Man Crush Monday: KT Gunpowder N Lead

As many of you that read the blog know, we each “claim” a stud and mine is Gunner. So I am doing Man Crush Monday today on Gunner. He is definately my dream horse. I bought his mom, “Pistol,” and shoed her NFQHA before we bred her. Anna has acutally started riding her now. We bred Pistol to a stallion, Cue Bars Laddie, owned by our good friend, Allison Trimble Paparoa. Gunner spends his winters at my house, where I like to give him hugs and he tolerates this. On occasion he sees me coming and throws his head and trots away, I tell him, ok, today is not a hug day, but tomorrow is so you had just better accept it, and so far he has. LOL Pistol is also good at hugs, she likes a good squeeze every now and again. When people are out touring and ask me what they should breed their mare too, I am going to tell you 90% of the time, Gunner. But, I would breed everythingto him, so that is not helpful to you. I actually do like our other stallions as well, which is why I would give them 10% of the mares. I guess it is a good thing it is not just up to me.

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