A Slow Week

No halter breaking this week, we give the foals a week to settle in their first week of weaning. However, Sunday, Con, Blurose and Chrome all got halters put on, and they all did REALLY well. Toni and I also hauled the foals that are going to be weaned next weekend to the house. This week, on top of all of the sports during the week, we have the Evergreen Sale Thursday- Saturday and Toni will be gone Sunday, so Anna and Kaine get to help me. We have four to wean next weekend; Shotgun Shelby, Latte, Peeps and Pecan. Kade and Kaine also rode Jazzy around bareback on Sunday. Pictures hopefully will be posted tomorrow; I could not find the cable to my camera to upload them. Jazzy did great considering she hasn’t been ridden in 2 years. We just pulled her out of the pasture, put an adult on her first, and then let the kids ride her. The kids always get such a kick out of having a a variety of horses to ride. Jazzy’s filly, Pecan, is a Double filly and is super tame. The boys were riding Jazzy and Pecan was right beside them. At one point Kade was leaning off of Jazzy and petting Pecan off of Jazzy’s back. Pecan is one of the 2 foals we have entered into the AQHA Youth program for 2017. We are excited to see who gets this sensational filly.

Kicker hauled the two extra show steers into McCarys to get butchered, so if you are looking for beef, now is the time to get really good, grain fed beef. Your choice of cuts if you order enough. All beef is USDA inspected.

On Sunday Anna and I took the heifer that we are getting ready for the Evergreen Exclusive Sale next weekend, to Connell for Jay to clip her. She is a very nice heifer by Connealy Black Granite if you are looking for an Angus show heifer. This heifer was the Angus Champion at Adams County Fair, lots of body, bone, and substance. She is looking pretty sharp. Ben, Kicker and I worked the feeder calves since Peales are coming on Sunday to get theirs. Ben and Kicker also went and got wheat straw to put in with the calves and bulls as a filler in addition to their alfalfa. Ben and Kaine worked on the corral Sunday morning, while Anna and I were getting the heifer clipped.


On the sports front though it has been a pretty hectic week. Jaxsen had a soccer game Tuesday, Kade had a football game Wednesday, and Jaxsen had a soccer game on Thursday. Then Saturday, Kaine had a football game in Royal and Kade in Connell.

Also, on the dog front, Jewels needed to be AIed Friday, so my favorite cousin Whitney took her to Spokane for me to get AIed. So if you are looking for a mastiff puppy we should have some in 63 days or so!

We are staring into the face of another busy week. Today we had visitors out to look at their colt, then tonight we get to start halter breaking the three. 2 kids have games today, a field trip, another game Thursday, going to see Great-Grandma (same as every week), and then Thursday into the Evergreen Sale in Moses Lake. Wish us luck!



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