Monday is our family holiday, the annual BB Cattle co bull sale

Monday is our family holiday, the annual BB Cattle co bull sale where we all go and help. Kaine and Kade helped Nick bring bulls down, Toni was in the barn, trying to buy a bull for us and helping out inside. Anna and I were helping run gates out back, with Traci, Marlo, Morgan, Bree, Eli, Luke, Garrett and Todd, and Jaxsen, well he was Jaxsen. Before the sale he said he was watching KK, and he did that for a while, but he went off to play after the sale started, and don’t worry, Kaine and Kade brought that up on the way home. Morgan came back to our house, and her, Anna, Kaine and Kade all went and looked at steers with her. Jaxsen and I did chores, and Toni had a meeting about Jaxsen with his teacher because he is not doing well in school. Coco got there in time to help fill up buckets, Coco had been helping clean up the sale barn. Kaine, Kade and Anna all also helped Ben feed since Kicker has gone on another business trip.

Tuesday was back to school and work, but we were all still exhausted from Monday. Coco is still here and helped do chores. Kicker is still gone on business so Anna helped Ben feed. Kade’s Angus heifer out of Dark Knight calved and so did a Hereford heifer. Tuesday was a beautiful sunny day.

Toni is full swing back on fence building. Her, Coco, Kaine and Kade built fence after chores on Wednesday. Anna went to help Ben since Kicker is still gone on his business trip.

Thursday Kicker was back, so Anna joined the fence building crew. Skip came down on Thursday to bring the boys tool boxes full of his excess tools. He did not bring one for Anna, because she had already made her own with her dad’s excess tools, and has it in her room. Sonny also came down with some dog food and a puppy for a neighbor and to get cookies and Peps. That guy will drive 30 minutes out of his way to get fresh cookies from Mom. Ben and Kicker were out really late on Thursday, there was a heifer calving, so they went and took inventory of circles while they were waiting.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Grandma and Grandpa would have been married for 71 years today. Also, Lucy the dog is 1 today. Toni had buyers out looking at horses, which means the weather is nice and people are ready to be outside. Coco went and got Kade from archery since dad was working. Kade made it to the State competition for archery. I asked if the competition was hard to make it, and he said no, there are only four 5th graders, and there are four spots to fill. But he is still excited. The rest of the kids helped do chores and worked on fence. Just so I am clear here, we are not really building fence, we are tearing down and rebuilding the corral. This has been something Toni and I have wanted to do for a long time, so we are doing it. It is not an easy project and it isn’t going to be done in a few days. With the plans we have, it will probably take quite a bit of time to make it what we want, but a person has to start somewhere!

Saturday was a cold and windy day. Thank you Mother Nature for the free microderm abrasion on our faces. We all still have windburn and look like dried out prunes. We caught all 20 steers and heifers that we currently have in. We have three Spokane steers, and one extra. After Kaine’s heifer breaking a leg last year, we have an extra show heifer, but we also have 6 more steers that are still out in the pasture that we are going to have to halter break. Anna assures me that everything will fit. I feel like the barn is FULL. We did not wash because it was so cold. However, we worked on everything. I worked on the extra Spokane steer. Then we got the New Valley in and sorted them, we are getting ready to start breeding cows. We cleaned out the heavy heifer pen and put new ones in. Ben and Kicker worked on the fence down in circle 2 and Toni was busy on law work. Jax did not show up to help, but the three older kids said he had no choice on Sunday. He has to work on his heifer!

Sunday we caught all of the steers and heifers again and then finished sorting the cows. Jaxsen did lead his heifer twice on Sunday. She only “tongued” his sweatshirt so he didn’t freak out too bad. That took all morning, plus some. We got one group in to sort and it was time for lunch. If you are ever with Toni, do yourself a HUGE favor and eat lunch at noon. Not 12:01, not 12:20, noon. We were also letting Lucy start to work the cows and helping her be a chute dog. The problem is that she is very aggressive, so still has to be on a leash. She got herself into such a working mood that when we were out pushing cows, she ran out into the middle of the herd and almost scattered our entire herd across the field. Luckily she remembered her name and remembered to use her brain so ran back to Toni before we lost the cows and had to start over. That is the fun-problem with a young dog, especially one that loves to chase. In the afternoon we went down and dug post holes around the corral and put in railroad ties. The sun was shining, but it was still cold on Sunday. We used the new tractor and post-hole digger and it was awesome. We could actually dig holes and plant posts at an efficient rate. Now we are putting up the poles. We kicked King back out so just Jackpot is in the corral, but he doesn’t seem to bother the areas we are working on too bad. There are rumors that maybe we might go look at another stud before breeding season this year, so we want at least one of these corral projects done before we do that.

All week we continued to check the mares, but no foals yet. We started about a year ago for the 2019 foal crop, so we are hoping next week to see a little four legged critter out by one of the mares. I think we are probably checking the mares too frequently and not letting them relax and have the foal. Hopefully we can get this foal crop started very soon!

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