As the clock strikes twelve, may you have the stamina to wish all of your in-numerous Facebook Friends a Happy New Year.

December has been relatively warm, we had a light brushing of snow Monday morning, but not too bad, and it melted off fairly quickly. It has been a touch windy, but it always is. Dad had physical therapy on his shoulder Monday, and then he stopped by and got Kaine and took Kaine home with him. Mom and Kaine played cards and board games most of the day. Anna and Ben went to town and got supplies for Ben’s remodeling project. Toni was busy most of the day with some big cases she is working on. She has a couple of big Federal cases, some big bankruptcy and lots of other stuff. Toni, Kaine, Kade and Jaxsen did chores, I think Jaxsen just fed Kool and Double, but it was hard work. The three older kids are getting kind of irritated that Jax only has one small job, yet he complains like he does the most work of anyone. Nellie and Shiner are in to get haltered and both already act like this is old news. Anna has completely taken over Nellie. Toni really wants me to take Shiner off the for sale page and lets just see how he does. Shiner is priced pretty high, so I am not as worried about it as she is.

Tuesday was even warmer then Monday, we woke up to rain and not snow. We also woke up to 11 year old 808 having twin bulls by Eathington Sub-Zero, and a Hereford heifer having a black ballie heifer calf. I had work, so Toni and the kids did chores at the normal time. The foals were already ready to tie. Tuesday night we went to our cousins’ house for a game night in the show barn. We had a lot of fun playing Codename, the card game Golf, and Memes. We left at 12:01.

We had a couple of heifers born on the 1st, Toni’s heifer, 543, 843 and 337 all calved. Ben’s last day home on his winter break, he was hard at work on his remodel project, that he thought he would be done with by now (not even close). We took down our Christmas decorations, we normally leave them up longer, I don’t know why we decided to do it. Then we went down to do chores and take new pictures of some of the yearlings. The weather was absolutely perfect. This is such a great group of foals. The weather is so nice it feels like spring in Jan. It was the perfect first day of 2020.

Ben went back to work. Worst day ever. Katie calved on the 2nd, a nice bull calf for Kade, so far all that guy has are bulls. Anna and Kaine went and checked the cows, Toni and Dad were on standby if something went wrong. On Kaine and Anna’s second check 633 had had a nice bull calf. The kids all went down and helped Toni with chores and worked on the foals. Nellie and Shiner are ready to get turned back out, they are doing awesome. We found out late in the afternoon on Thursday that our Grandma fell down and fractured her pelvis.

Friday 341 had a nice heifer calf. Chad came out and Toni, Chad and Kade trimmed horses and Bunny’s feet. Toni found out that Bunny likes wheat thins. Pow and Sally love Bunny, so they were really upset that Bunny was locked away from them, so they stood at the fence next to her trying to untie her and get her halter off. Toni told me I owed her a pizza for holding Bunny, so I told her I would get her the cheapest cheese pizza they had at Winco.

Saturday was a big calving day, when Ben went out and checked heifers, Kaine’s bottle calf, she is now a two year old and not a calf, had a cute heifer calf by Black Onyx. 530 had a heifer calf by Raindance and 452 had a heifer calf by our herd bulls. Later when we went out to check, 522T had a bull calf by Eric, our 10Y son. We were busy all day Saturday, but I could not tell you exactly what with. We tagged calves, I updated our cattle records, Ben worked on his remodel, Toni worked on cases, she had billing she needed to do, and had not gotten done yet. Just lots of stuff going on. Toni let Nellie out and got Jojo in, then Toni and I got a halter on her, and we worked on Jojo and Shiner. We wanted to keep the biggest for last.

Sunday Jaxsen’s cow, Noisey, calved and he named her Alicia Keys, and he is planning on showing her. He really named her Music, but I told him that wasn’t acceptable. It took some hard negotiating to get him off of Music. Multiple discussions about their theme this year for naming. He finally decided Alicia Keys was acceptable. After we got done tagging calves Ben, Anna, Kaine and I went to Moses Lake, to get more supplies to for Ben’s remodeling project and get Toni a cheese pizza, and a Papa Murphy’s pizza which she already figured I was going to do. Mom and Dad had lunch with cousin John and his wife Cindy in Moses Lake. Toni and Kicker showed a couple of guys the beef heifers we have left. Then Toni worked on clients and billing. Toni has been under the weather for about a week with coughing, sore throat, etc, so she may have rested a tiny bit over the weekend too. Then, I worked on Jojo and Anna worked on Shiner, I had Anna let Shiner go and go and feed Double, since Jax had not quite made it down yet. Then, Toni got there, so Jaxsen finished his chore, Kade and Kaine did front chores and Toni worked on Jojo for a while. Both foals are doing great. King and Louie had gotten out with the mares, but they don’t realize they are stud colts, so they came running back in when we shook the grain bucket. We need to rebuild that fence too, so another thing on the to do list! We are hoping that this weather continues to be perfect for calving as we continue getting lots of calves in January.

Also, we still have a few 2019 foals left for sale if anyone is looking for a one.

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