The first full week of July, and Summer kind of acts like she has arrived.

Monday we scheduled an appt for Elsie to go into Sheena to see if she is bred or where she is at, so she can go home.  She is going in on Wed. Our money made it to Canada, so our Canadian mares will be headed this way soon, we hope! Still some hoops to jump through due to covid border restrictions, but we are making progress. Once the mares and foals are here, we will be marketing the colt who is out of Brays Eye Full, He is a fancy black colt with a blazed face. This colt should have speed and ability.  We are still up on the air on the filly, we may keep her. She is out of a cow horse stud vs this running stud.

Kaine went down to mom and dads and harrowed the pasture, he had fun because he got to drive. The three older kids did chores, Jaxsen did his chore, and Toni and I worked on the continuous fence, and then we locked Colonel and Kool down in the bottom part of the corral and locked King and Cammy in the top part with a pen in between them, and then let the yearling colts and Louie over to where King was. This way we can tear down the wire on the yearling colt pen and start on that part of the continuous fence. The tractor would not start, the battery was dead, so we drug the gate over with the pickup. I don’t know how we are going to dig post holes tomorrow since no tractor, but I am sure Toni has a plan. Anna weaned her older bottle calves, so she just has three left on the bottle, but the other four still need her love and attention on a daily basis.

Tuesday we were all a little less tired, maybe.  The weather was still excellent which allowed us to feel motivation on moving forward with the fencing project. The kids did chores, and we had not told them to lock the colts on the far side, so the colts were still roaming across two pens. That was on us.  Toni and I started the next leg of the fencing project, the kids came over to help once chores were done. Still no tractor, but the battery is getting charged.  We moved all of the panels from the Doctoring pen over to the side and marked our line to do the side of the Doctoring pen. This will allow for an alley between the corral and the pasture, which we are excited about for a few reasons: 1) the colts will have a buffer between them and everything else; and 2) we can drive up the alley to do chores so we won’t be fighting to keep the horses from pulling the feed off of the trailer every night.  We actually got home at a decent time. When I got home I Doctored BeeBee, fed and watered her. Looked in on the Leroy pen, but not much activity. I go in and pet Crossfire every night and give him kisses. He is pretty spoiled.

Wednesday was a little breezy. Elsie and D had vet appts, Elsie to see if she is bred or why she is not coming into heat, D to do a culture. Elsie should be coming in heat over the weekend. When they got back Toni put them both back in with Leroy. Toni also went by Cecil and Debbie’s house and picked up Smoke, Cecil texted Toni that Smoke was looking a little thin, she is 34, so we brought her home to put her on some senior. (The pictures of Smoke are from a few years ago). Toni was late getting down for chores since she went to the vet, the kids had most of them done when we got there.  The tractor was still down so we didn’t do any fencing. We really don’t want to go back to digging holes by hand. It isn’t fun.

Thursday Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen went to Sandpoint for a long weekend. Anna and Kendel went to grandma’s house to clean in the morning, Anna and Kaine went down and worked on the bull fence in the afternoon. When I got home the bulls were back out, so after chores we went down and fixed it again, they had knocked a circle gate off for about the fifth time. Now that it is HOT, maybe they will stay in.  The weeds at the lake were so tall, the bulls did not even see the fence until they were in it, so with Ben and Kaine mowing the weeks under the fence, the fence being hot, let’s hope they have this figured out.

Friday we FINALLY got to get our hair done, after 117 days. Tennelle can let people in by the household, so we have household appointments.  I got my hair highlighted and trimmed, mom had her hair done, Anna and Kaine both had haircuts, Anna had 6 in of split ends taken off. Then we got Mei Lings to go, since that is the only way you can still have it since they don’t have outdoor seating. We swung but the grocery store and got a few things, then headed home. After we ate, we went down to mom and dads and moved the Hereford cows to our house from there. We had to use the little white trailer, so it took a few trips. We had lowered the big trailer to that it fit on the mini-pete for our cattle show trip and it hasn’t been brought back up. We went back down and moved the mares with older foals out of Double’s pen, turned Lona and Fly Guy out with the other horses, put Smoke in that pen, then we did chores.

Saturday morning Ben fixed circles and Anna, Kaine and I cleaned the house and yard and set up tents. We had one outside mare head home.  The kids and I turned the Leroy pen out on the bottom of Circle 4 to eat that grass down. Then we had our postponed lake 4th of July party since we were at a Jackpot then in New Plymouth. Mar and Leslie brought stuff for street tacos and Mar did all of the cooking and Leslie did the prep work. Then we all went down to the lake and kayaked, peddle boated, and hung out.  Anna and I had took off at around 3:30 to do chores, it takes a lot longer with only two people, which Toni has been telling me for weeks. Luckily for us, Anna is down to just the three bottle calves, so chores didn’t take as long as they used to take.


Sunday we had a lot to do because we had taken our day of rest on Saturday (I don’t know if you would call it resting, but having fun). Ben worked on circles, Anna, Kaine and I got in circle 4 and 5. Then we sorted off the cows, heifers and calves with bad eyes and pulled the bulls. Dad ran to Moses Lake to get more supplies for eye doctoring, we did not have enough, so we took a lunch break then. After we were finished doctoring eyes we switched pastures. Then we moved some stuff around the house and then went down to do chores. Mom made an AWESOME strawberry dessert for our weekend dessert, Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen were back so Toni and the boys were down. We put Fancy and Barb in with Double, the foaling pen, they could have summer foals.  We aren’t sure they are going to have foals at all, but rather safe than sorry on that one.

Never fear, Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen will be back to full work mode on Monday, since they took a few days off. here are some pictures from their time in Sandpoint.

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