Another fun filled Week

Monday was a fun filled day of working on Spokane steers and fence building. If we can get a little bit of fence built everyday, even just one thing, then we are still making progress. Then, Toni took the kids over to see grandma and then they went to a YQCA class in Connell. Grandma wanted the kids over for lunch, but that would have been a lot of house over there. She did make fresh bread so they could have bread and jam as a snack. After, Toni and Leslie took them out to dinner. I stayed home to do chores and let the steers and heifers loose. Then some of the cows we had moved the day before got out, they were headed back to their old pen because they wanted some hay. So Ben, Kicker, Coco and I got them in and fixed the fence. Still no foals. We are still out sweet talking those mares, they seem to be resistant to our sweet nothings.

Tuesday was a really nice day, a little breezy but not bad. Toni, Coco, Kaine, Kade and Anna finished most of the section of fence where we had posts up, but the battery died on the impact wrench, and the motor on the drill started smoking, so they have one section left. The kids are wishing there was a sport going on right now to get out of fencing. We received a call about getting one of the Blue/Colonel mare back, they were breeding her and are cutting down to one mare. So she is going to be coming home. She is one of the first ones, about 9 years of age. She has had one foal already, so perfect to bring into the herd.

Toni, the kids and Coco have been working on the fence every night, they are doing a great job. Toni went to Moses Lake to go to Court and get some new gates. I am sure it is a sight to have Toni rolling in to Court with her pick-up and flatbed trailer, but it saves a trip if she gets ranch stuff when she is already going to Court. She was super excited because Pearson Farm and Fence is selling Crazy Train clothing at the Moses Lake store. She won’t tell me if she bought anything, so she probably did. Toni also reported that Basin Feed had some half border collie and half aussie puppies, but she resisted bringing one home. None of us know how. Dad went to Palouse on Thursday with Steve and they got more pellets. Once we got the gates unloaded, we realized that Basin Feed sent an 8ft gate not a 10 ft gate, so that gate had to go back. PFF sent the three 12 ft gates and they all worked.

Friday we put CIDRS in the cows for the first round of AI. Dr. Hank Wisse came out and we semen checked all of the bulls. It was a long day. Toni flat failed to show up due to work. Even though she had told people she would not be at work Friday afternoon, no one took her seriously. Luckily Kendel came down and helped for a while, then when the bus got there she went and got Kolton and he helped too. Kolton asked Ben what was going on with the CIDRS, so Kolton got a lesson on the birds and the bees Ben style. Coco and the kids did chores Friday, then us four girls went and checked the mares. Even though we don’t have any foals yet, it is still fun to go out and look at the mares.

Saturday we got the pasture in and sorted out the cows that had calved and put them down in the spring range, and we turned 811 out too. We also cleaned out the heavy heifer pen and put the last of the heifers in it. Kicker took the 8 ft gate back to Basin Feed and got the 10 ft gate. We got that gate hung. We all went home and got ready to go to the Franklin County Cattlemen’s Banquet. Mom and Dad kept the kids, like they generously do every year. Kicker had grabbed papa murphy’s pizza for them and Mom made the kids a pie. We had a great time Saturday night with our friends and family. There are usually around 500 people at FCC, and it felt like there were that many this year. FCC is a great organization that raises money for good purposes.

Sunday we all came home. Anna and Kade had gotten up at 6:30 and run back to our house and did morning chores. Anna has a bottle calf that she needed to get home to feed. Sunday wasn’t the prettiest day, but we still had chores to do and fencing to complete. We got the big drill from Ben and hung another gate. Late Sunday we finally got Reba, the Colonel/Blue 9 year old mare. She is super great, and looks to have all the bells and whistles. She has a partial blue eye, rabicano, and may have the splash gene. John brought his puppy with him when he delivered Reba, she is Lynn’s sister, so all of the kids played with her. Still no foals Sunday night. I guess since the weather isn’t perfect, although it is really nice for this time of year, we shouldn’t be impatient. But we are.

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