If you’re ridin’ ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it’s still there with ya.

Monday was a day of remembrance for all of those who have served and paid the ultimate price for that. We take it one step farther and want to thank all of the members of the armed services for their service. We have multiple family members and friends that have made the commitment to serve our country and we cannot thank them enough.

Memorial Day 2019
Kaine and Kade went with mom and dad on Sunday to St John to help decorate graves. They came back with great stories from dad and were excited and happy from their experience. Normally either Toni and her family or me and my family go with mom and dad. But this year it just did not work out that way. Even when we can’t go, it is important for the kids to understand that someone must go because that is our heritage and must not be forgotten. The kids have always gone from a young age and understand that it is our duty to go the gravesides.

Also on Monday, Goldie had a cute chestnut colt by Colonel. Ben had finished some fencing down in circle 6, so we moved Bishop’s pen down there. That was our last stallion pen that we were feeding, so now the corral is empty to allow for the rebuild that is going to take forever. The corral won’t stay empty forever, so it is just going to be a slow rebuild. We worked the rest of Bishop’s pen and got them out to the grass. Kaine, Anna and I caught the steers and the May heifers and tied them up. We ran to town and got groceries and had lunch. When we got back the kids washed their steers. Toni showed Roy around and I showed Juan around. Roy put a deposit down on Beretta and Juan is coming back next Saturday, he is trying to decide which roan he wants. Pepper’s filly, Nellie, did not like being out with Gunner, so we brought them back to the house for a few days to let her get a little older and try again. Some times that happens.

Tuesday Anna and Kaine had orthodontist appoints, Anna a retainer checkup and Kaine to see when he is getting his. Cousin Traci took them back to Connell for me. Toni and mom took Grandma and Grandpa to the Dr for their appointment and took grandma grocery shopping, grandpa did not want to go so waited in the car. They went out to lunch with Tom and Peggy, for mothers and fathers’ day, so they took grandma and grandpa to Red Lobster. They were late getting back so Toni did not get her projects started. Ben came down and got the 4 kids to go and work on steers, well, 3 worked on steers and one went and watched TV. Toni and I took some videos on Whim as well on Tuesday.

As of Wednesday morning we are still waiting on the last mares to foal. Not patiently I might add. Toni went around and got a good check on everything, and then had to get back to work to deal with her clients. The twins brought us strawberries Wednesday night AND stayed and helped us on one of Toni’s MANY fencing projects. Aram and Daisy were also there for a while and helped. While working on the fence we also came across a bull snake. Toni tried shooing it away, but it must have needed to go the way we were, it zipped right between us, and Kade took off for the pickup like a shot. Jaxsen tried to run up the hill to get a good look at the snake. The kids refused to go over by that part of the fence after that, so Toni had to finish that area on her own. We may not be petrified of snakes, but we don’t like them. We did get the fence done in preparation for tall John’s colts to arrive. Another project done!

Still no babies Thursday, and none of the mares even look like they are going to foal. Very disappointing. Kade and Sonny had dentist appointments, so they got to miss part of a day of school. Poor Kade had cavities. Kade and Jaxsen also had a troop meeting for boy scouts Thursday night. But don’t worry, we worked on some of Toni’s fencing projects first.

Woohoo, its Friday. Chad came out on Friday afternoon, so Toni and Chad trimmed the yearlings, two year olds, Whim (first trim ever!), Miss Kyra, and BeeBee. When I got home from work the kids and I did chores, then Anna held Shotgun Sally while she got trimmed. Everyone did great. We ended about 7 pm, Chad went and had a burger with Mom and Dad, then went over to our friend Debbie’s and fit her gelding in as well. Big thanks to him for fitting Debbie in.

Tall John rolled in Saturday morning with his two yearling colts that we are going to keep for him. Bad news for him is that possession is 9/10th of the law! We thought they were going to be way bigger than ours, as they are running bred, but our Holllywood Cad is still taller. John’s colts fit right in with ours, they all act like they have been together forever. Toni brought Kade down and we caught all the steers and the May heifers. Then Chad came to finish up. All of us women wore tank tops on Sat so we are all crustified critters, Anna changed midafternoon to a long sleeved shirt. We had Cody come out to look at the stallions, he wants to breed a few mares, he brought two friends. Then Josh showed up to get BeeBee and take her back to Potlatch with him to start, Jeanne is going to ride BeeBee for a while after Josh gets a good start on her. Toni took Josh out to look at the yearlings and babies while he was here. They saw another snake in the driveway, luckily it was dead. It was little, but still a snake.

Sunday Kade and Toni came down and we caught all the steers and the heifers going to Prineville. We led the non clubbies to the washrack for the first time, it was their third time being caught. They all did really good. Then a family came out to look at steers for the Jr. Show in Spokane next year. Toni had one of her law interns coming out for a little while Sunday, she needed to finish off some hours. So Toni left, and then we took Kade home for lunch and Kaine, Anna and went to Othello for lunch and groceries.

We came back and got the mares in out of circle 5, Goldie, Payton, Maggie, Frieda and Blackie. We took the three left to foal down to mom and dads, put Goldie with Colonel and Payton with Bishop. Our good friends Sonny and Jeannie Riley showed up with a bundle of fence posts and some dog chow for us. The fence posts are for continued fencing projects. We had run out. Sonny Riley is a lover of chocolate chip cookies, so we gave him 4 for the trip home. We got to see Jeannie’s brand new Ford pick-up, it is pretty fancy. All the mares still to foal are now at mom and dad’s out front. This makes it easier to watch them do nothing, as none of them look like they are going to foal anytime soon.

Our first cutting of hay is down and ready for baling, the heat has let off a bit and the wind is a refreshing change. It might be the perfect week to put railroad ties in at the corral and get that project started, or at least that is what Toni is saying!


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