“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” ∼Dolly Parton

Monday the kids had no school (it is a good think we like the little buggers), Anna and Kaine checked cows and then Toni went up and got Kaine and took him to her house to play with Kade and Jaxsen. They had a great day playing with Nerf guns, jumping on the trampoline, eating spaghetti, etc. Toni worked and was threatening to kick them outside due to the noise. Anna was happy to have a boyless day. Toni and the three boys did chores, and she was so busy she got them down to do chores late so they were not happy with her due to that, BUT she had planned on starting her fencing projects on Monday that that didn’t happen either, so they were happy that they didn’t have to build fence.

Tuesday was back to school. Dad and mom went and had lunch at mei lings, since they were jealous of Toni and I the week before. Kaine had a basketball game in Connell, so dad went in and watched him. It was their last game and they won, dad said all of the kids played really well. Kaine made a couple of baskets. Ben took 826 in to see Dr Campbell-Sorenson to get semen checked so he can go to his new home on Feb 8th. 826 is an Angus bull.

Wednesday Kade had a math team competition, so Toni and Kaine did chores With all of the boys’ events, Kaine or Kade were missing from chore action every day. Kade really likes math team and band, Toni says she is going to make Jaxsen join band next year too, we shall see who wins that round. Kade did awesome and his team was 4th overall for his grade. Good job buddy. Kicker took off for another week of meetings, so added to the Kaine and Kade business, we were also shorthanded on the other side of the ranch. Anna went with Ben to help him feed. It was rainy all day, so everything was a muddy mess. Also I said to Jaxsen that we needed to get his steers in and start halter breaking them, he was behind. He said no thanks. Mom said how are you going to show them if they are not halter broke, that he would look funny getting swung around like a rag doll. He said he is not showing. Kaine said to him, you already bought your steers, what are you going to do with them? He said, I am going to return them. I said sorry bud, no returns or exchanges.

Thursday Kaine played his last basketball game for the season, the other Connell team was short some players so Kaine and Jayden played on their team. They went to Papa Rays beforehand and still got to attend their team party (then played on a full stomach, which only 12 year old boys can do). Thanks Maria for setting the party up and thanks Randi for letting Kaine play again, he had a lot of fun. Dad said that he played really well. And dad and Kaine brought pizza home for all of us. Toni checked cows Thursday morning, as well as Tuesday and Wednesday, no new calves. Then Toni had court, she had another great Federal court case and won. Good job! I actually don’t know if her case was great, but she won, so she did great. LOL Kade and Jaxsen did chores, and I think Kade was going to find a mudpuddle out there somewhere to bury Jaxsen in by the time they got done.

We had another devastating loss Friday, Great Uncle Manny passed away. We have all grown close to “Unc” the past few years when he came and spent weeks down with Great Grandma, “Granny,” in the assisted living home. He would stay with Uncle Tom and Aunt Peggy and the kids would all hang out with him when they had swimming lessons, he would bring Granny over to watch them. We would take turns coming down and taking him out to lunch so he had a little change. Tom and Pegs drove to Alaska in their motor home to spend some time with him. Toni, Leslie and I, and maybe other cousins too, kept texting him after Granny passed so he could keep seeing how the kids were doing and what they were up too. He would text down pics of wildlife for the kids and ask when we were going to go up and see him. Mom and the rest of her siblings were close to Unc from when they were kids and he worked for Grandpa. Unc was a great man and we will miss him dearly.

Also on Friday, Kade had archery practice, his first one, and he was really excited about it. Kaine and Kade have both passed the written part of their hunter safety and need to do the shooting test. Anna and Jaxsen still need to take theirs, even if they don’t want to hunt, it is good to take it and learn about gun safety. Kaine, Jaxsen and Toni did chores, Kicker was still gone on his trip so Anna went and helped Ben.

Saturday was a windy day with burst of rain showers. Don’t worry, Anna still washed her favorite steer, Sir Freddy G. Kaine caught his favorite steer, Smithers and they both caught their heifers. Anna had left Kade a snap, but he did not see it, and was disappointed he did not make it down. Ben and I tagged the one calf that was born last week. Ben and Kicker put hay out down at mom and dads, with the horses. We did chores and went home. And we talked about how it was Uncle Tommy’s birthday coming up on Sunday, he passed away when Anna was a baby. Uncle Tommy’s was dad’s youngest brother. There were five kids in that family, and just Uncle Skip and dad were left until we all found out about Uncle Jack.

Sunday was a beautiful, sunny day. Anna, Kaine and Kade washed their 3 favorite steers all morning, it takes a long time to get all of the mud out. They did not have a lot of time after lunch, so they did not get much mud out of their heifers in the afternoon. They practiced showing them and took them for walks. Jaxsen even came down and took Zora for a walk right before the super bowl. She “tongued” him, meaning she licked him, so he was not too impressed with his heifer. We are all impressed with her because she is a super gentle and kind heifer. That is all we ask for Jaxsen. We all have DISH, so Ben and Kicker both put antennas up, and got Fox, but we ended up watching the Super Bowl at my house. We had TONS of food, and it was all good. We were all rooting for the Chiefs, except Kaine.

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