“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall…” – Oscar Wilde

I hear people say how they love fall, it is their favorite season. It is not mine, spring is, when cows are calving, mares are foaling, grass is growing, we spring forward. Spring is closely followed by summer, lots of light, growth, kids are out of school and cattle shows. Fall leads to darkness, feeding, snow, no grass and cold. So fall arrived on Monday, Monday was cold. The solar fencer must not have been working due to the lack of daylight, the fence was down along the buckwheat. We were out fixing it in the dark, due to the days being shorter because it was not that late. Kaine and Kade were at football practice, and Anna and Jaxen got to help. Kameron was our football taxi, but dad did go and meet him to pick them up. Thanks dad. Lorraine and Dave were up from Boise to see their colt Stick on Sunday and Monday, then they took the scenic route back to Boise.

Tuesday the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. Toni and the kids did chores early, the boys had a Connell vs Connell game in Connell. It was a great game, both teams played really well. It is always hard to play against your friends. Then afterwards we went down to Michael Jays for dinner, which they were about to close but stayed open for us. Cousin Jay came in and had dinner with us. We finally had to leave because the boys were falling asleep. Kicker, Anna, and Ben missed the game to stay home and take care of the home front.

Wednesday was another beautiful sunny day. The coaches canceled football practice for the rest of the week. Kaine, Kade and Jaxen fed down the driveway while Anna, Toni and I worked on the foals. Then Toni and I finished chores. This is the Trump, Top Gun, and Gen group. The group that is going to ruin halter breaking for the rest of the foals. On day one Trump and Gen were pretty much halter broke. Top Gun came out of the desert, so he wasn’t quite as far along, but what a smart smart colt. These three have not been a challenge. Anna took Trump over right away.


Thursday was another nice day. We got a load of grain in the morning. I had a work meeting in Richland and had a great lunch at Frost Me Sweet. Toni had a conference call at 6:30, so her and the kids started chores early and were half done when I got there. Kicker stopped in Moses Lake and got a tarp for the grain. After chores Kicker, Kaine and I put the tarp on. Ben is still getting home late from harvest, but he actually got home when we were all still awake so we saw him on Thursday.


Friday I picked up the clocks that we ordered to donate as prizes to the Angus Show on October 13th in Moses Lake from Knights Welding. The clocks look great. The kids are excited for the upcoming show. We worked on the three colts and did chores after work. We went ahead and weaned Snip because he was in and we could literally push him into the weaning pen. With the Evergreen show Oct 12 weekend, we had to wean 2 groups of foals at once. The three older kids took the three foals and led them around out in the driveway, through gates, around the dogs, and just got them ready for new people.


Saturday was gone in a blur. Kaine and Kade had a game in Quincy, so that took most of the day. It was a great game, we won. Kannon Jenks, he is 4, was sitting behind us, and he kept us amused most of the game. He talks nonstop. We didn’t get back home until 3.

We got home and the three older kids and I caught the steers and two heifers we are working on and we washed them. Then we got Baretta and BBB in and weaned them. The kids stayed at our house and did the cattle chores. Kicker went to Boise for a big work meeting. Ben got home at around 5 and helped the kids. Toni and I loaded Trump, Top Gun, and Gen 3 times each to get them ready to leave Sunday morning. Again, these colts are ruining us. They all three jumped in the trailer like it was nothing.

Sunday morning Kade came down and we caught the steers and heifers. Then we got the big herd of cows in to sort out the bred heifers to preg check. Next, the kids washed their steers and started clipping while I sorted the heifers off. The kids got two clipped before lunch. While we were washing and clipping, Toni was down at the house loading out the colts. Top Gun, Genuine and Trump all left Sunday morning. While she was down there Toni also got Jac Jac and Gangsta in to start halter breaking, weaned Nellie, and moved foals around.

After lunch Chico and Cindy came to get their cow that we had been breeding. She did not want to leave with them and was not very good to load. We finally got one of the old show heifers, Libby, and used her to help get “Samantha” into the trailer. Toni got there about the time that Samantha got into the trailer. So we helped the kids finish clipping the steers, and by that I mean Toni took over.

Afterward, Toni, Kaine and I went down and got Colonel and his group in to wean Lily. Anna, Kade and Sonny started packing the tack box for next weekend. Once we got the Colonel pen in and Twist and Lily loaded Kaine took the Ranger home, so the kids could do the cattle chores, and Toni and I went down and haltered the two colts and weaned the fillies. Gangster did better than we expected when we got him in the ally and were able to touch him all over. Toni was able to lead Jac Jac once he was haltered, so he is going to be great. Currently Snip, Nellie, BBB, Beretta and Lily are being weaned, so all of our buckskin fillies are in the weaning pen.

Ben finally got home Sunday night, so we had a small birthday party for him at Toni’s house. She made meatballs, potatoes, rolls and salad, and I got a cake for him at Costco. Somehow we got everything done efficiently and had dinner at 7:30. I am not sure how that happened.

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