Spring calving is a wrap! Done!

Another great Monday, Toni had a phone conference on her big bankruptcy and then court, but she managed to go out and check before her phone call. Nothing is happening, except the three cows that have not calved look like the calf is going to fall out. And Easter Lily got out and Toni had to get her in while in her suit as she was ready to head to Court. Kaine had a baseball game in Mesa after work, so I met him, Maria, Luis and Aram there. It was a great game, very close in scores, they were ahead, we were tied, then they won by one run. There were lots of hits and running to bases, so some action. Also, 912 calved so we are down to two cows left to calve.

Tuesday Toni checked in the AM, no new babies. Toni had people out looking at the foals on Tuesday afternoon, and they took a tour. Toni’s new puppy Lucy was on the tour and may or may not have peed on someone. After chores Toni began making a start on her new fencing projects, we are all super excited. At least Toni keeps us working, we would not want grass growing under our feet.

Wednesday, Toni texted no new babes, cows or foals. But, Peanut did let her pet her today. One of our favorite brand inspector’s called, someone called him about a dead cow in the vicinity of where we have our cows in the early spring, he could read the tag number and it was not one of our tags. So I spent the next half hr texting him numbers of everyone around, and he would text back not them, and I would say try this person. Anna had a tennis match so I got off of work early to go and watch her, her and Kassidy lost their first match and won their second. Anna likes tennis, but she is missing some judging competitions with FFA, and she does not know if she likes it better than judging. Aram went to mom and dads after school and dad took Aram and Kaine into baseball practice and picked them up.

Thursday, Toni texted that Bell is waxed up, but no new babies. Mom had an eye appointment, so dad took her to that and Toni was on call to get the kids off of the bus. But, don’t worry, mom reminded her so she would not forget, every 20 minutes over an hour before the bus was even due to show up . Luis took the boys to Daisy’s softball game, and they just walked to practice from there. Toni and Kade built some fence before chores with the help of Lucy the puppy. She helped to dig. The only problem is that she was putting dirt back in the hole Toni and Kade were trying to dig for a fence post. But whatever, she is cute.

Friday we finally had another foal, a cute filly by Leroy and out of Piper D. They only have a 12.5% chance of a red foal according to the color coat calculator, but that is all those two seem to be having. But she is super fancy, pretty, long legs, really a nice filly. Friday must be a day for babies. The second from last spring cow calved too. John and Raven got here to look at “Chica” and all the babies.

Saturday was a windy windy day. Toni, John and Raven went around and looked at all the babies again. Anna and I loaded out two bulls to go to their new home. Then, Kade, Kaine, Anna and I went to Leslie’s house to get the rest of our tack to take to Spokane, to the Jr Livestock Show. Our wheel barrow, fan and one chute were there since Jay had borrowed them to take to Denver. We also needed to get the stall decorations. Grandpa broke his arm, he fell into a feed bunk, so the kids and I went in to see him, he was in a good mood, we talked to him and Grandma for quite a while, some other friends showed up to see Grandpa too, so we talked to them as well. In the meantime, Ashley showed up and Toni and her loaded up her mare, Whisper, that was in with Double and sent her home. The kids and I got home and “Mal” was calving with a backwards calf, so we got her in and the kids and I pulled her calf. Anna had called Kicker, but we had just gotten done when he got there. So now all the spring cows are done. We have a couple of summer cows that will calve in a few months. The kids and I had lunch then went out to work on the steers. It was still really windy and they were terrible. So then we went and got the Herefords in off of the desert and put them in the middle part of circle 4, and weaned the two falls that were still on their moms. We packed some stuff into the camper until chore time. Toni went down and fixed fence at the lake, so we hauled Colonel, Annie, and Twist down there for fresh green grass. Annie hadn’t been down there before, so she ran through the fence, but it was an easy fix, she wasn’t hurt, and she went back in. It is a pretty pasture, and we are so thankful to finally have grass and get these studs turned out.

Sunday Toni had 2 people coming at 10, Erina and Terry to bring Double a mare and Janice to get “Badger.” Badger loaded great and then Erina, Terry, Toni and Kade went on a tour. Ben and I took the camper up to the Spokane Jr Livestock show to park it. Kaine and Anna were getting stuff ready at the house for us to be gone. At 1 Toni had Ashley coming to get Rich, she loaded her up and sent her on her way. Rob and Sylvia came and got their steer, which was hard to load because their trailer is so tall. Luckily they had a ramp and Kicker and Rob pushed the steer, all 1032 lbs, up the ramp and into the trailer. I guess he unloaded fine when he got home. Next, Toni supervised the three older kids working on the Spokane steers. Ben and I got home around 3. So then Ben, Kicker, Toni and I went and got the mares in from circle 5 so we could take the two mares and foals to their new homes with stallions. Piper D went to Leroy and Dunny went to Dude. We also hauled the three summer calves down to mom and dads, so the heifers would not get bred. Then we wormed and West Niled the two year olds and Bebe. We got done after 7 again, but that is life.

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