able to see one of Miss Kyra’s foals run in 2018, and it showed him as the breeder. One of his life long ambitions was to see a horse he raised raise, and we love that we helped him fulfill that goal. I had an LID meeting in Burbank at 7, so I was really late getting home.

Thursday I went to Mattawa first things for interviews, they have a lot less snow then us. Toni checked cows and of course we had a cow calving, however, at least it was sunny on Thursday, she had him all right and he got up and nursed and was dry before dark. Toni and the kids did chores, and the kids went sledding down the big hill.

Friday it snowed again, all day…..The drifts are getting high, Toni and the kids barely got the 4 wheeler around to do chores. We were also getting nervous about our horses, but we continued to check them and they were all doing really well. Again the kids went sledding. Toni and I used to sled the hill behind mom and dad’s house when we were younger and it is an awesome sledding experience. Just enough slope to really get some speed without being scary.

Saturday it snowed and the wind blew. Kicker went down and plowed out the drive way at mom and dads with the tractor so we could do chores, it was still rough going, we could not get the 4 wheeler around so we used Toni’s pickup to do chores, with googles on to keep the show out of our eyes. We had to walk into the corral where Double, Kool, Whim, and Bish are. Toni still got the pickup stuck in a drift and Kick came and pulled her out with the tractor. Ben, Anna and I got out to the desert and fed the mares a few bales of hay and checked them. Saturday they did not know if they were hungry yet and half of them ran off. See all the calving cow pictures on Facebook, I am glad we don’t have many that are calving right now. Our cousins have 90 calves in the show barn and the shop, they are divided by pens, depending on what pen they came out of, and they are hoping to mother them up when they take them back. This weather is hard on everyone that ranches.

Sunday it snowed, but luckily the wind had stopped, or slowed down, so it was not as cold feeling. Kicker had to go to Moses Lake to get flowers for Grandma and Grandpa’s 70th wedding anniversary celebration. Ben, Anna and I got back out to the dessert, and the horses decided they were at least a little hungry on Sunday. Toni and I tried using the tractor to do chores, but, dad decided he was going to drive it for us. So, dad drove and Toni and I walked in his tracks. There are lots and lots of drifts everywhere. With the wind lots of snow has blown into the barn, and the mini fillies don’t really like it. We had to get all of the bulls that we had out on pastures to the house, since they were watering on lakes that we can not keep open. So the two older bulls that we are using are in with Gunner, and none of them like that, and the yearling bulls for sale are in the Spokane steers pen, so the Spokane steers are locked in the corral. We put Dyna in with the yearling foals since she had a hard time getting around in the snow, so she does not have to walk as far.

Sunday night we braved the weather and went into Connell to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa’s 70th wedding anniversary. Most of the family made it in. Rick Machatto was the emcee for the night and did a great job keeping everyone entertained and the night moving forward. It was also the Sale Dinner with the BB Cattle annual bull Sale moving forward on the 11th. Everyone had a great time and thank you to Michael Jay’s restaurant in Connell for staying open for us and providing a sensational meal!

Grandma and Grandpa have provided a great foundation for this family. A line from the BB Cattle Bull Sale Welcome letter really sums up their marriage, “Snow was deep, wallets were light, and optimism was necessary.” What a way to start a marriage!

And more snow pictures:

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